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Pay TNB bill with ShopeePay to get up to RM8 Cashback

Sign up ShopeePay here to enjoy Cashback up to RM8 at POS Automated Machine (POS PAM)!

ShopeePay RM4 Cashback

All Shopee users who have activated their ShopeePay e-wallet on their Shopee mobile application are entitled to enjoy this special promotion which is limited to 2 redemptions per user.

Head on to your nearest POS Automated Machine (POS PAM) to enjoy RM4 x 2 Cashback cashback with ShopeePay today!

POS Automated Machine (POS PAM Machine)

Location: POS Automated Machine (POS PAM)

ShopeePay RM4 cashback at POS Automated Machine (POS PAM Machine)


  1. Go to the nearest POS Automated Machine(PAM)
  2. Select “Electricity” Bill
  3. Choose TNB
  4. Scan TNB barcode or enter account number manually,enter amount
  6. Scan your ShopeePay barcode (*Important the PAM did not recognise ShopeePay QR code, remember to switch to barcode!)
ShopeePay RM4 cashback by paying TNB bill at POS Automated Machine (POS PAM Machine)
ShopeePay RM4 cashback by paying TNB bill at POS Automated Machine (POS PAM Machine)

Promotion mechanics: With a minimum spend of Ringgit Malaysia Ten (RM10) on any bill payment in a single receipt, Participants are entitled to RM4 Cashback when they pay using the ShopeePay e-wallet.

ShopeePay RM4 Cashback for TNB Bill

Max capping per user: Each Participant is entitled to a maximum of RM8 Cashback during the Promotion period (i.e. only two transactions of at least RM10 on bill payment for the Cashback).

ShopeePay RM3 daily Cashback for TNB Bill at POS Automated Machine (POS PAM)

Daily Cashback per user: Besides the campaign, you are also entitled to the daily cashback at RM3 per day too! You can keep paying your bill daily to entitled for the RM3 daily with the min spend of RM15 per transaction!

Register Shopee & Activate ShopeePay now to enjoy the cashback!

What bill can you pay with ShopeePay @ POS Automated Machine (PAM)

Shopee Pay 即日起又有最新优惠啦!大家只要使用 Shopee Pay 缴纳 TNB 账单就可以获得额外 RM8 的现金回扣啦!


  1. 前往附近的 POS Automated Machine(PAM)
  2. 在 POS 的自主邮寄机器选择缴纳 “Electricity” 账单
  3. 选择 TNB
  4. 扫描 TNB 账单或是手写输入账号,输入缴纳金额
  6. 选择使用 Shopee Pay 进行付款 (*PAM无法识别ShopeePay的QR码,切记切换至条形码!)

*必须使用 Shopee Pay 缴付 TNB 账单
*只限 Pos Malaysia 的 PAM机器
*最低消费 RM10,可获 RM4 现金回扣
*每名用户将可享有两次优惠机会,一共可获得 RM8 的现金回扣!

POS Automated Machine - ShopeePay Cashback

Check the nearest POS Automated Machine from your location and start enjoying the ShopeePay Cashback now! https://www.pos.com.my/pos-outlet-finder

Other Method to Pay TNB Bill via e-Wallet:

Previously you can pay TNB bill via FoneApp and enjoy double dip! Topup via GrabPay e-Wallet to get GrabPay points + get FoneApp rebate coupon to pay TNB bill. However, now TNB bill payment is currently not available in FoneApp. You can signup FoneApp here.

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