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PIKOM PC Fair (II) Promotion @ KLCC

Yes, the 2nd PC Fair of the is here this weekend at KLCC. Have you check out the deals and hot promotions and promoters yet? Nowadays a lot of ppl go there is not for cheap or good gadgets deals but just to check out the promoters or show girls? Am I right? haha =p

Pikom PC Fair

I went to PC Fair since few years back till now I think got 10 years d, every time there’s PC Fair I will sure go and have a visit no matter I have anything in mind to purchase or not. This year I would like to get the WD 1TB external HDD as my HDD gonna out of space coz took too much photo la! I want to get GPS (Papago / Garmin) too preferably with RMVB and AV-in support! But till now I still haven’t go and grab the gadgets and hoping the price keep dropping and with better specs… lol.

But for me, I still like PC Fair in PWTC better, because the KLCC PC Fair really badly manage for the past few times, all one way straight and if you decide to go out or halfway, you can’t! That’s the main problem, besides jam, crowded, expensive food, expensive car parking fees etc. What to do??

Want to buy cheap laptop or netbook? cheap pc? cheap pen drive/thumb drive, external hard disk (HDD), dvd-r, dvd-rw, cd-r, ram, Broadband like Streamyx, UNIFI, IZZI, Maxis 3G Broadband, Digi 3G Broadband, Celcom 3G Broadband, P1 W1MAX with wiggy, HWM Magazine, PC.com, pc accessories, mouse, keyboard, speaker, camera, DSLR, GPS, Projector, GPS, iPhone, BlackBerry, HTC… etc and a lot’s more.

This year I think there’s still Broadband war as the Potong campaign and new 3G Broadband in the market, Digi 3G Turbo etc… What I don’t like is they will keep shouting and line up and like blocking the road… arghhh… I have broadband d k… but still they will ask you to subscribe etc…!

Digi Surf Smart RM28
Arghhh now subscribe to Digi Smart Plan is only RM28 but I subscribed it last 2 months with RM68… BlackBerry Bold 9700 only RM1199 and BlackBerry Curve 8520 RM459 only sigh… always there’s better deal. I’m still waiting for Apple iPhone4!

Garmin PC Fair Promotions
Garmin GPS deals or promotions.

PapaGO GPS deals
PapaGO GPS deals or promotions.

Western Digital HDD
Western Digital HDD

PC Fair Avira Girls
Then maybe there’s antivirus war by Kaspersky (Jakie Chan as spoke person) and Avira (more nurse compare to last fair?) and Norton 360 too?!

HWM PC Magazine PC Fair Promotion
HWM Magazine PC Fair Promotion with free gifts and purchase options.

PC.Com Magazine PC Fair Promotion
PC.Com Magazine PC Fair Promotion with free gifts packages. (Imation Digital Multimedia Link Pro player)

For those who’s going for KLCC PC Fair, please check the car park map. It’s very useful to plan your journey if not the best way is to take LRT but if you buying heavy and huge stuff better drive. Please car pool and safe the environment too! To avoid the jam, I suggest you to just take LRT straight go to KLCC station lo =)

Most importantly some ppl just go all the way there to check some of the tech updates but some go all the way there to see leng luis? ahah.

Or you looking for PC Fair job or part time as a promoter? You could easily earn up to RM100-200 per day, if you are female you could make a lot more if you become those model that holding laptop or etc.

Who will be there? This time I will not be going and will not post all the lengluis photo coz I have more important tasks waiting for me instead of this! haha…



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