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Top 10 Must Eat Food in Hong Kong (香港)

Hong Kong is one of my favorite city in the world. It’s not only a shopping paradise for shopaholics but also a food haven for foodies like me 🙂 There are a variety of food choices from street food to Michelin-star restaurant that you’ll be spoilt for choices.

Top 10 Must Eat Food in Hong Kong (香港)

Here are some of the must eat food when you’re in Hong Kong :-

1) Australian Dairy Company (澳洲牛奶公司)

Day 6 in Hong Kong : Australia Dairy Company (澳洲牛奶公司) @ Jordan 佐敦

Australian Dairy Company 澳洲牛奶公司 is one of the famous cha chaan teng in Hong Kong. Service is quite bad here; you have to order fast, eat fast and be prepared to queue for an hour just to get a table :/ Why come here then? Coz they serve the best scrambled egg with toast! The scrambled egg is very fluffy, crispy outside but soft inside….its just purr-fect!!!

Breakfast set here is similar to Australian Dairy Co. but with better service. By the way, pork chop bun @ Capital Cafe is delicious!

Address : 47 Parkes Street, Jordan
地址: 佐敦白加士街47號地下
Opening Hours : Friday to Wed 7.30am – 11.00pm (Closed on Thursday)
What to order : Breakfast Set: Scrambled eggs with toast (炒蛋多士), Macaroni with Ham (正叉燒通粉), Steamed Milk(炖奶)
Direction : Jordon MTR – Exit C2 ( Right ). Walk ahead to the junction and then turn right.
More Details : Australian Dairy Company (澳洲牛奶公司)

2) Mido Café (美都餐室)

We tried Mido Cafe during our previous HK trip and we decided to re-visit Mido Cafe again Coz we missed the food there.

Mido Cafe 美都餐室 is famous Coz it’s one of the oldest cafe in HK and it’s often used as backdrops in HK films and HK dramas. To-date, it’s decor remains the same; retro furnitures, mosaic tiles and bench seats. Mido Cafe’s signature dishes include Baked Spare Ribs with Tomato Sauce Rice 蕃茄焗排骨饭 and French Toast 西多士.

This baked pork ribs rice with tomato sauce is Mido Cafe's (美都餐室) :signature dish. It's superbly delicious that I feel like ordering another one.

Address: 63 Temple Street, Yau Ma Tei
地址: 油麻地廟街63號地下
Opening Hours: 8:30am – 9:45pm daily
What to order : Baked Spare Ribs with Tomato Sauce Rice 蕃茄焗排骨饭, French Toast 西多士, Red Bean Ice 紅豆冰
Direction : Yau Ma Tei MTR – Exit B2
More Details : Mido Café (美都餐室)

3) Sang Kee Congee (生记粥品)

Day 3 in Hong Kong : Sang Kee Congee 生记粥品 @ Sheung Wan 上環

Hongkie loves to have congee with fried cruller and noodles for breakfast. While there are many congee shops in HK, I personally think Sang Kee Congee 生记粥品 in Sheung Wan serves the best congee which is flavorful and have a smooth consistency.

Day 3 in Hong Kong : Sang Kee Congee 生记粥品 @ Sheung Wan 上環 : Fish Belly Congee

Address: G/F 7-9 Burd Street, Sheung Wan
Tel: 852-2541-1099
Opening Hours: 6:30am to 9pm (closed on Sundays )
What to order: Fish Belly Congee, Meat Ball Congee, Fresh Fish Fillet Congee
Direction: Sheung Wan MTR – Exit A2
More Details : Sang Kee Congee (生记粥品)

4) Honolulu Cafe (檀島咖啡餅店)

Day 4 in Hong Kong : Honolulu Coffee Shop (檀島咖啡餅) @ Wan Chai 灣仔

When in Hong Kong, you have gotta try the egg tarts and polo bao (pineapple bun). Honolulu Cafe 檀島咖啡餅店 in Wan Chai is well known for its delicious and flaky egg tarts. Grab a piece or two and eat it while it’s hot. Love the crumbly and smooth custard filling. Yums!

Day 4 in Hong Kong : Honolulu Coffee Shop (檀島咖啡餅) @ Wan Chai 灣仔 : Hot Honey Lemon & Milk Tea (Cold)

Address: G/F & Mezz Floor, 176-178 Hennessy Rd., Wan Chai
地址: 灣仔軒尼詩道176-178號地下及閣樓
Tel: +852 2575 1823
Opening Hours: 6:00am – 12:00am
What to order: egg tart, Hong Kong Milk Tea
Direction: Wan Chai MTR – Exit A4
More Details : Honolulu Cafe (檀島咖啡餅店)

5) Tim Ho Wan (添好運點心專門店)

Day 2 in Hong Kong : Tim Ho Wan Dim Sum (添好運點心專門店) @ IFC Mall

Tim Ho Wan 添好運點心專門店 is a famous 1 Michelin Star Restaurant headed by Mak Pui Gor, the former dim sum chef at Hong Kong’s Four Seasons Hotel’s restaurant, Lung King Heen. There are a variety of dim sum to order which includes sticky rice wrapped with lotus leaf in traditional style, steamed rice rolls, steamed ma lai koh, steamed prawn dumplings and baked barbecue pork bun pastry. Oh, did I tell you that their BBQ Pork Bun 酥皮焗叉燒包 is super yummy? It’s a must-order when you eat at Tim Ho Wan.

Day 2 in Hong Kong : Tim Ho Wan Dim Sum (添好運點心專門店) @ IFC Mall : BBQ pork bun 酥皮焗叉燒包

Address: Shop 12A, Hong Kong Station (Podium Level 1, IFC Mall), Central
地址: 中環香港站12A鋪(IFC地庫一層)
Tel: +852 2332 3078
Opening Hours: Mon to Sun: 09:00 – 21:00
What to order: Baked Bun with BBQ Pork, Pan-fried Carrot Cake, Beef Ball with Beancurd Skin, Siu Mai, Wasabi Salad Prawn Dumpling, Vermicelli Roll with Sesame Sauce, Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf
More Details : Tim Ho Wan (添好運點心專門店

6) Fei Jie Snacks Shop (肥姐小食店)

Fei Jie Snacks Shop 肥姐小食店 at Mongkok is famous with both locals and tourists its braised stuff like octopus, chicken kidney, sausage, gizzards, squids and pig intestines.

Fei Jie Snacks Shop 肥姐小食店

Address: Shop 4A, 55 Dundas Street, Mong Kok
地址: 旺角登打士街55號4A舖
Direction: Mongkok MTR – Exit E2
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun 2.00pm – 11.00pm

7) Kam Wah Cafe (金華冰廳)

Headed to Kam Wah Cafe 金華冰廳 for their freshly baked polo and egg tart.

Besides egg tart, HK is famous for its polo bao 菠蘿包. Kam Wah Cafe 金華冰廳 at Mongkok is the best place to go for freshly baked polo bao or also known as pineapple bun (there’s actually no pineapple inside). You can also try their egg tarts and French toast which I personally think is average but their signature polo bao is the best.

Breakfast the Hong Kong style at Kam Wah Cafe (金華冰廳) in Mongkok. Their polo bao is good!

Address: 47, Bute Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
地址: 太子弼街47號地下
Opening hours: 6.30am to 12.00am
What to order: Polo Bao, Egg Tart,French Toast, Milk Tea
Direction: Mong Kok MTR – Exit B3 or Prince Edward MTR – Exit B2
More Details : Kam Wah Cafe 金華冰廳

8) Yung Kee Restaurant (鏞記酒家)

Yung Kee (鏞記)

When in Hong Kong, one of the must eat is definitely roast goose. It’s also a popular food souvenir to buy back for your family and friends. Yung Kee Restaurant 鏞記酒家 in Central is well known for its century egg and roast goose. The roast goose at Yung Kee has a crispy crackling skin and the meat is juicy. Eat it with their plum sauce- it’s just heavenly. You’ve got to order their famous century egg appetizer too – it’s very yummy!

Yung Kee (鏞記) : We ordered a quarter roast goose to share. Oh boy, the roast goose is absolutely delicious - unbelievably crispy skin with succulent meat.

This Pei Dan (fermented duck egg) with pickled ginger slices is a signature appetizer at Yung Kee

Address: 32-40 Wellington Street, Central
地址: 中環威靈頓街32-40號
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday: 11:00am – 11.00pm
What to order: Century Egg, Roast Goose
More Details : Yung Kee Restaurant (鏞記酒家)

9) Mammy Pancake (媽咪雞蛋仔)

One of the famous street food in HK has got to be egg waffles or also known as eggettes. While most people will go North Point for egg waffles, I personally love the egg waffles from Mammy Pancake 媽咪雞蛋仔. There are a variety of flavors to choose from chocolate, chocolate chip, taro, green tea and red bean, sesame, cheese, sweet potato, original and mango to name a few. The bite sized egg waffles are superbly crispy on the outside but inside it’s very soft. Just can’t stop biting it!

Mammy Pancake 旺角媽咪雞蛋仔 : A trip to HK is not complete without eating the egg waffles or also known as eggettes.

Address: Shop G23, G/F, Young City Zone, 1 Kwong Wa Street, Mong Kok
地址: 旺角廣華街1號潮流地域G23號地舖
Opening Hours: Sunday – Thursday 12.00pm to 9.00pm; Friday – Saturday 12.00pm to 10.00pm
What to order: Chocolate Chip Egg Waffles, Sweet Potato Egg Waffles, Original Egg Waffles
Direction: Mongkok MTR – Exit E2
More Details : Mammy Pancake 媽咪雞蛋仔

10) Yue Hing (裕興大排檔)

Yue Hing 裕興大排檔 is a Dai Pai Dong with only few tables and it's pretty near the wet market in Central.

Yue Hing 裕興大排檔 is a Dai Pai Dong stall in Central serving simple but superbly delicious sandwiches and instant noodles. The menu is fairly simple : you either order sandwich or noodles 🙂 One of the must order at Yue Hing 裕興大排檔 is their perfectly toasted sandwich with ham, vegetables and generously slathered with peanut butter (yes, it’s peanut butter)! It’s sinfully delicious! Also, their instant noodles are served with luncheon meat omelette which is very good! It may not be a healthy choice of breakfast but you wouldn’t mind the calories Coz it’s seriously good 😉

Yue Hing 裕興大排檔 : I opt for Sandwich Combo A which is Ham, Scrambled Egg & Vegetable Sandwich with Peanut Butter (Yes, it's peanut butter

Yue Hing 裕興大排檔 : The sausage & SPAM omelette was good! I took a few bite and I tot it's probably the best instant noodle I've had! Hahaha The noodles are springy and goes well with the sausage & SPAM omelette. Yummy!

Address: 82 Stanley St, Central, Hong Kong

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