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Review on T Music Festival @ Blackout and On Fire @ National Stadium Bukit Jalil

Thanks Nuffnang for the tickets and it was indeed a T. Music Festival!?!

T Music Festival @ National Stadium Bukit Jalil

The concert started at 7pm but it was stated by all the local or not so famous artists and went smoothly until around 10.30pm, then suddenly one of the cable caught on fire and blackout. I was shouting “Foh Zok AHHhHh!!! Fai Di Hui Gao Foh!” (快d去救火啊!) to the Rela ppl standing at the stairs but he did not heard it and till mins later all the work crews and Rela members all rush to the scene. I saw some of the crew use water, apalah later sot circuit la, should use fire extinguisher mah.

T Music Festival @ Blackout and On Fire @ National Stadium Bukit Jalil

Is just like a scene in Final Destination 4 where the incident happened in the race track but this happened in stadium. We faster run to one side scare that it might explode or so. But luckily not!?! Some ppl even shouting for refund…

Finally they managed to out off the fire and try to change the cables and all. It took about 30mins+ to get the things done and leave all the crowds in darkness. Luckily the emcee of the night, MyFM DJ Nicholas and Mei Yan and another HK emcee use hailer to control the crowd and asked the artist to sing use the hailer and the audiences follow to sing along. It’s an experience that you properly will not get to experience in your life time. It’s really nice feeling.

Maybe the fire is just like candle for them to blow for Galaxy 15th birthday!

Video Captured by joshuaongys, I was too scare and run one side d, ahah he still can shooting over there. So how can organisers denied this and said the power failure was caused by a fuse problem? Weird thing is that Chinese Daily did mention that it’s small fire “小火災”?

I have a lot of videos clips recorded from Power Station 動力火車、李聖傑、David Tao 陶喆, 海鳴威 《我的回憶不是我的》, Justin 側田, Chin, James, Manhand, Soler, etc. Still need to process so stay tuned.

Outage fails to dampen show

KUALA LUMPUR: A power failure at the five-hour music marathon concert T Music Festival saw some of the performers coming up with impromptu ways to calm the audience down.

During the half-hour blackout on Saturday night, singers such as Z-Chen, Khalil Fong, Kay Tse and David Tao came onstage to interact with the audience.

Besides that, some singers even sang a cappella-style, much to the delight of the audience at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium.

Crowd pleaser: Hong Kong singer Justin Lo being flanked by dancers as he performed at the T Music Festival at Bukit Jalil on Saturday night.

While some fans claimed that they saw a fire during the power failure, a spokesman of the organisers denied this and said the power failure was caused by a fuse problem.

The massive crowd continued to enjoy performances when power was finally restored.

There were about 20 singers from Asian countries such as Taiwan, China, Thailand, Singapore , Malaysia and Hong Kong.

The concert line-up included Khalil Fong, Kay Tse, Justin Lo, Soler, Joey Yung, and Kenny Kwan from Hong Kong; David Tao, Power Station and Sam Lee from Taiwan; Jade Liu and Ocean from China; and James Chin from Thailand.

Bringing the Malaysian flavour to the show were local songbirds Z-Chen, Eric Lim, Manhand, Andrew Tan, Kay and Rickman.

Local singer Andrew Tan kicked-started the marathon-style show but it was Macau duo Soler that got the crowd rocking.

In all, more than 73 songs were performed.

The show ended with a performance from Hong Kong popular songstress Joey Yung.

Source : TheStar


(吉隆坡13日訊)《T Music Festival》音樂節昨晚7時準時開唱,可是途中因電路發生故障,導致舞台旁的休息室發生小火災及停電,所幸工作人員及時維修,才不至於發生悲劇。這起意外事故,讓演唱會一度中斷半小時。

T Music Festival







待Chin繼續演唱後,原以為演唱會一切順利舉行。這回,卻輪到大馬歌手張智成的伴唱帶跳針,導致他無法順利演唱《快樂》以及《愛來得剛好》。無可奈何下,他清唱《I Will Always Love You》當做補償。他表示:「出道10年,總是被考驗,這些問題是難不倒愛唱歌的歌手們。」最後,在大合唱的協助下,他完成了《凌晨3點鐘》及《迷魂陣》。


Source : Galaxy



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