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Pangkor Island Festival 邦咯海島節

As the joint organizer of the Pangkor Island Festival 邦咯海島節, Astro presented an unprecedented music concert by the sea to conclude the 2-week long festival on the night of 15 September 2013. 13 local-bred artistes from Astro were belting out over 50 pop songs and folk tunes of local composition with enthusiasm, on the floating stage which was creatively built in the middle of the sea.

Pangkor Island Festival 邦咯海島節 ~ 赵洁莹、颜慧萍、赖淞凤、许艾文、陈雪芬、曾洁钰、黄毓敏、张诒博、刘界辉、盛天俊、黄立强、林长金以及周奕斌

Artistes lineup includes Peace Teo, Chen Keat Yoke, Nicole Lai, Jie Ying, Geraldine Gan, Ivyn Khor, Chanice Tan, Eng Yee Min, Juztin Lan, Jordan Sen, Licus Wong, Kim Lim and Brian Chew.

Pangkor Island Festival 邦咯海島節 ~ Peace Teo, Chen Keat Yoke, Nicole Lai, Jie Ying, Geraldine Gan, Ivyn Khor, Chanice Tan, Eng Yee Min, Juztin Lan, Jordan Sen, Licus Wong, Kim Lim and Brian Chew

为期 14 天的邦咯海岛节于 15 日闭幕,Astro 压轴接力呈献精彩节目,号召 13 位 Astro 本地圈歌手赵洁莹、颜慧萍、赖淞凤、许艾文、陈雪芬、曾洁钰、黄毓敏、张诒博、刘界辉、盛天俊、黄立强、林长金以及周奕斌,为邦咯海岛节惊喜打造海上舞台音乐会 《用马来西亚的天气来说爱你》,接力带来 56 首大家耳熟能详的大马原创曲,沙滩 5 千人 K 趴,无比热闹!

Pangkor Island Festival 邦咯海島節

Astro’s Vice President of Chinese customer business said, “Astro has always been committed to supporting the local creative industry. Our collaboration with A Pangkor Hill to make this festival a success, will further deepen our beliefs to continuously support and promote arts and cultural events with community relevance. We will certainly make a comeback bigger next year.”

Pangkor Island Festival 邦咯海島節 - Floating Stage

Pangkor Island Festival 邦咯海島節 Floating Stage! This is first of it’s kind and hopefully we can see more creative like this is the future.

Pangkor Island Festival 邦咯海島節

Pangkor Island Festivel 邦咯海島節 ~ 趙潔瑩 + 赵洁莹 – 為愛出發 + BFF

Pangkor Island Festival 邦咯海島節 ~ 双人相梦 (年少之岛)/黄毓敏 + 颜慧萍


桃花朵朵开 + 对面的女孩看过来 + 浪花一朵朵 (阿牛) /大合唱


天后 (华粤版)+ 势在必行 (陈势安)/张诒博 + 刘界辉
完全因你 (彭羚)/许艾文
勇气 + 崇拜(梁静茹)/黄毓敏 + 陈雪芬
不拖不欠 (郑秀文)/曾洁钰
童话(光良)+ 爱笑的眼睛(林俊杰)+ 内伤(林健辉)/盛天俊 + 黄立强 + 林长金
寂寞先生 (曹格)/赖淞凤
你要的爱 (戴佩妮)+ 我爱他 (丁当)/颜慧萍 + 赵洁莹


New Chapter (中英版)/颜慧萍
爱我的人 收/赖淞凤
为爱出发 + BFF/颜慧萍 + 赵洁莹


Bukan Cinta Biasa (Siti Nurhaliza)/颜慧萍
Gemilang (Jacklyn Victor)/赖淞凤 + 许艾文
双人相梦 (年少之岛)/黄毓敏 + 颜慧萍


至冧情歌 (阿牛)+爱情不能作比较(BABY)/刘界辉 + 赵洁莹 + 曾洁钰
纯文艺恋爱 /张诒博
一人一半 (伍家辉)/曾洁钰 + 赖淞凤
小薇 (阿弟)/黄毓敏 + 陈雪芬
路边的野花不要采+南海姑娘/盛天俊 + 黄立强 + 林长金
城市蓝天 (阿牛)/赖淞凤 + 颜慧萍 +黄毓敏


掌心 (光良品冠)/黄立强 + 林长金
英格婆连也 (黄一飞)/周奕斌 + 黄毓敏 + 陈雪芬




童年颂 (山脚下男孩)/大合唱
裙摆摇摇 (李心洁)/女歌手
七天追到你 (林宇中)/男歌手
手圈手 + 在这里 /大合唱

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