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Lao Jiu Lou (老酒楼) @ Taman Bukit Desa

Lao Jiu Lou (老酒楼) or “Old Restaurant” at Taman Bukit Desa is the latest restaurant by Seiji Fujimoto after Sanuki Udon, Taishu Yakiniku BBQ (yakiniku) & Maruhi Sakaba (yakitori). Lao Jiu Lou (老酒楼) occupies a corner shop and is just a few shops away from Sanuki Udon.

Lao Jiu Lou (老酒楼) @ Taman Bukit Desa

Lao Jiu Lou (老酒楼) @ Taman Bukit Desa

Lao Jiu Lou (老酒楼) @ Taman Bukit Desa

The interior is kept simple and minimal with exposed red bricks wall, wooden tables and benches and decorated with red lanterns.

Lao Jiu Lou (老酒楼) @ Taman Bukit Desa

The simple one-page A4 size menu. Lao Jiu Lou serves fusion of Japanese and Chinese dishes. The price starts from RM8 onwards for mains which is very affordable.

Lao Jiu Lou (老酒楼) @ Taman Bukit Desa : Pork Gyoza

Pork Gyoza

Pork gyoza is juicy and flavorful, wrapped with soft dumpling skin delicious and served with shredded ginger & vinegar. Very appetizing!

Lao Jiu Lou (老酒楼) @ Taman Bukit Desa : Minced Pork Ramen

Minced Pork Ramen

Minced Pork Ramen is served with minced pork, siu bak choy and half a flavored egg. This dish certainly reminds me of Hakka mee. It’s a pretty simple but delicious dish.

Lao Jiu Lou (老酒楼) @ Taman Bukit Desa : Zaru Ramen

Zaru Ramen

Zaru ramen is a cold Japanese egg noodles dish served with wakame, wood ear fungus, cucumber, two slices of char siu and half a ajitsuke tamago (flavored egg).

Lao Jiu Lou (老酒楼) @ Taman Bukit Desa

Verdict: Lao Jiu Lou 老酒楼 serves delicious fusion Japanese-Chinese dishes from Yokohama. Nice and cosy environment with comfort food at an affordable price. Drop by if you’re around that area to try their delicious ramen 😉 BTW, they serve steamboat which is only available for dinner. So, if you’re not into ramen can probably try their steamboat which is priced at RM20/pax.

Lao Jiu Lou (老酒楼) @ Taman Bukit Desa

Address: 25, Jalan Bukit Desa 5, Taman Bukit Desa, Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours: Tues-Sun 11:30am-9:30pm; closed on Mondays



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