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New Maybank2u Website M2U 2.0 – Failed Big Time

“With the all-new, all-you M2U 2.0, Maybank now has an internet banking portal built using modern code on a next-generation platform. The chosen platform is scalable and opens the door for Web 2.0 style features to be implemented on the portal. Armed with a new mindset, modern website templates, content management platform and streamlined internal processes, M2U 2.0 now paves the way for richer interactive content, online support and even mobile banking in the future.”

more info on the new M2U 2.0

Maybank2u Failed

It failed, just tried out new m2u 2.0 and encountered bad experience. It’s super slow and it has tones of error… Are you ready to M2U ? After a so long beta period it’s still having problem. Very slow… Are you sure you are upgrading or downgrading? What about the 5 Steps that you shown? Yes, you are “far from finished”…

M2U Failed

What you may do now is use back the same old site that served us for years!
Click here

Maybank2u 2.0 Failed

Working hard to fix M2U, use Classic M2U in the meantime

Wow…We are so overwhelmed with your responses. We did not realise that you guys are so passionate about M2U. Thank you people.

We are aware that all of you are facing difficulties accessing M2U. Our whole team is on site fixing it at this very moment.

We know you are upset and angry. In the transition period, we have made the Classic M2U available for your convenience. You can access it by clicking the Classic M2U banner from the home page.

Source : AllYou.com.my

Zippy internet banking, anyone?

We’re still unsure if the revamp was just a cosmetic makeover. The new site is comparatively slower then the site it is replacing. Prettier but slower. We at least used to be able to get some banking done in v 1.0, but on v 2.0, its completely impossible. There is a 5 minute security timeout if you leave the site idle, and since the site takes a lot longer then that to load, you’re forced to log out before actually being able to log in! And when you do get logged in and try to access any of the services, they mysteriously become unavailable and you get logged out as well.

So yeah, we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. It could just be a huge surge in curious onlookers of the spiffy new interface, or it could be some kind of unforeseen errors. It could even be the 38 million treat points they have up for grabs, but for a revamp that was claimed to be tested and improved for 3 months, that cost an estimated RM5 million to complete – this new M2U 2.0 isn’t getting much loving from us anytime soon.

Source : Lowyat.net



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