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P1 W1MAX vs TMnet Streamyx Advertisement War

Recently P1 W1MAX launched a series of Potong / Cut campaign to boost their sales and subscribers on the usage for P1 Wimax but a lot of mix reactions from different groups of ppl. Some older generation especially women very insulting and feel uncomfortable with the potong and the phrase they used in the ads. It’s very seductive and asking ppl to cut and making ppl think in a wrong perception. Now a lot of ppl is teasing each other by asking “Have you cut?” / “Sudah potong??”. Isn’t it very wrong? Will P1 in trouble, don’t think so as the advert run for a period of time without any distraction? Read more below on some of the complain in TheStar newspaper below. Btw Potong / Cut campaign ended on 31st Oct.

P1 Potong Campaign

Potong Ads Part 1.

Potong Ads Part 2.

P1 CEO Michael Lai
P1 CEO Michael Lai

TMnet Streamyx Advertisement vs P1 Wimax

Now our biggest broadband giant TMnet come out with another fight back campaign which telling ppl why cut? It’s like a war in broadband now. Streamyx advertise in major dailies by “a guy looks like Michael Lai (P1 W1MAX CEO)” carrying a modem with the notebook outside the window trying to search for signal. It’s clear to us that it’s a fight back and want to tell us (the consumer) that P1 signal could be not as strong as streamyx and need to walk around with your modem and notebook to look for the coverage! Haha. Good one TM! Again if you hear in Radio advertisement, there’s a mother scolding her son why cut? Cut liao so slow and “Cut your head la!” “切你的头” “Potong kepala kau”… haha. Trying to record the ads but can’t get the right time to record. Lol. I got will update again, till then.

Updates: Finally got the radio ads in Cantonese but have English version too!

P1 Tagline :
Cut Already ? Cut the wires. Cut the charges. Cut the lag

Streamyx Tagline :
If it’s not Streamyx, it’s not good enough

Who might be beneficial here? I would say the advertising company and the media who publish the ads. Am I right? =)

I could help you to come out with better idea and brainstorm perhaps? Call me. haha.

Groups want suggestive ad snipped

THE “Cut Already?” P1 WiMAX advertisement has created a furore among several quarters, especially women’s groups, for its suggestive connotation, reported Nanyang Siang Pau.

Kuala Lumpur -Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall Wanita chief Alice Lee urged the company to retract the advertisement because it made women feel uncomfortable.

“It was done in very bad taste and is filled with sexual innuendo,” she said.

Blogger Teo Bak Kim said he was surprised that the commercial was approved when the Government was well known to be strict in advertisement regulations.

“It is vulgar and its suggestive remarks set a trap for the audience to make the negative association,” he said.

Wanita MCA chief Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun said she would write to the company and demand that the advertisement be pulled out.

“The company should apologise because the advertisement is insulting and it discriminates against women,” she said.

She also urged advertisement producers to be more sensitive and to stop making disrespectful commercials.

Deputy Information, Communications and Culture Minister (II) Heng Seai Kie said the advertisement was rejected by RTM for not complying with its code of content.

“It is now only allowed to be broadcast on private television stations.

“However, I have directed the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission to study its content and see if it contains any sexual references or not,” she said.

Source : TheStar



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  1. Honestly, I don’t get the complains; they themselves have the mindset that it is suggestive. =_=

    My dad instantly said it was Michael Lai as well lol

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  2. haha yeah chingy, it’s different ppl different mind set lo. but the streamyx ads really looks like Michael Lai right? Maybe is his brother or cousin or relative? =p

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  3. i was looking at the picture of Michael Lai and the streamyx guy (up and down, up and down). they looked exactly the same, except the nose. the streamyx guys had a bigger nose >_<

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  4. Talking about Wi-Fi!
    The ads from Streamyx
    with the guy leaning out of the window…
    Look closer and you will see that the red
    switch on the extension cord is not even switch ON!
    A Malaysia Boleh feat indeed.

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  5. Sigh. The ads getting more and more irritating day by day. >.<

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  6. if you listen carefully to Streamyx rebuttal ad, u will find this sentence: “Why STILL so slow one?”

    they basically just admitted that they are slow to begin with (or the ad agency admitted for them lah).

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  7. urghhh! i prefer streamyx’s ad…..it has great logic that wireless broadband like maxis,p1 and stuff has unstability……of course i like wimax for i can bring the modem around the house but its very unstable and my download speed has “potong” down from 144kbps to 45kbps til the minimum 5kbps!!!!!! what an annoyance. last time, i didnt even have a problem with streamyx……im goin to subscribe again!!!!!!!!
    Here are my series of complaints with wimax!

    -Why is my ping frigging high until i got kicked off too often in Counter-Strike?!

    -Why fair-usage? Please!

    -Why is my speed cut down like hell?!

    -Why can’t you inform me that the modem will undergo a firmware upgrade?!

    That’s enough!
    Broadband in Malaysia is slow!

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  8. Yes, I agree that P1’s “Sudah Potong?” approach has nothing to do with the so-called ‘sexual innuendo’ or something like that. It is the person who interpreted/thought it that way who needs to be fixed. At least the “Sudah Potong!” approach is more general than TMNET’s “Jangan Potong!” campaign which appears too personal and anti-technology in nature (or should I say anti rivalry?)

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  9. I was looking for a creative Streamyx tv commercial which was long time ago to fight back the potong campaign by P1. A plot was like – guy starts his car engine, acting so cool revving his engine. And after shifting gear 1, the car engine suddenly stopped. And the camera focus at the back of the car which has sticker P on it. – yeah sound familiar? I think that’s brilliant tvc to counter back P1

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