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Unhealthiest Blogger Award…

After PRUhealth Sharing Session and Spa Massage we (kenny sia, kyspeaks, cheeserland, 5xmom, redmummy, snowxwhite, sixthseal…) went for health check.

Waiting for health check

KY Speaks doing health check

Health Check

Health Check

Health Check

Health Check
This was the metal that we need to hold it all the time during the health check, it’s even scary is the machine will sound like siren.

Health Check

Check on leg too.

Health Check
Arghh… luckily I cut my toe nails yesterday night. =p

Health Check Result
Result was written down on the paper.

Health Check Result

5xMom using view cam to record down on health check process…

Health Check Machine
The machine that do all the work. It will sound like siren when doing the check. It must be range between 50-55 so that it’s normal.

saimatkong on health check
Then my turn to do it.

In the process
In the process of checking…

My health check result.

When the doctor explaining my result, I looked scare because I’m not healthy… oh no.

*drum roll*

Healthiest Blogger Award goes to RedMummy.
Healthiest Blogger Award

Healthiest Blogger Award


The Unhealthiest Blogger Award goes to… *everyone was silent for a moment..* saimatkong!
Unhealthiest Blogger Award

Unhealthiest Blogger Award
So sad. Sumore they gave me a plastic ball, badminton racket and all the other sports equipment to indicate that I need more exercise to live a healthier lifestyle.

Winner vs Loser
Winner vs Loser.

Sport Theme
Another award was the dress code award, which only one came in the dress code, congrats Kenny Sia.

Then before conclude the session, we had a Q&A session.

Wait… we still have a Q&A question, don’t go home 1st!




Thinking how to answer the bloggers’ questions.

Mr Tan trying his best to cover all the questions and giving some tips on insurance and PRUhealth.

Group photo
Group photo of all the bloggers.

Group Photo

Omron - Walking Style
Before we leave, each of us was given a goodies bags and a Omron – Walking Style, to analyze the data regarding our personal physical activity. So far I used it for one week and it’s almost the same except when I go to 1 Utama Shopping. Haha. Shopping is a good exercise too.

Stay healthy dude!



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