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MyForteClub Charity Drive – Reward back to the society

Our very own MyForte Club Charity Drive initiated by fellow Fortezen was kicked off with a blast! Plans were in place to collect donations through any possible forms and to donate to approve orphanages home. We were targeting a minimum of 3 orphanages’ home comprises of various Malaysian races in the spirit of 1Malaysia.

MyForteClub Charity Drive

MyForteClub Charity Drive - Cap

This charity drive was kicked off at last year early September and we have came thru a long way and we had successfully raised RM1,100 thru the sales of the Forte
Cap. On 28th January, we have decided to channel our 1st fund that we had raised to The Spastic children´s Association of Selangor & Federal Territory, SCASFT. In the future charity drive we may select more home that need.

SCASFT Redevelopment Programme

The Spastic Children’s Association of Selangor & Federal Territory (SCAS & FT) was established 50 years ago with the objectives of providing hope for children born with Celebral Palsy (CP). There are only two other Centres like ours in the whole country dedicated to provide rehabilitations for spastic children; one is in Penang and the other in Johor Bahru.

The needs of CP children are very specific. Hence, we provide a big ray of hope for CP children. We encourage parents to bring their children to us at a very young age (even a few months old) and we provide life-long education, living skills and vocational training, sports training, occupational therapy and employment in our sheltered workshops. Our children have achieved many successes especially in the arena of sports for the disabled. They have brought honour to our country in international sports competitions for the disabled at the Paralympics, World and Asian Championships.

Some of the children have gained outside employment and are able to live independently. However the majority continue to work in our Sheltered Workshops at the Centre. This enables them to qualify for the government subsidy of RM300 per month for being employed.

The cost of running our Centre is about RM 2 million a year. While we are getting approximately 20% of our expenditure from the government, we have to continuously source for income from the public and the corporate sector. We are grateful to our supporters for their continuous support over the years.

The Association is now looking ahead and has drawn up plans to redevelop its 50 year old building into a twin six-storey building, with a view to provide:-

* Additional capacity so that we can meet the needs of the future. We expect that by the year 2020, we will need to cope with at least 2-3 times more CP children.
* Dormitory facilities, one for males and the other for females, for respite care to relieve parents who may have to attend functions and other engagements.
* Additional car parking bays, as the current car park has limited capacity.
* Additional space to generate revenue to ensure continued survival of the Spastic Centre.

We intend to name the new building “Bangunan Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah”. After our Royal Patron, DYMM Sultan of Selangor.

The Association’s current major task is to raise sufficient funds to carry out the above Redevelopment Programme, which is estimated to cost RM12 million. Looks like we are able to raise about RM6 million and we hope with the support of the private sector and the media, we will obtain the other RM6 million as a matching donation for the redevelopment project – in the not too distant future.

The Spastic children´s Association of Selangor & Federal Territory, SCASFT

The Spastic children´s Association of Selangor & Federal Territory, SCASFT

The Spastic children´s Association of Selangor & Federal Territory, SCASFT

The Spastic children´s Association of Selangor & Federal Territory, SCASFT

The Spastic children´s Association of Selangor & Federal Territory, SCASFT

The Spastic children´s Association of Selangor & Federal Territory, SCASFT
This model of the proposed redevelopment of The Spastic children´s Association of Selangor & Federal Territory (SCASFT) at No 14, Lorong Utara A, Petaling Jaya.

The Spastic children´s Association of Selangor & Federal Territory, SCASFT
This will be the land for the proposed redevelopment of SCASFT.

Donation to SCASFT

Donation to SCASFT

Donation to SCASFT
Kenny, representing Fortezen, presented a cheque total of RM1,100 to Kimberly Yap.

Thanks to everyone who had participated in this drive and we will continue to work on the charity drive and will not just stop here. Always remember this phrase : “Celebrate the past, enjoy the present, create our future.”

The Power of Giving:

The power of giving comes from a selfless act – where you simply give from your heart. This act of giving is not tied to any special event – it is merely a time when you give from the heart because you want to share what you have, show your appreciation and you give because you truly care. There is no any other motive behind it.

You don’t give so that you can get something in return. You give because you want to. You are giving because you know and trust that you will always have what you want so you can afford to give something even before you receive what you seek. Giving is a part of human nature. That’s why when we do it we enjoy the process so much. We enjoy seeing the other person smile; we enjoy helping someone else in some small way.

We can’t just work, eat and sleep doing the same routine tasks but without doing something that’s meaningful in our live. It is about channeling the collective energy of the community in helping the less fortunate, disabled and underprivileged in our society.

Thank you for those who had support this charity drive! If without you this charity drive would not be a success.

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