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Getting my caffeine fix at home with Delica Instant Coffee!

I love coffee and I start my day with a fresh-brewed coffee. I absolutely love the aroma of coffee coz it smells fantastic. I usually brew my coffee at home but there are some days when I need a quick caffeine fix but lazy to use the coffee machine just to make myself a cup of coffee, so I resort to instant coffee powder and 3-in-1 coffee mix. Hence, I tend to stock up 3-in-1 coffee packs when I do my grocery shopping.

While there are many brands of instant coffee on the supermarket shelves to choose from, there’s one that caught my eye and that is Delica Instant Coffee because of the bold and vibrant colour packaging; brown, blue, green and black.

Delica Instant Coffee are available in 5 different flavors; Classic, Rich, Mocha Peppermint, Nan Yang Kopi O (brown sugar) & Nan Yang Kopi O (no sugar).

Delica Instant Coffee are available in 5 different flavors; Classic, Rich, Mocha Peppermint, Nan Yang Kopi O (brown sugar) & Nan Yang Kopi O (no sugar). Which flavor should I try? Classic? Rich? Mocha Peppermint? Nan Yang Kopi O? When you can’t decide, try all the flavors! 😄 And so, I got all the 5 flavors to try and here’s my review of Delica Instant Coffee :-

Delica Classic Instant Coffee

The first one that I try is the Classic flavor made from fine blend of medium roast Arabica and Robusta coffee. It has a distinctive but mild flavor with an enjoyable aroma, making it a good choice for people who do not like strong coffee taste. I find it a little sweet for my typical taste. Other than that, it’s pretty decent. And that’s why you always hear people say, “You can’t go wrong with Classic!”

Delica Rich Instant Coffee

The Rich blend has a great flavor to it. Taste wise, it’s stronger and bitter, in a good way. I would say this is so close to tasting a real good cup of coffee 😀

Delica Mocha Peppermint Instant Coffee

Peppermint in coffee? I was like, “Cool!”. For a start, I love the idea and the creativity. And back to the coffee now, I took a sip thought it was not bad. Taste fresh and the addition of peppermint add some kick to the coffee, giving you a refreshing and cooking sensation. To really love this flavor, you have to love mint. So yea, do give it a try!

Delica Nan Yang Kopi O Instant Coffee

Next is Delica’s Nan Yang Kopi O which is made with perfectly ripe coffee cherries. It has a strong and robust flavor without the bitter aftertaste.

Delica Nan Yang Kopi O Instant Coffee with Brown Sugar

Delica offers another variant of Nan Yang Kopi O with Brown Sugar. It’s satisfyingly sweet and has a nice aroma. I reckon this is suitable for those who prefer to have some sweet flavor in their coffee. I personally would pick the one with no sugar as I enjoy the bitter flavors and the aroma from the perfectly ripe coffee cherries.

Feeling sleepy at work? Need a cuppa to stay awake? 3-in-1 coffee is the solution when you need a cup of coffee fast and instant. Delica offers a variety of flavors giving u an exquisite 3-in-1 coffee experience. To try Delica Instant Coffee, you can get them from supermarkets and hyper markets like Aeon BiG and Aeon Jusco. And do share with me if you like it ya!

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