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Charity car wash campaign was a big success!


As I have posted earlier, I took up a pledge to fulfill Mr Kau wish of getting an “Ankle Foot Orthotic” (or AFO), it’s a special brace that is designed to help control the motion of the ankle joint and also offer support to the foot. In order to fulfill Mr Kau wish, I have came up with Charity Car Wash idea.

Then I proposed to a car detailing shop (Shine N Shield) owner and he agreed to help up on this charity campaign and I really appreciate him for his support! I have also come up with a promotional video clips so that more people aware of this car wash campaign.

Last Sunday, was one of my most meaningful day as I raised fund to fulfill Mr Kau wish by having a car wash campaign. I must thank Raymond, the owner of the car detailing shop Shine N Shield @ Sunway for supporting me in this car wash campaign by giving me a place to host this charity car wash campaign.

Shine N Shield

He was kind enough to provide 2 workers to help up too, initially I was just asking him whether want to take part in this charity car was campaign and I will wash the cars myself no need to involve the workers. But seriously, without the help of the 2 works and friends, I really cannot finish washing so many cars in 4 hours!

On top of that, he provided refreshment and drinks for those who participated in this raising fund campaign too, it’s so kind of him. If you wish to do car detailing Polarized Protection System, do check out my previous experience here.

Charity Car Wash

Charity Car Wash

Charity Car Wash

Charity Car Wash

Throughout this 4 hours Charity Car Wash campaign, even I’m very exhausted, but I managed to wash 15 cars and raised RM480! Although I was expecting more cars but the target was achieved, really appreciate those who came and support!

On top of that, I managed to raise another RM278 by donation, so in total I have raised RM758! I really appreciate all the kind support from my friends and readers. Thanks!

Charity Car Wash

Charity Car Wash

MyForteClub Charity Car Wash

Thanks for helping Mr Kau to fulfill his wish!

Will be getting the AFO and will be giving it to Mr Kau very soon! Stay tuned for more updates on my Promise Me pledge.

On the other hand, NASAM is organising their annual food and fun fair with this year’s theme of Fun on the Roof. It will be held on 18 July 2010 (Sunday) on the 4th level of the Jaya 33 carpark in Petaling Jaya. Their target is to raise RM200,000 from this event to meet the operating expenses of their two centres in Petaling Jaya and Ampang.

Fun on the Roof

You may purchase the food and fun fair coupons at RM10 per booklet or make a cash donation to help them defray the cost of organising the event.



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