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Yonex All England Open Super Series 2009

Yonex All England Open Super Series 2009

The Championships began in 1899 with Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles, with Men’s & Women’s Singles being introduced in 1900. Since then, the Championships have grown and become widely known as, “…the world’s oldest and most prestigious tournament, and a world symbol for Open Championship badminton”.

Kosaku Yoneyama
President, Yonex Company Limited

Yonex All England 2009

Yonex All England 2009
07 Mar 2030 Semi Finals (Live) Astro Super Sport 811
08 Mar 2030 Finals (Live) Astro Super Sport 811

Now only left Dato Lee Chong Wei in the run for Yonex All England Open Super Series 2009, is it really a shame? Now let’s hope Lee Chong Wei able to clear and beat Taufik Hidayat later at today and enter final.

If he able to make it, then the most possible in the Yonex All England Open Super Series 2009 Single Final will be Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan which is a match anticipated by everyone not only in Malaysia but all over the world I guess after Lee Chong Wei lost to Lin Dan in the Olympic last August. This might be a chance for Lee Chong Wei to fight back and reclaim world number one single.

I did not expect both our Malaysian Double team lost so badly and really disappointed. Anyway all the best to all the players.

Lee Chong Wei vs Taufik

Lee Chong Wei vs Taufik
So who will win this time? Lee Chong Wei or Taufik Hidyat? This time they are fighting in semi finals.


All England Semi Final Results
Lee Chong Wei beat Taufik Hidayat in just two straight games. It was an easy game for Lee Chong Wei. It only took them 34 mins.
Set 1 : 21-8
Set 2 : 21-13

Lin Dan beat team mate Chen Jin in two straight games too. Chen Jin retired in the 2nd game.
Set 1 : 21-12
Set 2 : 11-6 Retired

All England Men’s Final will be Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan! It is the most anticipated match. Hopefully Lee Chong Wei will take down Lin Dan easily too.

Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan

Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan

All the best Lee Chong Wei and you will be the only Malaysian’s hope in this All England 2009, Malaysia Boleh~!


All England Final Results
Mens Single
Lee Chong Wei Lost To Lin Dan in just two straight games in 43 minutes. View match statistic here
Set 1 : 21-19
Set 2 : 21-12

Lin Dan Won


Lee Chong Wei Lost

Lee Chong Wei still suffer lost to Lin Dan, in their 14 matches, Lee Chong Wei only won 3 times!



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