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MSN Messenger Virus

Recently a lot ppl attacked by MSN Virus/Worms/Trojan which send you a zip file telling you that it’s the picture that they took together with you or telling you that it’s their latest picture and with some message which make you think that it’s actually send from the user from your contact.

Do not accept it unless you know it’s for real and be sure that you ask some question and check if the response is by the contact or auto response. You will definitely know it. Once you accept the file that’s actually a virus, it will reside on your computer and keep sending to other person in your contact list so that others will be infected too. So don’t be the one who spread virus. Be smart!

I myself have receive a lot of this photo album zip from my contact but I know it’s a virus so I will just tell my friend on my contact to act accordingly to remove the stupid and annoying virus which will keep on infecting the contacts in your msn messenger.


HEY lol i’ve done a new photo album !:) Second ill find file and send you it.

Hey wanna see my new photo album?

Hey accept my photo album, Nice new pics of me and my friends and stuff and when i was young lol…

Hey just finished new photo album! 🙂 might be a few nudes 😉 lol…

hey you got a photo album? anyways heres my new photo album 🙂 accept k?

hey man accept my new photo album.. 🙁 made it for yah, been doing picture story of my life lol..

Msn Messenger Virus
Msn Messenger Virus

How to remove this msn virus/worms/torjan?
Some of the know virus.
Backdoor.Win32.IRCBot is a computer worm/backdoor that is spread through MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger by downloading photo album.zip from someone.

How to remove it 1
How to remove it 2






If you are infected by other virus very simple, just follow the steps below.
1) You need to scan and detect the virus name before you can proceed to clear the virus.
2) Get the virus name and google the guide to remove the particular virus.

So be safe better than sorry. Don’t accept file that look suspicious to you.



Author: Saimatkong

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  1. Hi. Is there any possible way someone who INTENTIONALLY sent me a picture of someone I know, who did tell me they were sending me a picture could have sent me this virus by accident without knowing because someone sent it to them and they didn’t know and passed it on?

    I found a backdoor trojan on my computer and I suspect my friend’s ex-girlfriend (she wasn’t ever even really his “girlfriend” anyway, lol). She and her friend have already hacked his Myspace account (and changed all his login info and refused to give it back to me. he is really mad about it too!) which I was looking after for him with his permission as per his own request, so I know they may have knowledge of how to do this. He says she is obsessed with him and from things she’s said to me, I believe him, so her attacking and spying on my computer isn’t something I would put past her (she showed me a picture of him thru MSN messenger, which now that I think of it, was rather odd to do, so it seems suspicious), but I’m not sure if it’s her that did it, or if she did, if it was by accident, or even if one of my friends sent it to me by accident with pictures they sent (if that can happen?), because I never received anything specifically like what you described “hey, view my new summer pictures”, etc.

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  2. This virus is really getting into my nerves.

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