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Road closure in Bandar Utama – Jalan Tanjung

Road closure in Bandar Utama - Jalan Tanjung

Road closure in Bandar Utama - Jalan Tanjung

How could this road be closed? If this road close, meaning you will have to take a long cut to a lot of the places and this road is already become a main road to most user in Petaling Jaya,Bandar Utama,Tropicana and Kota Damsara. So if the road closed then the resident will need to redirect the traffic to the NKVE Tunnel which is near to the Aman Suria / Taman Bukit Mayang Mas or another new road beside Bukit Utama.

Affected areas will be – Riana Green, Casa Tropicana, SRJK Damansara Jaya, Sunway Damansara, Casa Indah, Opal, Palm Spring, Kota Damansara and a lots more.

Road closure in Bandar Utama - Jalan Tanjung
As you can see Bandar Utama City Corporation (BUCC) already put up a sign stated as Private Property

Another side of the road “Southern Access” which closed in 2006

The date was scheduled to 20 November to turn that road into one way and only allowing cars coming out from Tropicana. So what say you? What’s your point and will you support for the road not to be closed? Come on!

Road closure in Bandar Utama - Jalan Tanjung

11,000 reasons to keep road open

by Karen Arukesamy

Road Closure - Jalan Tanjung
Tropicana Resident Association vice president Mohd Shukri Zain (right) handed over 11,000 signatories and petition to Petaling Jaya City Council(MBPJ) deputy mayor Puasa Md Taib yesterday urging the council and Selangor State Government to stop the road closure.

PETALING JAYA: More than 11,000 households today petitioned the mayor to stop the closure of the a road which partially sits on land belonging to Bandar Utama City Corporation (BUCC).

BUCC has put up notices to inform motorists that the ungazetted Jalan Tanjung would be turned into a one-way street on Nov 20 and closed for good six months later.

Motorists use the road to access Lebuh Bandar Utama, Jalan Tropicana and the New Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE) — see map .

BUCC had in 1993 signed an agreement allowing Dijaya Corporation (Dijaya) to use the land temporarily to access areas for Tropicana development.

Today, Tropicana Residents Association vice-president Mohd Shukri Zain led a 19-man delegation to hand over the petition to the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) represented by Deputy Mayor Puasa Md Taib.

The petition, carrying 11,000 signatures, including those of officials of 19 residents associations, a school and commercial managements in the affected areas — Tropicana, Kota Damansara and Sunway Damansara covering some 20 housing estates.

Puasa said the council’s Infrastructure and Road Traffic Advisory Committee would meet today to decide whether to allow the road closure or not.

He said based on a traffic study conducted early this year, “it is better to let the road operate as usual”.

“This is just an opinion and a decision will be made by the committee chaired by the mayor, after taking into consideration views from both parties, including BUCC.

“MBPJ will also ensure that till Nov 20, the road will not be closed to public because it will worsen matters,” he added.

Shukri lamented MBPJ’s lack of response to the issue and urged it to push for a decision to acquire the land on which Jalan Tanjung sits.

“We cannot accept (Bukit Lanjan assemblyman and state executive councillor) YB Elizabeth Wong’s statement that it is not feasible for the Selangor government to acquire the land,” he said on behalf of an action committee formed by the 19 aggrieved groups.

The petition claimed if the road was closed, it would inconvenience some 20,000 daily users.

“The usual 15-minute journey would become an hour-long one due to the existing daily traffic congestion. It will affect thousands of pupils of SJK(C) Damansara located on Jalan Tropicana Selatan,” said Shukri.

He said Jalan Tanjung had been in use since 1996 by commuters from Kota Damansara, Tropicana and Bandar Utama.

BUCC only owns a small portion of the road, about 8,600 sq ft, representing about 4.75% of Jalan Tanjung to Lebuh Bandar Utama and NKVE.

The agreement between Dijaya and BUCC was to allow Dijaya temporary access into Tropicana Golf & Country Resort (TGCR) and the land be returned after a permanent road is constructed.

However, Jalan Tanjung evolved into a “public road” since then as several more development projects were approved in the area over the past 10 years.

“If Jalan Tanjung is closed, traffic volume will be diverted to Persiaran Damansara Indah, Persiaran Tropicana and Persiaran Surian which are already congested,” Shukri explained.

“At valuation, the part of the land which BUCC owns may not cost more than RM1.5 million. Why is BUCC adamant in closing this road and not yield in the interest of the public?” asked Shukri.

On Aug 28, last year BUCC issued a 14-day closure notice to TGCR after which two meetings were held among the aggrieved groups, the two developers, MBPJ officers and Wong to try and resolve the problem.

BUCC proposed to turn the road into a one-way street exit road temporarily, while the entry road should be through Persiaran Bukit Utama from Nov 20 and six months later the road will be closed for good.

Shukri said none of the groups present at the meetings agreed with the decision but it was put to them as a “no-choice-option”.

“All the 19 aggrieved parties want the status quo to remain, that is to allow the public to use the road freely,” he said.

Shukri said closing the road just because part of it was on private property “is unfair” and it deprives the rights of the public”.

“Furthermore, the owner does not have any plan to use the land for any development,” he said.

Meanwhile, Wong told theSun: “The state government has no intention to acquire the land as it has no clear objectives to do so. The land was not supposed to be a road in the first place.”

She said the land, however became a “road” when the public started using it to get across more conveniently.

However, the aggrieved parties said they could not confirm from the state government Wong’s statement on the acquisition.

Wong said Lembaga Lebuhraya Malaysia (LLM), which owns about three quarters of the land where Jalan Tanjung sits, has submitted a proposal to expand the toll plaza on the highway and thus there was no point to acquire the land.

On this, a resident commented that the extension of the toll plaza, if any, has no relevance to the road closure and would not become an alternative route. The resident stated that that he was surprised with Wong’s solution to the problem.

The residents want the state government to step in to address the problem and not let BUCC to close the road arbitrarily.

Since the land involved is small, which may cost some RM1.5 million based on current valuation, there is a suggestion that the few developers in the area should chip in if the state says there is no budget allocated for an acquistion.

Source: TheSun

BUCC to be asked to postpone road closure

by Karen Arukesamy

PETALING JAYA (Nov 11, 2009) : The Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) will write to Bandar Utama City Corporation (BUCC) to postpone its decision to close down an ungazetted road sitting on its land until a more viable solution is found.

“MBPJ will write to BUCC to request it to postpone its decision to turn Jalan Tanjung into a one-way street from Nov 20 and close it completely after a certain time,” Deputy Mayor Puasa Md Taib told theSun today after a three-hour intense meeting with the councillors at its headquarters.

The decision was made following more than 11,000 signatories petitioned to the mayor on Tuesday to stop the closure of Jalan Tanjung which partially sits on land belonging to BUCC.

Puasa, who chaired the meeting in the absence of the mayor said this is the outcome of the meeting after taking serious consideration from all parties.

“Nevertheless it is totally up to the discretion of the land owner to take the necessary action about matters concerning his land,” he said.

Puasa said the matters discussed in the meeting will be informed to the Selangor state government, however there are certain aspects of enforcement and execution that empowers the city council to make its own decision.

“We will refer to the state government in all the developments of the issue but MBPJ still has more discussions and meetings to go before the final decision can be made,” he explained.

“We also need to re-discuss the matter further with all the residents associations and the developers and will solve this issue in stages.”

BUCC has put up notices to inform motorists that the ungazetted Jalan Tanjung would be turned into a oneway street on Nov 20 and closed for good six months later.

Motorists use the road daily to access Lebuh Bandar Utama, Jalan Tropicana and the New Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE).

BUCC had in 1993 signed an agreement allowing Dijaya Corporation (Dijaya) to use the land temporarily to access areas for Tropicana development.

On Tuesday, Tropicana Residents Association led a 19-man delegation to hand over the petition to MBPJ urging it and the state government to intervene and stop the closure.

The petition carries 11,000 signatures, including those of officials of 19 residents associations, a school and commercial managements in the affected areas – Tropicana, Kota Damansara and Sunway Damansara covering some 20 housing estates.

Source : TheSun

Residents against road closure


A NOTICE announcing the closure of Jalan Tanjung in Bandar Utama has residents in the area up in arms.

The road serves as an entrance and exit point for motorists travelling between Bandar Utama and Tropicana.

The road was also frequently used by motorists from Bandar Utama and Tropicana to get to and from Kota Damansara and Sunway Damansara via Persiaran Surian.

Tropicana Residents Association vice-president Mohamed Shukri Zain said they were in the process of collecting about 6,000 signatures from residents in the area, including Sunway Damansara, Sunway Opal, Damansara Lagenda and Riana Green Condominiums.

Road Closure - Jalan Tanjung
One way only: A signboard informing motorists that Jalan Tanjung will be turned into a one-way street for cars coming out of Tropicana starting Nov 26. Motorists are advised to use Persiaran Bukit Utama as an alternative road into Tropicana

“Many of the residents do not want the road to be closed. We will be meeting the mayor (Datuk Mohamad Roslan Sakiman) to hand over a petition,” said Shukri, who is heading the action committee.

He said that even though the road was owned by the Bandar Utama developer, it was a matter of public interest as many other people used the road besides Tropicana residents.

“When the agreement was made between the developers of Tropicana and Bandar Utama to temporarily use the road as an access, there were no other residential areas.

“But, over the years, many other developments have sprung up,” Shukri said.

He said the main access through the Tropicana tunnel would not be able to cope with the traffic if Jalan Tanjung was closed.

“It would merely shift the congestion from that junction to the BU11 junction,” he said.

He said that in the interest of public convenience, residents were calling for the state government to acquire the land under the Land Acquisition Act 1960.

Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) public relations officer Zainun Zakaria said the notification signboard to change the traffic flow to one-way was put up by the developer, not the council.

“So far, the council has not made any decision on the road closure. Any decision would have to go through the Infrastructure and Traffic sub-committee,” she said.

She added that the council would discuss the feasibility of acquiring the land for public use.

The sub-committee is scheduled to meet on Nov 11.

Source : TheStar

Jalan Tanjung access road reopened to traffic


SIGNBOARDS informing motorists that the access to Jalan Tanjung in Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, was closed have been covered up with black plastic bags.

Jalan Tanjung has been used as a connection between Bandar Utama and areas like Tropi­cana, Sunway Damansara and Kota Damansara.

The Bandar Utama developer announced recently that the road would be closed after 12 years of being used as a temporary access road as a piece of land near the Bandar Utama Technology Park belonged to them.

The agreement was for the road to be changed to a one-way flow coming out of Tropicana starting from Nov 20 for six months before being closed.

Covered up: The ‘Access Closed’ signs in front of the Riana Green condominium covered with black plastic bags.
Covered up: The ‘Access Closed’ signs in front of the Riana Green condominium covered with black plastic bags.

After the announcement that the road would be closed, residents from areas like Tropicana and Sunway Damansara submitted a petition to the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) on Tuesday.

Many were also against the closure because of the potential increase in traffic going into Persiaran Tropicana and into BU11 and BU12.

Residents who submitted the petition at the MBPJ headquarters in Jalan Yong Shook Lin also protested when signboards with the words “Access Closed” had been put up near the Riana Green Condominium.

Bandar Utama Development Sdn Bhd director Datuk Teo Chiang Kok told StarMetro that his contractors were not supposed to put up the signboards until later and had asked them to cover the signs for now.

Source : TheStar



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  1. Of course it doesn’t make sense to close the road. If it wants to claim that is private road, it should have elected a sign for that in the very beginning and warn users. If it has allow the road for public access for the past 10 over years. The road becomes like public access road. Why did BUCC allowed that to happend, and because of the increased number of users, the road has been widen, even the bridge has been widen. And now only claim that it’s private? Whether the road is private or, I think in the right sense, it should also depends how it has serves the users. Doesn’t corporation also should have the public’s welfare in mind? Show some community responsibility, take benefits/welfare of so many residents into consideration, besides just try to make worse problem from taking this change. With the road closed, traffic would also be diverted to LDP (near 1-Utama), isn’t the traffic congestion already a concern over there?
    If BUCC really think that BU residents has traffic problem, then they shouldn’t have build bug shopping mall & hotel in the residential area.
    Majority of the traffic from Tropicana going out during peak hours are not going towards BU, but towards Damansara Utama and further. So, whatevere traffic concern BU residents has would still be there, because 1_utama & Hotel still there. And poor residents in Tropicana area would have to take long route going out and coming home.
    So, I don’t the reason for closing the road, unless BUCC like to see more problems to the affected residents.

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  2. Wanted to share information about the road closure that happened this morning on my way to work.


    There are now armed forces there with cement barricades on BOTH ENDS of the road.
    Everyone is busting through the man-made barricade and having to U-turn at the end, blasting their horns and even shouting at the Indian men who are guarding the barricades.

    At the entrance of the road (near the 1tech park building) I saw a man get out of his car and yell at the guards.
    They aren’t police, they look like Indian special forces (hired.)

    I live at 28 residency Sunway Damansara and we are all very upset at this of course.

    Perhaps we can generate more publicity about this online to help the cause.
    My parents and I were thinking a protest ought to be staged to attract more media attention.

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  3. Come on you selfish people. Why can’t you understand. The road belongs to bandar utama. As a resident of Bandar Utama we wish to see the road close. WE DON’T NEED OVERFLOWING TRAFFIC FROM TROPICANA AND KOTA DAMANSARA TO ENTER INTO BANDAR UTAMA AREA! This is the right decision by BUCC. This 11,000 signatories and none from surrounding areas from Bandar utama who ultimatly own the road and have the right to do what we see fit with it. And we want it close. You 11000 signatories, you got a three outlets already and yet complain that you need this road. Instead of complaining to BUCC, go and complain to your developers. They are actually at fault here. In fact i believe this hate campaign is actually derieve from all other developers who just don’t want to spend extra money for other outlets. We as the rakyat wish the road close. Its so simple as that.

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  4. Hey selfish people don’t blame BUCC for all your problems. Go and blame tropicna and kota damansara developers. They already knew the roads were temporary and what to they do. Build and build and build.

    BUCC is fair to let the road open for all this years. Now they want to take it back everybody say no. How fair is that to them.

    Look at tropicana and kota damansara development. developer like to build big without even thinking of the people. and you go and blame bucc. BUCC takes care of their people.
    BUCC forsee your developers will just take advantage of them

    With ara damansara subang getting an access road to tropicana, just imagine the traffic chaos.

    its good for the road to close so that the developers will decide on how to improve the road and outlets. And what are you complaining about they are still so many outlets out and in to tropicana..

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  5. It’s not your road. And we wish it close. Use other outlets so simple

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  6. The only way to deal with arrogant people like this is to hit back at his wallet. This weekend everyone should go to OneU and block the access road with their lorries. Otherwise we all go into the carpark and occupy 2 or 3 parking spaces per car and park the whole day. Nobody buys anything. You can be sure the tenants will refuse to pay rent this month.

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  7. Angrified’s response reflects poorly on him, a tit for tat is the solution? I’m a resident living in Sunway Damansara that had used(past tense) this road everyday and it’s disappointing that the situation has turned out the way it has. It’s inconvenient, certainly but let’s just learn to accomodate and not resort to silliness. Let’s give BUCC some space for what they claim to be within their right. It’s their section of road, and they unfortunately have the full right to extend their good will or not. Unfortunately, since there was no win-win solution to this, this has happened prematurely and they’ve close it up. Looks like some BU people apparently didn’t like the extra congestion too and it seems BUCC are protecting their clients. Win for them, loss for us. I think BUCC got cheesed off with the petition of 11,000 signatures (I might just have had the same reaction were I in their shoes). It was time for them to show us who’s the boss and they did just that. A 6 month delay would only had slowed down the reality of the inevitable. I was watching to see how Pakatan handles this situation, and this has altogether proven their inability or even respond to the plight of 11,000. Elizabeth we have heard from. We’re waiting on Anwar … would Selangor’s economic advisor think this would be money well spent to buy up the road for people who voted him in? What about Khalid who’s embroiled in all manner of things? That’s a lot of numbers there, enough to swing a vote. Needless to say, the tide may just turn in the coming elections if a BN candidate comes along who could promise that the Fed Gov would buy up the land for the residents of Tropicana & Sunway Damansara. We’ll see … but until then let’s not act irrationally.

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  8. Because of these selfish people, the world become uglier!

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  9. I’ve used Jalan Tanjung everyday the last 5 years until this morning. Why is BUCC in such a haste to close the road? After 12 years and another 1.5 years to widen the section near Sony building, surely a few more months wouldn’t hurt. My guess is, from a purely personal point of view, to cut traffic flow to Sunway Giza – the new mall at Kota Damansara scheduled to open its doors next month (December). And Jalan Tanjung is the quickest way to get there from the NKVE, PJ and Damanasara Utama/Jaya.
    Will BUCC actually do that? Well they did close the road that links Bandar Utama with Mutiara Damansara heading to Curve/Ikea so traffic can only enter BU but not vice versa.

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  10. In fact I’m puzzle why is closing the road will ease the traffic at BU? I see that cars going out from Tropicana area mostly are going straight towards Damansara area. The alternative road now actually routes more traffic that’s going into Tropicana to go via Persiaran Bukit Utama, where they use to just go through Jalan Tanjung, without going through BU.
    May be the real reason is Sunway Giza, which I didn’t know is coming up soon.

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  11. Dear residents. It appears that some BU residents believe that closing this road will ease congestion. If you want their support to pressure BUCC to re open the road, consider using only BU exit roads out during peak traffic hours. Lets jointly make this happen.

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  12. We are barking up the wrong tree. The heat should be on those developers who have not honoured the agreement signed with BUCC. Knowing the road is only allowed to be used temporarily, what steps have they taken to built alternate routes? They seem to be playing innocent.
    Taking it out on Pakatan Rakyat is the unkindest cut of all. This is the legacy of the previous administration which clearly shows up their incompetency and poor planning.

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  13. Does anyone know which portion of the road that own by SHC? 8600sf is very small?

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  14. The land which BUCC own is only 8000 sq ft, about the size of a bungalow lot. Unfortunately it falls on the road. And for this little piece of land which he has little use of, he inconveniences thousands of people, wage earners trying to get to work, children going to school, petty traders trying to make a buck. Even though it is his land, it just show his total contempt for people he considers lesser than him.

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  15. First he blocks the way to Curve and Ikano. Now he blocks the way to the new shopping centre, Giza. Its all about money folks, it all about the money

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  16. the bu developer so kiasi & kiasu! last time block the otherside preventing people go the curve, now block this side preventing people go tropicana/kota damansara… our people must do something too, tell friends & relatives, go other places instead of 1utama, let it be a dead complex! stop sending your child to kbu, coz they don’t even know the simple rule – respecting people!

    just a suggestion: when we pass through the alternative road, can we horn along the way? let them feel our pain!

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  17. I can sympathies with BUCC but they must also pity us poor folk who bought our house thinking that it is a public road.Value of my house will go down & I have to detour to a much longer road out.Various developers fighting among themselves while we the innocent house buyers are caught in between.As compromise, road should be made one way out permanently & various developers compensate the owner of the private road. VERY SIMPLE SOLUTION. PKR TAKE NOTE!!From a frustrated resident …. going to blow up anytime

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  18. Enough finger pointing and name calling, and for goodness sake let’s keep politics out of it too.

    It’s a 800m stretch of road that BUCC owns. Why not build a bridge around it?

    Or over it for that matter.

    Cost to be borne by Dijaya, Sunway, and other developers for not highlighting the temporary nature of Jln Tanjung in their sales brochures.

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  19. It was satisfying to see such a long queue going out of BU 11/12 today to the ramp. Certainly makes the BU Residents Association look like a total genius for supporting the road closure.

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  20. I like kiasuboy’s idea. Everytime we drive thru BU11 and BU12 or sitting in the jam, keep your finger on the horn. They will never know peace until the road is reopend.

    btw can someone start a egroup or something that we can all communicate and coordinate? not everyone is on Facebook

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  21. This morning my daughter was 10 minutes late for her SPM exam. I cried all the way home because I feel so guilty.

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  22. Thanks to the road closure, a large section of affluent people, currently residing in the Tropicana area are now effectively cut off from the short-cut to BU. Now, it is necessary to take Jalan Tropicana Utara and Perisian Tropicana past the Giza Mall and head towards the LDP, an incredibly congested road, driving past the curve… or rather giving up on BU and shopping at Tesco instead (free parking!) or Ikano/the curve. I for one really cannot be bothered to use the tunnel road at Tropicana Golf resort, or get stuck in the traffic passing Giza on its way to the LDP… I’ll just head towards Suway Pyramid if I am going anywhere near the tropicana tunnel as it’s not closer!

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  23. I live at 28 Residency in Sunway Damanasara.

    The closure appears to me about a power struggle between developers.The peace and tranquility in our neighbourhood has been affected and there are now more stressful people on the road taking different routes to travel to their destinations albeit longer.

    I sympathize with the parents who send their children to SRJK (C) since they are now expected to send their children to school earlier then usual to avoid traffic congestion.

    As for BUCC right to the road, why only place this private sinage after 12 years.You too have mislead those who bought their property in this visinity.

    I urge the powers that be to put this episode to an end by finding an expeditious solution so that we can move on with life in a less stresful manner.

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  24. Dr Chan don’t let your Michael Moore-loving paranoia cloud your judgement. What you’re saying is residents of BU11, BU12, Tropicana, Sunway Damansara, etc should move out or bicker at the developers for selling them property with only temporary access years ago?(In my case, more than a decade) That’s just ludicrous.

    Are we selfish for complaining about the MASSIVE congestion due to a closed road with no development plans? Dude, a trip to One Utama takes me 15 minutes instead of 5 due to distance and ludicrous traffic, which is like heading to Sri Hartamas at 7AM. Do you see the effect it has?

    This afternoon itself I had to go through a jam from BU11 all the way to the cross junction traffic light. Man, if only I find solace by diverting ‘hate’ as good as you do.

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  25. So this saga has created a bad rivalry between BURA and the surrounding RAs from what was a peaceful neighborhood before. I feel that BURA is just after selfish interest (as Jln was commonly regarded as a PUBLIC road prior to this). Then again how might you react in similar situations? Here’s the letter from BURA RA on their petition campaign to keep the road closed. My take is at best it represents a small minority compared to 11,000 signatures. BU11/12 residents are generally not in favor for keeping Jln tanjung closed as traffic spills to their side of BU.
    Hi All,

    Attached files are the petition documents, pls help to get the signatures from your family members, neighbours, friends ASAP.

    We need all your support to make BU a nice place, easy access to go out & come back home. No jam – safe petrol, safe maintenance cost on our cars and no stress.

    Pls drop the form into collection boxes near guard houses.


    Lim See Meng 96012-389 0715)

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  26. Hi All

    Don’t say that selfish. We must think people who stay inside Tropicana, Sunway Damansara, Chinese School and The Hospital. I’m BU12 resident when the jln Tanjung was close the way that i go out to Center point need to take 30min compare before less than 5min.
    It is i’m selfish?

    DR If the road close at near by your house what to you feel? Why they don’t close the road from BU12 to Kg cempaka and BU12 to Tropicana? Make all the BU resident no more traffic congestion?

    They blocks the way to Curve and Ikano. And blocks the way to the new shopping centre, Giza. It is Selfish?

    I’m staying BU12 more than 10years. Before built the Chinese School the road Jalan Tanjung it very smooth after built up traffic congestion happen. Why goverment let them build the Chinese school at Sunway Damansara? If the Tanjung road is private. Who is the resposibility? The Goverment? or The Developer of BU and Sunway Damansara?

    I hope jalan Tanjung reopen to all the Resident of Sunway Damansara, Tropicana, Chinese School, Hospital etc. The road not only use by resident of SD, Tropicana also for BU resident.

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  27. let’s get 12,000 people to sign another petition to support the closure of this road. When the other southern access was close in year 2006, why no one ask to re-open this road ? the closure of the southern access have force all the car to make a U turn near damansara jaya school and created a heavy traffic jam in this area. Do not forget that there is 11 block of apartment at kampung kayu ara which 18 storey of each block. The closure of jalan Tanjung have ease all kayu ara resident to access to sprint highway. Let’s support the closure as is benefit more people ( damansara jaya, kayu ara, damansara utama ) other than only BU resident. If you do not agree, go and ask compensation from sunway and dijaya … not from the government.

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  28. Greed has settled in and the ugly side of everyone is showing. Thanks to BUCC. Remember the road was commonly regarded as a PUBLIC road before it was closed by most of not all residents in the entire area. As greed sets in more and more folk will want other public roads to be close to make their life easier. Kayu Ara has 18 story apt blocks and 11 blocks of them? Best to close their exit to BU and get them to pressure their developer so that they don’t congest BU folks road.

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  29. To reopenit : I agree to close the access to bandar utama. Because bandar utama folk is congesting our access to Sprint highway. let’s close the short cut access from Bandar utama ( beside mobil station ) to Sprint highway which pass through Kayu Ara. This suppose to be the service road for kayu ara resident only but now have become the shortcut for BU folk to access to sprint highway and NKVE, just because they want to avoid the traffic jam and lebuhraya bandar utama.

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  30. I am all for ONE WAY OUT ONLY. This is the best solution for all . Indeed A good compromise for all too. 4 lanes 2 ways is a no no as there will still be bottleneck at traffic light. Closing completely is not fair to the public users regardless of where they are from. Opening it two ways regardless of whether it is 4 lanes or 2 lanes is also not fair to BUCC. Therefore ONE WAY OUT is perfect but other developers MUST compensate BUCC.

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  31. Bandar Utama Residents who want the closure of Jalan Tanjung should also realise that they to encroach and use roads that do not belong to them , as such they should think of others too . I support boycotting 1U and jamming the roads with lorries and whatever . BUCC AND THE RESIDENTS WHO WANT THIS CLOSURE ARE DOWNRIGHT SELFISH AND DO NOT POTRAY OUR PM’S WISH FOR A 1 MALAYSIA . MAYBE EVERYBODY AFFECTED SHOULD SEEK THE PM’S HELP .

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  32. i dont why most of you commenters are so immature.

    Fighting for a piece of land is so ancient or caveman issue because during the caveman
    era, they always fight for a piece of land.

    When i meet both of them BUCC and Dijaya.. both of them gave me one answer on the whose
    fault or culprit behind this..

    guess who ??

    The real culprit was the previous government of Selangor !!!!!

    why ??? all roads are maintain by the government n what’s the use if we pay the road tax if this public road is close ??

    2nd, why the government so stupid for not looking n plan on this matter even devolpers also dont want to cooperate n ask for suggestion to built the road.

    1993 Selangor was under the rule of Muhammad Taib famous for his coruprtion last time !

    Well there any many dark stories but i think this basic one is enough ! (the darkest was some money loan hutang issue didnt pay me RM2 million *blame both here including gov)

    if u all said traffic jam, well i was a resident at BU since 1998. I have been living in this traffic Hell for most of the time also i understand how BU11 n BU12 feels everyday.

    I can say that it was the traffic light timer was incorrect, i mean look carefully, u realise the bad flow.

    Now if u said users, the problem is !!! WHO uses the road ??

    they are MANY MANY public road users, from people who want to make u-turn, go to One Utama
    go to BU11 n BU12 n also Tropicana so now u want to say 100% of users are from Tropicana
    now that is something STUPID AGAIN !!

    since u close the road do u realise u are making Tropicana and Kota Damansara users
    using the BU11 n BU12 road ???

    wouldn’t this mean MORE TRAFFIC JAM !!!

    Also do u realise the careless users who are accessing to BU11 n BU12 or Kampung Cempaka (Tai Kong) by cutting the que (the jam near the caltex n Mobil station).. u still want to say it is from Tropicana n Kota Damansara?

    but if can plz do the research on the traffic light because even there is no cars the traffic light shows green compare to red.
    *no cars, Green light, no logic.

    if u said the U-turn near the DJ school was the problem then why i see many or many users from the plus highway users from the DAMANSARA exit using this road for U-turns n heading to Damansara area??

    see every comments now are not making sense at all.

    Again i repeat we are all acting like cavemen already.

    Keep in mind both parties, we are victim of wrong planning done by the previous government.

    btw this is just my opinion but i dont mind for the closure or reopen of Jalan Tanjung.

    P/S: Dr Chan please be MORE mature, you are a DOCTOR for cying out loud !!! and do your homework before pointing to Tropicana and Kota Damansara users because this is not our fault but the person who planned (previous Govt). Btw I am also a BU resident as WELL !

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  33. Dr Chan must be a Vet doctor . Animals nust be caged up .

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  34. make it fair to all .. also re-open the south access for jalan tanjung users to direct u-turn to NKVE Damansara Toll.

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  35. Okay. First sue the developer (Dijaya) then goverment. If BUCC still feel that is ur “private Land”, then please close the traffic light. Means, no in or out from the road or sony building. Please find your own way out too.

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  36. Nowadays, lots of cars from BU take a short cut via Damansara Utama (SS 21/23) ….. I believe some of those who support the closing of Jalan Tanjung use it too.

    This causes massive jams in DU for those wanting to get home after a days work.

    I propose closing SS 21/23 exit at SS 21/42 junction during peak hours. Only the entrance is to be left open.

    Thanks BU …. you gave me this idea 🙂

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  37. Let’s close the short cut BU residents are using through DU ….seen many reckless drivers driving on the wrong side of road just to get ahead on their way to the LDP …… on way home to BU … after causing massive jam for DU residents

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  38. Also close the road at DU. They use DU as short cut to get from SPRINT TO LDP

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  39. Calling all Tropicana/Kota D’sara owners,

    Just boycott See Hoy Chan projects in the coming future, esp the 3 pineapple shape condos near Bukit Utama. Initially we seriously consider buying. But after whay SHC did to Jalan Tanjung, haiya, just forget it and let’s abandoned the 3 towers.

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