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RM800,000 for WWW1 plates! Will you bid for WWW Car Number Plate? How to bid number with JPJ?

Updates on WWW bidding list and price!

WWW biding price list update

WWW 1 goes to Johor VVIP in a record bid of RM520,000

KUALA LUMPUR: A prominent VVIP from Johor is the proud owner of the much-sought-after vehicle registration number plate WWW 1.

A car enthusiast, the VVIP was the successful bidder who apparently paid RM520,000 for the coveted number.

That amount has now set a new record as the most expensive number plate to be sold in Malaysia.

Sources said the Road Transport Department was expected to inform the VVIP of his successful bid today.

The well-known personality has a collection of antique and latest car models.

All his vehicles are well-maintained and he has been seen driving them all around the state.

On Thursday, Transport Minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha announced that WWW 1 had set an all-time high bid.

The number surpassed the record set by “MCA 1” in 2010 sold for RM300,100.

The bidding for the highly-coveted vehicle registration prefix started on April 30 and ended on May 14.

During the period, thousands thronged the three Kuala Lumpur JPJ branches to place their bids for the “WWW” prefix, which is the acronym for “World Wide Web”.

Source : TheStar

OMG! RM800k just for bidding a car number plate? WWW1 is that so special? I got my number plate 2 years with only RM350 if I remember correctly. In 2009 there’s an announcement that there’s personalized car number plate soon, but till now still not implemented??

Someone spotted this car with the car number plate WTF 1 “What The F*ck?” Haha. Interesting number plate to get.

WTF1 Car Number Plate

Check out this WTF 1 Car Plate Number at a Nnissan Skyline GTR according to Zerotohundred forum, it’s worth RM86k for that number plate!

Another interesting Plate will be PEN 15 = PENIS or TAH 1 = TAHI or WVO 15 in a VIOS car! You can check the current running number in JPJ Web Portal.

There’s actually a few procedure to get good number but the cheap way or the backdoor way!

Tips on how to get your own Car Registration Plate Number

1) Don’t need to get any runner to settle the number for you but DO-IT-YOURSELF (DIY)!

2) Select at least 10 combinations of numbers that you are looking for because if you just have 1 number of your choice it would be most probably not available and you need to waste your time to choose again.

3) Check on the bidding board that those number are not in the bidding list so you will have your higher chances of getting the number you want!

4) Wear formal wear or smart casual but no shorts (wore short and they will not entertain you) and head to the “pengarah office” (find your way there and the office is right behind) tell them you want this number and they will be able to check for you. Let’s say the current the running letter is WWT, you could actually start placing your order for WWU as long as those numbers are not in the biddding list.

5) Alternative you could buy those older number that was in the bidding list but the owner didn’t take the number you have chances to get those nice number with cheaper price too! 🙂

6) Pay money and get your slip and done!

RM80,000 for WWW1 plates! Will you bid for WWW Car Number Plate?


雪隆一带使用W开头的车牌,在轮到WWW时,出现了前所未有的竞标热潮。WWW车牌是从4月30日开始开放竞标,至今天中午,陆路交通局已接获1万4131人参与WWW车牌的竞标。其中最热门的WWW 1号车牌竞标价,预计高达80万令吉,料将创下大马有史以来最贵车牌的记录!

在之前,大马最贵的车牌是象徵马华英文缩写的MCA 1号车牌,当年竞标者以30万100令吉标下,若WWW 1号车牌竞标者成功以80万令吉标下的话,将打破国内记录。


Mad last-minute rush to bid for WWW plates

KUALA LUMPUR: Some pleaded, others cajoled the Road Transport Department (JPJ) employees in a bid to have their very last-minute applications for the “WWW” registration numbers accepted.

Despite having two weeks to submit their bids, many still waited until the last day and rushed to JPJ branches yesterday to submit their bids.

Some pleaded with JPJ officers to accept their bids after the bidding closed at noon yesterday.

At the Wangsa Maju branch, many had started to queue up at the entrance even before it opened at 7.45am.

“I took the day off from work to be here,” said marketing executive Tan Sie Yie, 40, who placed bids for three numbers.

Tan said she was bidding for the “WWW” prefix as she believed it would bring prosperity and good luck.

She said one of her bids was for RM3,000 but declined to reveal the other two.

Kuala Lumpur JPJ director Mohd Nadzri Osman said they had prepared for the final rush by allowing bidders for “WWW” to go straight to the three dedicated counters without having to take numbers.

By 10am, the three counters had been increased to five.

Businessman Khairul Azuad, 34, said he decided to bid as it was a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity.

“It is a very attractive number so I am just going to try my luck,” he said, adding that he had been at the office by 8am as he had anticipated the rush.

When asked why he waited until the last day, he said: “I guess I’m a typical Malaysian.”

Just two minutes before the deadline, a man was seen rushing to the counter with 10 envelopes.

JPJ officers scrambled to register the bids, managing to accept four of the 10 bids before noon.

Mohd Nadzri had earlier predicted that the “WWW” series could attract a bid as high as RM500,000.

Transport Minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha had said that “WWW” received the highest number of bids ever recorded by the JPJ, far surpassing the previous record – for “WVW” at 4,750 bids.

The “WWW” series is popular because the surname Wong or Wang rhymes with “prosperity” and “emperor” in Chinese.

The results will be announced on May 24.

Source : TheStar



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