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SS2 Murni Mamak stinking side?! Too dirty?

Today few ppl told me to read this news and I was thinking it should be refer to SS2 Murni Mamak after I found out the road is “Jalan SS2/75, Petaling Jaya”. If it’s in such condition, please clean it and if not I will not ever go to the mamak again even how wonderful and how special is their food expecially those western food like spaghetti cabonara or chicken marryland and drinks especially those special fruit punch!

The condition of the cleanliness make me worried as I was one of the Murni mamak lover once upon a time. Few weeks back I just went there with my colleagues to have my lunch there as our office is near to the mamak and want to have different variety that day so decided to go Murni.

Famous Murni Loh Shee Fun! RM 5.00 (IINM)
Famous Murni Loh Shee Fun! RM 5.00 (IINM) The egg is very nice but if they put for long and did not take out immediately to the customer the egg will be harden and it not taste as good.

Famous Murni Mee Raja! RM 8.00
Famous Murni Mee Raja! RM 8.00 Just like “kon lou mee”

Famous Murni Nasi Goreng Seafood RM 10.00 (IINM)
Famous Murni Nasi Goreng Seafood RM 10.00 (IINM)

Kuih Teow Utara
Kuih Teow Utara

Mee Java
Mee Java

Please fix the condition and if not for sure I will not going there in the near future. What say you?

THIS week, the focal point of our hygiene campaign is a restaurant in the SS2 commercial area in Petaling Jaya.

We received a tip-off from a reader who frequents an Indian-Muslim restaurant in the area.+

Murni Back Lane
Filthy: Workers preparing food at the backlane of a restaurant in Jalan SS2/75, Petaling Jaya.

According to the reader, he was appalled to see some foreign workers preparing food by the drain at the outlet’s backlane.

“I could see cooking utensils left on the ground and bits of leftover food scattered all over the area.

“Not only that, the area where the food was being prepared was also very smelly. The men were cutting meat and vegetables on top of ice boxes and they did not seem to be bothered that their work area was close to a garbage chute,” he said.

After seeing how food was prepared at the backlane, the reader had sworn not to patronise the outlet again.

To verify his claims, we despatched our award-winning photographer Mohd Sahar Misni to capture the scene.

Our findings revealed the ugly truth in vivid colour.

Murni Back Lane
Blatant disregard for cleanliness: Raw chicken placed side by side with ice (on top of a gunny sack) on top of a ice box.

The workers were oblivious to our presence in the backlane, nor did they appear uncomfortable to be seen working in such an unhygienic condition. They continued working as if no one was watching.

Apart from pest and rodent infestation in the area, public safety is now in question.

The workers have obstructed the backlane and the back doors of some of their neighbours with the heavy ice boxes. The place is obviously a fire trap.

This food outlet is by far, one of the filthiest we have ever come across. We thank our reader for pointing out the matter and will keep tabs on this with the Petaling Jaya City Council for further action.

In a seperate development, our Seremban office reported on Sept 17 that a restaurant was closed down by the state’s health department after 100 guests at a wedding dinner had fallen ill.

They ate pork contaminated with salmonella parathypi B bacteria which is a common cause of food poisoning.

The bride’s father succumbed to illness caused by consuming contaminated food several days later.

It was later discovered that six of the restaurant employees who handled the food had not been vaccinated for typhoid. Now, the question is: do we have to wait until its too late?

Prevention is the best approach and if you suspect unhygienic food preparation, do not hesitate to contact your local authority.

Source : TheStar



Author: Saimatkong

This blog is a platform to share what I love in life: food (eat), travel (play), photography (art) and life (thoughts and ideas). With passion for food, I share my foodie adventures and indulgences here. “There is no love sincerer than the love of food.”

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  1. looks can b misleading, i wouldnt want to go to this place either. but the prices r so expensive if compared to Sibu

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    • Mamak biasalah mana ada bersih.curry 10 hari pun dia jual.janji untung beli rumah di india.makanan dia sahaja islam tapi perangai musang berbulu ayam

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  2. Oh gosh! I could imagine it the condition as similar to what reported lately. By seeing the kitchen where prepare drink I could guess the condition inside (kitchen for food) would not be very much better than that.Luckily I seldom pay visit to the restaurant as too long of waiting time for my food to come eventho the foods is fantastic. And the price doesn’t seem cheap at all.Taking my time to wait and paying so much for the foods doesn’t justify to me. hehe…me only. some of you might find it justify.no obligation !

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  3. is that really referring to ss2 murni? oh gosh, i hope it is not! coz i love de yummy food there..

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  4. oh my god! i’m quite shocked when i read this..a lot of ppl has been telling us about how unhygiene is that place..seeing ur pic it to believing it..i vowed never to go there again..

    btw can i use ur NZX map in my blog? credits will be given to saimatkong and if u disagree i can pull down the map right away

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  5. ben, i think it disappoint you. it’s Murni, I just pass by today and saw Murni was closed and has a notice there using cardboard. I will try to capture the picture if i got the time.

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  6. Dude, I remember the time we went there for lunch…Not sure if i am going there again after that news come up…Cheers

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  7. i dont know about their food preparation, just their service is getting worst especially when there is lot of customers, you will end up waiting without being “entertain”

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  8. Hope you guys enjoyed the “special” (ribena special, longan special etc) drinks. Sometimes during rushed periods, the staff would wipe with the cloth and squeeze them back into the cups which are unwashed sometimes.

    I have personally seen that in the kitchen. Thats why I made it a point to never drink there anymore

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    • Hey David, thanks for the info. You mean they wash the cup but with dirty cloth? Eeww that’s bad!

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