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Nuffnang Bloggers Nite Out With Digi @ Friendster Cafe – Introducing Windows Live Messenger (MSN)

I was invited to this Nuffnang Nite Out With Digi @ Friendster Cafe last Saturday for the introduction of MSN. It was drizzling on that day but luckily I stay near by and familiar with that place and been to Friendster Cafe for few times. =)

Friendster Cafe

Some ppl thought this Friendster Cafe is actually own by friendster.com an online social networking site and make fun of it telling that if you show them your friendster user account and you will actually get 20% discount. LOL.


Before the event start, the emcee Jonathan, Robb from Nuffnang, Cecilia from Digi were having discussion on how to run the event in a successful manner.


Lucky Number

After that, all the bloggers chit chatting there and camwhore there while waiting for 7pm for the registration. After the registration, we were given a T-Shirt each and a lucky number which did not bring me any luck. Haha.

MSN Virtual Board

MSN Virtual Board

Before the event started, we need to sign in to the virtual MSN board prepared by Digi, I must say it’s a creative way to push MSN. A lot of funny funny nick and status and personal message was written to the board.

MSN virtual board

MSN Status

Gathering place

Sneak preview of the MSN launch by Digi

This is the small private area for the event that night for the MSN sneak preview.

Emecee Jonathan

Emcee of the day, Jonathan. He is good and he did bring up the atmosphere of the event and he joked all the way.


Free flow of beer

There’s plenty of nice food and free flow of beer too! Yummy yummy. *Saliva drop*

Digi IM Introduction

Digi IM Introduction by Digi personnel.

During the event it was flashing all the night.







There were some demos going on and we were given a phone to test out the MSN function with the moderator which hiding in a corner with a laptop. =)

MSN Demo

MSN Demo

See one person vs so many ppl and it was projected to the screen to how it works live!

In between we had lucky draw too. Not so attractive prizes? Haha… everyone was hoping and eying for the PSP but was told it’s not for lucky draw.

Lucky draw prizes

There were some quiz and contest going on…

Hands up!

Hands up and you get one chance to answer the question being asked by the emcee. So many ppl want the prizes.


1. Hands up
2. Answer
3. Get the prize.

I answered one of the question and got myself a Logitech ClearChat Premium PC Headset, it worth about RM55+- from what I check but not sure now still worth that much. =p

Logitech ClearChat Premium PC

1st contest was to make emoticon live! Some ppl make fun of the other thought. Haha…

Group 1



Kim Ong
Kim with bracelets

The winner

Group 2


The winner

Group 3

Kate in action… funny. =p

Zoe in action… =)


The last was give Digi MSN brochure as the consolation prize. Haha… at least give something nicer ma.

After that, there’s a contest between angel and devil. “Angel vs Devil, they have to debate thru MSN. Topic : can a guy and girl be best friends after breaking up?

Angel vs Devil

Angel vs Devil

Emcee picked two contestant…

Angel vs Devil



Angel vs Devil



In the end…

Emcee read up

The conversation between angel and devil was projected on the the screen and both of them have their own supporters.



Angel vs Devil

In the end two also appeared as winner.

It’s lucky draw time! The most awaited moment…

Lucky draw

Lucky draw

Lucky draw

Lucky draw

Lucky draw

Lucky draw
This is the reaction when you get cap as the lucky draw. =)

Then they have Flash Mob on the next day itself at Bukit Bintang area, I did give my contact number so that they can sms me the info. I got the sms early in the morning where I still in my dream, in the end I did not turn up.

The sms hint that I received…

DIGI MSN Flash Mob Bukit Bintang. Meeting point Food Court located in between KL Plaza and Jalan Imbi Hong Leong Bank look out for our Emoticons T-shirt fellow c u there 😉 11am – 9pm

They showed us this funny ads. I have to say that Digi always come out with funny and creative ads and most successful ads. =)

Digi MSN

After the event, I immediately try with my Nokia 6670 but not avail and come to disappointment it doesn’t support my phone. =(

Phone not compatible

I’m a Digi loyal customer and been using Digi since form 3 till now guess it’s been 10years+ or so and Digi never fail me. Always come out with innovative services and plans. I’m waiting to be one of the happy user of this new MSN service by Digi + Microsoft!

MSN with Digi

So what are you waiting for? Take out your handphone and send MSN to 2016 and follow the instructions to start MSN all the way for a free two months trial. There after you only need to pay a nominal flat rate of RM3 per month with no additional charges (e.g. GPRS, EDGE or 3G) after the free trial period. For more info log on to : http://www.digi.com.my/msn

MSN with Digi step by step instructions

Click to view larger instruction on how to activate MSN on your compatible phone with Digi.

MSN with Digi all the way… anytime… anywhere. how cool is it? =)



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    hahaha joking..it was somewhat a nice event 😀

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    • Hey Nigel, thanks man! =) Congrats to u too on wining the Lappie, lagi good kan? hehe.

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  2. wh t700 cant use the msn de

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