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There’s some clue about the mysterious symbol!

Still remember the weird / mysterious symbol that I mention few days back? We are now less clueless about this phenomenon as we have received a top secret document from a Secret Agent! We have no idea who he or she is but we was given a secret information document that consists confidential info which looks like a leaked document from some top secret organization! What could this be?

So of the readers told me they saw this symbol in TV and on news paper and someone sent me the image below, it was seen by the reader at the traffic light!

mysterious symbol
Mysterious symbol at the traffic light!

We was given this link too www.kolony.com.my in the document and it sounds like the website of some mysterious organization? But the website is not accessible!

The website is now “Unauthorize Access Denied (policy_denied)”.

In the document, it’s stated that something big is coming up on the 6th of April! It’s like 3 more days to it only. What could it be? We are really tense now and headache! It sounds like something big and likely to cause some weird but positive effects to the public. Ohhh it better be a good one! Pray harder!

There’s also a piece of crumpled paper and scribbled on the secret document was a website URL: http://lambangmisteri/blogspot.com.

We have checked on the blog link and there’s someone talking about the weird symbol as well! His name is Kaki Misteri. Seems like he’s been researching this mysterious symbol too and has collected a lot of news about other people who have also spotted the symbol appearing everywhere in the country.

Wow, looks like this mysterious thing is all over the place! What could it possibly be about? Furthermore I did a search in youtube and found this video about mysterious symbol too!

Mysterious item on hill top

What about you? Have you seen the weird symbol and wonder the same thing too??!?

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  1. So what happen? Nothing rite? I saw a bunch of it at all the lamp post along Jalan Tun Perak, opposite OCBC and CIMB Bank.

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