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House Broke In!

Just after a day or two after i post TIPS BERGUNA dari PDRM my house was broke in on Sunday night. =(

I came back from Project 50 (Merdeka) Duty, and i bath and rest awhile then went to dinner and pasar malam. Then i got a call from my mom, they are on the way back from Singapore after visiting my bro whom gonna graduate from NTU soon, told me that our house was broke in and the doors were opened. Then i rushed back to my house and my aunt was there waiting for me. I was so scare lerr … then i honk, to scare the thief away if they are still inside and we waited outside, don’t dare to go in.

Then i called the police 999. But after few times only got ppl pick up and wost is ask me to get the number from TM directory 103. Sigh what a service. Then i called 103 for the number and in the mean time i asked my friend to look for the number of the nearest police station. When I called the 103 and ask for ss2 police station, they said it’s not in the system and after that i only remember that the police station in ss2 is SEA PARK Police Station. Then I again asked for Damansara Utama Police Station number and i get hold of all the numbers.

I called that number, and told the police to come to my house and check but after the police ask me alot of things and in the end she said it’s not their area and asked me to call Kelana Jaya Police Station and I did. Fortunately the petrol came quite fast.

The came in a pair. Then one of the police with gun ask me to go inside the house with him. Wahh I was totally speechless and I did follow them. And after about 10 mins search thru the house, fortunately nothing was stolen and all the things was intact and just lost two lock which is the front gate and front door. I think they might be frighten by the alarm which trigger when they open the door. Then I was relief and went to make police report.
I think is the power of Gohonzon.

So the moral of the story is, please be extra careful. The society is getting worst and more and more crimes is happening all day. Please take good care of yourself and be extra careful when you go out alone or when u go back late.



Author: Saimatkong

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