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THIS IS IT – The Facts on Jalan Tanjung Temporary Access Closure

Bandar Utama City Corporation Sdn Bhd (BUCC) had placed an advertorial in TheStar today… So I guess it’s firm and no turning back no matter how many reasons, objections, signatures, petition also no use… So please find alternative. The road closed today itself as told.

“These pass few days, much has been said about the closure of Jalan Tanjung at Bandar Utama. We are veil now to pu the truth out there.”

THIS IS IT - The Facts on Jalan Tanjung Temporary Access Closure

After being accomadative for 14 long years, massive traffic jams has built up on Jalan Tanjung since the temporary access has simply reached its full capacity. The degradation of traffic flow has directly inconvenenienced Bandar Utama residents. BUCC has also suffered the loss of major and potential tenants deteered away from the heavy traffic traversing our commercial property at Bandar Utama Technology Park.

In this respect, the closure of this temporary access is neccessary and long overdue. As a gesture of goodwill and tp ease the transaction, we held a series of meetings with Bukit Lanjan ADUN, MBPJ officers and councilors, Tropicana respresentative and all surrounding Residents’ Associations to prepare a two-stage closure meant to provide ample time for the public to adapt to using other alternative access.

We have no other alternative but to immediately close this temporary access and have also filed in court to protect our rights. Let the due process of the court system be carried out and as such any other dealings will be deemed sub-judice.

It is with a heavy heart that we are forced to close this temporary access now.

We hope that the public understand the situation better now and that acquiring our land will not solve traffic woes. A more sensible approach would be that Tropicana undertake the social responsibility to provide additional access for their residents.

Read the story yourself. (Click for larger image.)

Road closure in Bandar Utama - Jalan Tanjung

Road closure in Bandar Utama - Jalan Tanjung

Road closure in Bandar Utama - Jalan Tanjung
You could not use this road for your convenient sake anymore, please find alternative and leave it alone as it’s Private Property. Anway I think they did a good job allowing all to use the road for so many years and some ppl just take it for granted. So it’s time to wakeup!

Alternative road via Persiaran Bukit Utama or Mutiara Tropicana / Aman Suria / Taman Bukit Mayang Mas using this tunnel.

Read more about the road closure report here.



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  1. My office is nearby there. Now gonna be headache wit Jam just to get off from Tropicana. Sigh!

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  2. Looks like a longer queue is going to be running from across the bridge now then.

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  3. Why BUCC didn’t consider social responsibilities? If they want to penalize Tropicana then do amicably and negotiate first, if no solution is reached then they can take drastic action.

    Residents are the one to suffer and not developers. Now, situation is complicated and how long we have to suffer for this road closure?

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  4. How about all of us “horn” our car horn when passing through BU area, to show our disagreement on this closure!

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  5. One should always consider all facts before he/she makes a statement or judgement. In this case, I fully support the road closure. The rich (Tropicana folks) have for a long time inconvenienced the poorer folks (mainly Ara Dmsr & Tmn Megah Mas residents) for their own convenience. To understand just how selfish Tropicana folks are read this humble article from The Star.


    I fully understand what the writer is trying to say. A few years ago i was one of the residents in Ara Damansara and our joy of living in the new neighbourhood was dampened, no thanks to Tropicana’s residents. Because of them, we had to suffer massive jams on LDP on a daily basis. Tropicana folks couldn’t care less – they just said “We just have to live with it.”

    So I say to them now – “It’s time you have a taste of your own medicine. What goes around comes around, folks. I’m not sorry that your daily commute has to be inconvenienced now. It’s just a road closure. You didn’t think twice about closing other people’s roads to CONVENIENT yourself. So now that the inevitable has come to bite your ass, i guess what BU & Ara Damansara residents are saying is, “You’ll just have to live with it!”

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  6. @in all fairness: hmmm i can say was bad planning by the previous government. They purposely sold all the land to all this greedy developers with no management and planning.

    I am also angered by this issue.

    We should know that the public road belongs to the public and what’s the use we pay the road taxes. Anyway I will support you to reopen that Ara Damansara road.

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  7. Let me try to understand…

    There are a number of people from Tropicana has to go the long way round, about double the distance (i checked on google map from 2.5 km to now 5.6 km from riana green to Up Town using 2 routes) because of the BU residence are inconvenienced by the traffic jams few peak hours during weekdays.

    I have been using this road, Jln Tanjung for the past few years now and during peak hours it took me 15-20 minutes just to pass from Riana Green to the Sprint highway. It is not so bad during non peak hours. And do guess you would complain during these times as well.

    If i do not use this road, it will take me only 5-7 minutes via the tunnel at Persiaran Tropicana and Jalan Tropicana Selatan 1 to get into NKVE as there are no long traffic light to wait for.

    But it is a totally different story if i need to get onto the Sprint highway. The direction to this road is really jammed packed and the traffic lights and it takes me up to half an hour from Riana Green to Uptown during peak hours, and about 15 minutes during non peak hours, due to the long wait at Lebuh Bandar Utama.

    Closing the road is not the best way to cause these inconveniences to all Tropicana residences. There are other users from Kota Damansara which I’d say sums up most of the traffic during peak hours, as I usually see the jam would start from Persiaran Damansara Indah…

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