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Free Beer @ Asia Cafe

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010 3,496 views

It’s not a joke! It’s True, They are giving Free Beer! Tiger Beer was given out for free to anyone above 18 and non Muslims at Asia Cafe, Subang from 6pm @ 12th August.

Free Beer @ Asia Cafe
Some may thought it’s a marketing gimmick but it’s true, all the beers were given out for free!

Free Beer @ Asia Cafe
See the amount of Tiger Beer to be given out that day?

Free Beer @ Asia Cafe

The queue was very long and it was not well manage. Each person will be given 4 cans of Tiger Beers, but there were similar crowds of youths rotating and jump queue by saying got friends in front of the queue, I know you got friend in the front queue, so what? Please respect others and queue up…

I even saw some teenager brought luggage to store the beer that they get, imagine how many free beers they took? On the way back, I saw another group of ppl actually loading all the beers into a container at the car boot. Wow…. Free Beer ma… lol.

Free Beer @ Asia Cafe
I just went to check out whether it’s as what they claimed, and yes it’s Free Beer! =)

Youtube Account Suspended – How to reactivate youtube account?

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010 5,754 views

My account has been suspended because I have unintentionally uploaded the MTV World Stage video of Wonder Girls and Katy Perry. Arghh… Why? I thought video took by myself is not copy right infringe or against issue but I was wrong! There’s no way I can get my youtube account back? All my videos uploaded already gone and permanently deleted or removed. =(

Youtube Account Suspended - Copy Right Issue

Do you know anyway I can reclaim or re-activate my youtube account? I didn’t meant to against the copy right and I feel so sad that all my own videos uploaded to youtube were removed and deleted too.

Just an reminder if you uploaded any videos to which you do not won the rights or not belong to you or recorded any videos that you think might against the copy right, please removed or delete it from your youtube if not you will be warned for 3 times (copyright strike) and refrain from uploading additional videos that infringe on the copyrights of others. If not your account will be permanently suspended.

Whenever I try to login to youtube with my suspended account it will redirect me to the page below. There’s no way I can view those videos I have uploaded…

Youtube Account Suspended - Copy Right Issue

To my horror, I tried to sign in my gmail and was greet with the screen below and was so scare that my gmail will be affected too because they are linked accounts but luckily not.

Reclaim Google Account

It’s stated “We’ve detected unusual activity on your account. To immediately restore access to your account, type your phone number below…”

Reclaim Google Account

Thank goodness that I received the verification code and after key in I still can access my gmail. So please bare in mind of copy right issue and don’t upload any material if you are not sure of the originality.

I love to drink coffee and can't live without it!

Friday, August 13th, 2010 4,447 views

I need coffee everyday! If without coffee I will just sleep thru the whole day and cannot even open my eyes! Haha… yes, I’m serious! How about you?

Super Coffeemix 3 in 1

All I need is this SUPER COFFEEMIX 3 in 1, it’s easy to make, no need to add anything and it’s ready to drink by just adding hot water.

Super Coffeemix

Super Coffeemix

Super Coffeemix

I choose Super because it’s value for money as compare to many brands. It’s only RM8.50 and you could get it easily at any supermarket or hypermarket and convenient store. Pure full bodies coffee beans blended with an ideal mix of top grade creamer and sugar, the result is simply irresistible.

On the other hand, there’s this COFFEEMIX (reduced sugar) with a new formula containing 25% lesser in sugar content as compared to Super Regular 3in1 Coffee. A healthier choice for me and yet can enjoy the same premium taste and Robust Aroma. Less sugar means less fats and I can be fit? Should I change to this reduced sugar 3 in 1? =)

Interesting facts about Robusta Coffee Beans
1. Robusta coffee is the trade name for Coffea canephora
2. Indonesia, West Africa, Brazil and Vietnam are the most dominant growing areas
3. It is more resistant to pests and disease, are hardier and produce more beans
4. Robusta coffee beans makes up about a third of the world coffee market
5. It takes approximately four years for a coffee bush to produce a useful crop

JJ 100 day Live Super Tour 2010 promotion 林俊杰100天

JJ 100 day Live Super Tour 2010 promotion 林俊杰100天<<音乐实录。LOVE>>2010大马签唱会

Super is proud to unveil international singer JJ Lin 林俊杰 of Halo Music as Brand Ambassdor for Super 3in1 Coffee. In conjunction with the launch of the advertisements both on screen and off screen, Super will initiate and work with Halo Music and its partner by bringing JJ’s exclusive 100day Live Super Tour 2010 in Malaysia, from KL Penang in West Malaysia to Kota Kinabalu In East Malaysia.

The showcase will feature some of his songs from the latest album. A series of limited number of Meet the Fan session will also be arranged. Tickets to this exclusive Music Tour can be won by participating in the JJ 100day Super Tour 2010 promotion. Simply Purchase any one pack of either Super Regular Super Rich or Super Reduce Sugar 3in1 coffee in any participating retail outlets super markets hyper markets, cut out the barcode and attach onto the contest forms OR for those who cant find contest form, they can also attach the barcode onto a white piece of paper with name ic and contact number, and send to PO box no 5 POS Malaysia Masai 81757 Masai Johor. The most number of entries wins.


Prizes include, Apple macbook, canon EOS 550D DSLR camera, exclusive gathering session with Singer JJ Lin 林俊杰 at the JJ 100days Live Super Tour In KL , Limited edition DVD with JJ personal autograph.

More Details : visit

Details of the Music showcase JJ 100days live super show case 林俊杰100天<<音乐实录。LOVE>>2010大马签唱会行程表:
- 3rd September Penang Auto City 830pm
- 4th September Sabah One Borneo 800pm
- 5th September KL Time Square 700pm

Tickets is exclusive and can only be won vie joining Super’s contest and related promotion activity, they are not for sale to public. So grab your Super Coffeemix now!

PIKOM PC Fair (II) Promotion @ KLCC

Saturday, August 7th, 2010 6,238 views

Yes, the 2nd PC Fair of the is here this weekend at KLCC. Have you check out the deals and hot promotions and promoters yet? Nowadays a lot of ppl go there is not for cheap or good gadgets deals but just to check out the promoters or show girls? Am I right? haha =p

Pikom PC Fair

I went to PC Fair since few years back till now I think got 10 years d, every time there’s PC Fair I will sure go and have a visit no matter I have anything in mind to purchase or not. This year I would like to get the WD 1TB external HDD as my HDD gonna out of space coz took too much photo la! I want to get GPS (Papago / Garmin) too preferably with RMVB and AV-in support! But till now I still haven’t go and grab the gadgets and hoping the price keep dropping and with better specs… lol.

But for me, I still like PC Fair in PWTC better, because the KLCC PC Fair really badly manage for the past few times, all one way straight and if you decide to go out or halfway, you can’t! That’s the main problem, besides jam, crowded, expensive food, expensive car parking fees etc. What to do??

Want to buy cheap laptop or netbook? cheap pc? cheap pen drive/thumb drive, external hard disk (HDD), dvd-r, dvd-rw, cd-r, ram, Broadband like Streamyx, UNIFI, IZZI, Maxis 3G Broadband, Digi 3G Broadband, Celcom 3G Broadband, P1 W1MAX with wiggy, HWM Magazine,, pc accessories, mouse, keyboard, speaker, camera, DSLR, GPS, Projector, GPS, iPhone, BlackBerry, HTC… etc and a lot’s more.

This year I think there’s still Broadband war as the Potong campaign and new 3G Broadband in the market, Digi 3G Turbo etc… What I don’t like is they will keep shouting and line up and like blocking the road… arghhh… I have broadband d k… but still they will ask you to subscribe etc…!

Digi Surf Smart RM28
Arghhh now subscribe to Digi Smart Plan is only RM28 but I subscribed it last 2 months with RM68… BlackBerry Bold 9700 only RM1199 and BlackBerry Curve 8520 RM459 only sigh… always there’s better deal. I’m still waiting for Apple iPhone4!

Garmin PC Fair Promotions
Garmin GPS deals or promotions.

PapaGO GPS deals
PapaGO GPS deals or promotions.

Western Digital HDD
Western Digital HDD

PC Fair Avira Girls
Then maybe there’s antivirus war by Kaspersky (Jakie Chan as spoke person) and Avira (more nurse compare to last fair?) and Norton 360 too?!

HWM PC Magazine PC Fair Promotion
HWM Magazine PC Fair Promotion with free gifts and purchase options.

PC.Com Magazine PC Fair Promotion
PC.Com Magazine PC Fair Promotion with free gifts packages. (Imation Digital Multimedia Link Pro player)

For those who’s going for KLCC PC Fair, please check the car park map. It’s very useful to plan your journey if not the best way is to take LRT but if you buying heavy and huge stuff better drive. Please car pool and safe the environment too! To avoid the jam, I suggest you to just take LRT straight go to KLCC station lo =)

Most importantly some ppl just go all the way there to check some of the tech updates but some go all the way there to see leng luis? ahah.

Or you looking for PC Fair job or part time as a promoter? You could easily earn up to RM100-200 per day, if you are female you could make a lot more if you become those model that holding laptop or etc.

Who will be there? This time I will not be going and will not post all the lengluis photo coz I have more important tasks waiting for me instead of this! haha…

MTV World Stage 2010 Malaysia – Wonder Girls & Katy Perry

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010 4,933 views

Last Saturday went to MTV World Stage 2010 at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach for Wonder Girls and Katy Perry. It was an awesome show if minus the rain + the technical problem and delay… Between each of the performances it took about 30 mins and it’s crazy!

MTV World Stage 2010 Malaysia @ Sunway Surf Beach

MTV World Stage 2010 Malaysia @ Sunway Surf Beach

MTV World Stage Rain Coat

MTV World Stage Rain Coat

Luckily I didn’t bring umbrella coz cannot pass the bouncer. Haha. You will be given 1 cheapskate rain coat but I like the design and if without this rain coat I think I will become wet chicken and fall sick the next day.

MTV World Stage 2010 - Long Queue

MTV World Stage 2010 - Long Queue

The queue to enter MTV World Stage was just too crazy! It queue all the way till Hotel Sun Inns and I was in the queue for more than 30 mins and leg also numb. The queue was just way too long and it could be better if not those slowness of the check point at the entrance.

MTV World Stage 2010 Malaysia @ Sunway Surf Beach

I was in the Sunway Surf Beach about 8pm and miss the Bunkface performance but I was there for Wonder Girls and Katy Perry only =p

Wonder Girls hardcore fans in Malaysia
There’s Wonder Girls hardcore fans in Malaysia!

Video of Wonder Girls (SunYe (선예), YeEun (예은), SoHee (소희),YuBin (유빈),HyeRim (혜림)) performing @ MTV World Stage 2010 at Sunway Surf Beach

They opened up their performance with I Wanna and Goodbye and also performed a rock version of their hit song 2 Different Tears as well as Nobody.

At 1st thought Wonder Girls just sang a few songs and left but yup they came back to the stage and sing their famous song “No body no body but you!” Damn nice k and sumore in the gold blink blink costume! =)

The Wonder GirlsNobody song still stay in my mind. “I wanna no body no body but you! *clap* *clap* and *finger pointing*”

Video of Tokio Hotel performing @ MTV World Stage 2010 at Sunway Surf Beach

Katy Perry fans in Malaysia
There’s Katy Perry fans in Malaysia too!

Video of Katy Perry performing @ MTV World Stage 2010 at Sunway Surf Beach

Katy Perry was in the mood to get a little tarty, too, debuting “Peacock” a bawdy little song from her upcoming Teenage Dream album that’s all about, well, check out the last four letters of the song title. “Cock”! Haha it’s a nice song, check out the video for the song that she claimed it was the very 1st time she perform on stage! wohoo..

Mobile Toilet
Mobile Toilet

DSLR - Zoom Lense
Check out the two bazooka there… Haha luckily I never bring my DSLR if not sure soak in the rain.

Dirty with rubbish
See the ugly Malaysian just left their rubbish on the floor after the show. *shake head*

Promise Me Pledge Fulfilled! =)

Monday, August 2nd, 2010 4,436 views

Finally after so much of hardwork in the Charity Car Wash and fund raising campaign, I got Mr Kau a brand new Ankle-foot orthoses (AFO)! He’s so happy when I met him last Saturday. I’m glad that I’m able to help someone too! Thanks to those who support in this fund raising campaign too.

Bernama TV Interview.


This is the AFO that I get for Mr Kau at HUKM, it’s RM325. The total fund that I raised was RM788 and the remaining money will handover to Mr Kau’s family so that they can make use the money to get other necessity that Mr Kau needs.

Check out how Mr Kau learned to use AFO to support him to move around. It’s used to provide support to weak or wasted limbs or to position a limb with tight, contracted muscles into a more normal position.

Promise Me - Mr Kau

Promise Me - Mr Kau

Promise Me - Mr Kau

Promise Me - Mr Kau

Promise Me - Mr Kau

Promise Me - Mr Kau

Mr Kau is so happy with the new AFO =)

Remember you may help someone in need to if you wish to!

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