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LCCT – SkyBus @ 1Utama!

Last week, on Friday went to Bintulu for a friend’s wedding. My AirAsia flight to Bintulu was at 7.30am, 17th December, and thought want to catch SkyBus to LCCT @ 4.45am, 1Utama since it’s nearer to my house. I have done an email enquiry about the ticket purchase and re-confirm whether there’s bus @ 4.45am as stated in the SkyBus website.

SkyBus to LCCT @ 1Utama


The reason I email them is because I scare if there’s some changes on the schedule or something just to make myself more confident so that I will not miss my flight.

SkyBus to LCCT @ 1Utama

SkyBus to LCCT @ 1Utama

To my horror, I waited at 1Utama SkyBus Ticket Counter from 4.15am till 5.10am but there’s no sign of bus coming nor there’s any one at the ticket booth, it’s not even open!

SkyBus to LCCT @ 1Utama

There’s a number of people waiting for the SkyBus to LCCT too. Most of us was already impatient as we got to catch our flight if any delay we might miss flight!

SkyBus to LCCT @ 1Utama - Price List & Schedule

There’s a bus schedule at the ticket counter and I tried to contact the number on the leaflet but no response…

Finally a guy who in charged the ticket counter told us that the bus was broke down when we questioned him why there’s no bus??? No choice but I have to share taxi with 2 other guys who’s also heading to LCCT, one of them is the pilot and another one is AirAsia crew.

As this is service oriented business, at least the service must up to the standard and if there’s any delay or bus break down do ensure there’s some notice or at least someone there to inform us then we could make other plan instead. I’m very disappointed with that because that was my 1st experience with SkyBus @ 1Utama. Some of us missed our flight because of that and all our schedule was not in plan anymore.

Will not take the SkyBus anymore as I don’t want to screw up my travel again!

Update from Chris, CEO of SkyBus

He had apologized on behalf and it’s good that they take it seriously and called me personally and offered me free skybus ticket. I will give it another chance. Hope the company will keep it promise and do not disappoint others that use skybus!



Author: Saimatkong

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  1. name and shame them. this is unacceptable at all. they have
    so many buses how can 1 rosak fuck up the whole schedule!

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  2. Lucky that guy say ‘should be open’ rather than ‘will be open’, else you can ‘screw’ him kaw kaw…

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  3. SkyBus CEO Chris called me and apologized giving attention to their service, I’m glad that he took the initiative to call me and apologized and offer me a complimentary skybus ride.

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  4. Hmmm, thanks for sharing.

    This was the same with my case when my wife and I wanted to take bus once for one of our trips.

    It was also to be our first trip using the Skybus and the same exact reason given when the bus did no show up “bus broke down”!!!!!

    Only for our case, the person who was supposed to be at the counter selling tickets was not there either. We left to catch a cab before 5am if memory serves. Couldn’t risk to wait any longer in case we missed our International flight.

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  5. I have the unfortunate experience as above. It happened on 16 June 2012. The bus were supposed to arrive at 1U at 4am. It did not turn up as at 4.30am. There were about 10 people waiting for the bus to LCCT. Our flight were at 6.30am. In desperation, we called our daughter to sent us to LCCT by car and manage to check-in on time. I don’t know about the others, but if their fight were also at 6.30am, they might have missed their flight. Four or five of them are AA staff and they are supposed to report for work at 6am.

    This is how unreliable the Skybus is departing from 1U. They just don’t have a sense of responsibility towards their customers. Please remember we are have a flight to catch. The plane will not wait for us.

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  6. Forgot to add above. I did go to their counter at 1U the previous day to enquire about the ticket and time. The staff at the counter confirm that there will a bus at 4am and to buy the ticket from the driver on that day.

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    • Hi Cheong,

      I understand you and I feel your pain as well! That’s really unprofessional and never even think of how the customer should feel and all the plan and time might be screwed up by this but we have no choice here 🙁

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