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Beware of the road Jalan Universiti (along Jaya One and Sin Chew Daily to SS2)

One and half hour ago I came back from Cheras after my Stage Duty for Rainbow Junior Choir, from Federal Highway I turned into Jalan Universiti to get back to Petaling Jaya as I’m staying in Taman SEA.

I was a night mare then. The Jalan Universiti road was bumpy and have pot hole along the way all these time but today I striked the sharp and big pothole which caused my car tyre rim dented. At 1st I thought my tyre was burst and I pulled over to check and I found 4 of my tyres were still in good condition and I have no idea what’s went wrong with my car as I drove there’s a weird sound, so I suspected my car rim dented and I changed the front driver tyre and it’s for real that it was dented.

When I was changing tyre that time, 3 Malay came by and asked if I need any help and told me they stay opposite and they told me I’m actually the 16th victims today itself. Wow. Can you believe it?! It’s actually so many cases happened today and no one bother to fix the road? Then came by another car pulled over behind me and came to my knowledge, they were the next victim after me which made them the 17th.

I’m actually very angry and why no ppl bother to fix it or complain it? I need to spend at least another hundred for my rim and will the local council compensate me? Imagine that time I was driving only at 40-50km/j and it’s actually very slow because of the bumpy road but still the pothole able to cause so big impact and what if motorcyclists hit it? It could cost them their life. I really hope the local council will take it seriously.

What a day… To all my friends and reader, please avoid that road and if really no choice then don’t use the right lane. Keep on the left lane and drive extra slow.

Jalan Universiti
Jalan Universiti.

Damage Caused by Jalan Universiti
Damage caused by Jalan Universiti



Author: Saimatkong

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  1. Damn, that sucks.

    However, duly noted.

    Thanks for the PSA.

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  2. thanks for the info

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  3. Today (26/4) at evening there’s a huge hole at the place you’re talking about. 3 cars fell into this hole. Not sure about casualties though, but hopefully there aren’t any… good thing it didn’t happen to me today, it did just a few hours later! lol!!

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    • I tot the road was better? hmm… any photo? how come u know about it? u staying around there?

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