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Samsung Galaxy Note is in Malaysia!

What’s “Samsung Galaxy Note”?

Samsung Galaxy Note is a new type of smartphone, borne of insight and innovation. It is the ultimate on-the-go device which consolidates core benefits of diverse mobile devices while maintaining smartphone portability. It empowers you with everything you can ever desire so that you can simply, feel free. It is truly smart.

Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung’s new GT-N7000 Galaxy Note is the handset that many people dream of with obnoxiously large smartphones. It’s as thin as a Galaxy S II, running Android 2.3.5 (Gingerbread) powered by a 1.4GHz dual-core Samsung Exynos processor and its 5.3-inch HD Super AMOLED display is as gorgeous as it is enormous.

Samsung Galaxy Note Resolution

The 1280 x 800 pixels screen resolution you once could only get with a full-size laptop (or in the Galaxy Tab 10.1) can now slide comfortably into your front pocket, that’s Samsung Galaxy Note. With support for 21Mbps HSPA+ (850, 900, 1900, 2100Mhz), LTE, EDGE and GPRS (850, 900, 1800, 1900MHz), the Note is first and foremost a mobile phone!

Consumer research indicates that people always want to do more tasks much better, even on the go, whether it is web browsing, email, games, or viewing photos and videos.

Samsung Galaxy Note

To do all this, consumers carry multiple devices, because each device has unique benefits that work best in a particular situation. Therefore, consumers constantly switch devices to use the right device at the right time.

Samsung Galaxy Note

Even for consumers with multiple smart devices, they still carry around a notepad for writing down ideas.

Samsung Galaxy Note

There is an emerging desire for a primary device for on-the-go use that could consolidate the core tasks of multiple devices as well as recreate the ease and simplicity of using a pen and paper.

Samsung Galaxy Note

The GALAXY Note was created to reflect your desires. The Galaxy Note is a primary device that will minimize the need to switch to other devices while on the go and open up the potential of your mobile experience.

Samsung Galaxy Note jumbo display makes it the perfect candidate for a notepad replacement and, with the included S Pen stylus, you’ll have no problem jotting notes on the fly, marking up screenshots or signing documents electronically.

Samsung Galaxy Note : S Pen Stylus

Don’t call it a stylus! Samsung prefers S Pen and, with features that you won’t find on just any plastic poker, it might even deserve the distinction. It’s able to tap and hold to capture an instant screenshot, which is then immediately opened up in an image editor and do wonders!

Samsung Galaxy Note - S Pen Stylus

The S Pen is combined with the full touch screen to create a best-in-class mobile input experience. It is the most advanced pen input technology featuring an array of functions including pressure sensitivity, preciseness, speed and more. With the S Pen, you can easily sketch drawings or write notes with increased accuracy and ease. Also, the S Pen functionality is deeply integrated into the GALAXY Note’s native applications to provide a richer interactive experience.

It’s really a useful tool for me to copy notes and replace all my physical notebook and pen and environmentally friendly too! =)

S Memo : S Pen optimized advanced memo

Samsung Galaxy Note : S Memo

The S Memo lets you record all forms of ideas instantly and freely. A quick memo can be taken from any screen to capture your ideas before they float away. Those ideas along with pictures, voice recordings, typed text, handwritten notes or drawings can be captured into S Memo, to be edited, annotated and shared as desired.

I don’t need to carry my 555 note book and just a Samsung Galaxy Note will do!

Advanced 8MP camera

Samsung Galaxy Note : Advanced 8MP camera

I love to take photo and with the powerful camera feature, I capture the world’s every moment in deep detail. Also, using the vivid and large display, anyone can easily review photos and show them to my friends in a huge screen! So don’t need to bring bulky DSLR everywhere you go and can take awesomely good photo!

Conclusion / Summary of Samsung Galaxy Note

The huge size of the Galaxy Note is the main reason to buy it. Till now, no other smartphone has such a big, beautiful screen. However, the size also creates a number of issues, short battery life and sheer unwieldiness being chief among them. If you can live with these drawbacks, you’ll find that this is one of the most powerful Android smart phones around, tackling apps and media with aplomb.

Samsung Galaxy Note will be available in Malaysia stores from 11 November onwards. If you want to grab one do go and check it out!



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  1. You definitely can do more with 5.3 inch big screen, no need for scrolling, panning, zooming so often. Its definitely an exciting addition to the already competitive smartphone and tablet market.

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    • Yes 5.3 inch big screen just awesome!

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