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Z-Parc X'mas Dinner

X'mas Dinner

We had our Z-Parc early X’mas Dinner @ Yuen’s Steamboat @ 20 December 2007 because most of us could make it, so we have to scarify some of the members who can’t make it on the day. We had fun, we had laughter and some guy mission’s accomplished. Congrats. Like Chin Joo and Pon, introduce us their gf. Ahaha not bad, Pon’s lucky to get a gf who is almost same height with him and Chin Joo’s gf also not bad, good jOb ah!

X'mas Dinner

Yuen's Buffet Steamboat Chicken Wing
The famous Yuen’s Steamboat Buffet Chicken Wings that can make people get crazy…

Chin Joo & GF
Chin Joo & GF

Pon & GF
Pon & GF

Soon King & GF
Soon King & GF

Jit Wei
Look at Mr Jit!


Again went to Yuen’s Steamboat this year, we went there during our last gathering too. But overall the food there’s ok and cheap. That’s the main point. =p

X'mas Dinner
Look at what Kevin Wan doing ?!?

X'mas Dinner

Collect Money
Which only cost us RM20++



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