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Fatboybakes – Home Baked Spencer’s Four Seasons Cake

Do you love cakes? Yes, I do and I have came to know Fatboybakes who bake as his hobby and finally I get to try his creation. The cake is really yummy!


Fatboybakes is doing this as a hobby. He is a Civil Engineer, albeit a non practising one, and baking, he finds, much like mixing concrete, is therapeutic. And no, there is no physical shop/bakery either. It’s all here, in this wonderfully virtual world.

He is also a Realtor by day, so if you are looking for a House to go with that cake, do let him know .

Fatboybakes - Home Baked Spencer's Four Seasons Cake

Fatboybakes - Home Baked Spencer's Four Seasons Cake

I have ordered Spencer’s Four Seasons Cake from Fatboybakes – it’s Chocolatey Cake with four different layers, with the option of alcohol. (booze)

Fatboybakes - Home Baked Spencer's Four Seasons Cake

This cake really yummy and it’s not too sweet and the chocolate used was good! Taste to the perfection. Looking forward to order another cake from him soon! TIRAMISU TORTE seems yummy and nice too! You may want to consider ordering cake from him instead of all the conventional cafe, bakery or confectionery out there.

How much?

RM70 for Virgin Spencer, RM75 for Boozey Spencer. Approx 1.1kg.

How to order?

Fatboybakes on WhatsApp so to save SMS costs you can WHATSAPP him at 012-3240988.
Call : 012-3240988
Email : [email protected]

Where to collect?

LEAD TIME : 2 days minimum
PICK UP : Bangsar (Office Hours, Mon – Fri 9.30-4.30pm Only)
OR Damansara Heights (anytime)

Address : Damansara Heights (Near Secret Recipe & Decanter)
Call him for direction.

Hidden Doorbell
When you are there just press on the bell hidden just above the letterbox.

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