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New NKVE Tunnel Near Tropicana – Will it ease the jam?

Tropicana Tunnel

Do you use the tunnel near Aman Suria and Tropicana Seafood, Tropicana Gold Club? If yes then you will feel the pain everyday when you have to bare the jam. Moreover the traffic light in the junction is forever rosak. Every time you pass by, you will only see yellow light blinking. Which will make the matter worst without the traffic light and you will see ppl start to jump queue and do not give way etc.

The other traffic light after the tunnel nearer to Tropicana entrance is the worst thing ever. It will make the traffic stand still just to give way to those big boss staying inside Tropicana Resort and it will make the jam even worst.

Tropicana Tunnel

But in order to solve the problem, they built a new tunnel which is for traffic from Tropicana to Aman Suria / Dataran Prima exit to LDP, now each way will have a dedicated tunnel. Although the traffic will be a bit smoother but did they considered about the possible problem that might arise now? I foresee that accident will happen. Then all the minister will start to gather there and all the reporter will take photo of all the minister point at the junction or the tunnel? Do something please.

Tropicana U Turn
This is the u turn, this is because the new NKVE Tunnel can’t let you turn right like the old tunnel. Now all the motorists have to u turn further up in the road.

NKVE Upgrade
illustration taken from dijaya.



Author: Saimatkong

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  1. Yes it will definitely ease the jam. As one of the ACS workers working in Menara Luxor, the jam at Tropicana has consumed a lot of time for us late comers and late home goers. We have been waiting for this tunnel to complete for so long!

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  2. Cars U-turning at the Tropicana lights are causing a jam for people coming through the old part of the tunnel and 2 lanes of u-turners, near the school is causing a jam for people going through the new tunnel.
    especially from Bayu Puteri Apt.

    what a suck road designers…

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  3. Stupid! It doesnt allow resident to U-turn!!! and motorists from Bayu Puteri are not allow to turn right. Its nightmare again!!! I feel regret to own property in this area! Residents shld sue developer for not inform this when purchase the property.

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