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NAZA KIA Forte Keyless Entry / Remote Review & Feedback

Have you test drive this Korean Kia Forte? If not pls head to your nearest Naza or KIA Motor showroom now before you even say that, “KIA wor… Why buy KIA?” “KIA good meh?” “KIA got resell value meh?” “KIA spare part expensive right?” etc…

For me I think this New NAZA KIA Forte will change entire perception about Korean car, hence next time you will not see ppl mention any sentence above. I personally think that it’s like Samsung where ppl will not buy or even thing for their appliances compared to Japanese brand like Sony or Panasonic etc, but now what you think about Samsung? Is the similar case.

For the spare part I think it should not be a problem as this NAZA KIA Forte will be CKD soon instead of CBU, so those spare part will be localize and furthermore it’s selling like hot cake and got positive review from Singapore and the price of this Forte is increasing in Singapore.

NAZA KIA Forte Remote
NAZA KIA Keyless Remote

Keyless entry button
Keyless entry button, you need to press the button with the keyless remote in your pocket near you!

Keyless remote key

There’s actually a key in this remote, check it out and this key is for emergency case like your remote is out of battery so you can’t enter the car, so you need to use the key to open your High tech NAZA KIA Forte, then use the charging dock to charge it before you start the engine! Coz you need batt in the remote for you to start your car too, if not it will not able to detect your remote key!

Push Start Button
Push start button and the charging dock for the keyless remote.

There’s a safety feature implemented too, if you forget to take the remote out / leave your remote in the car, it will not allow you to lock your car! It’s a smart car don’t you think? Haha.

Go book your All New NAZA KIA Forte now for the CBU before it’s too late and regret getting CKD! If you are considering, pls consider higher specs of 1.6 which is 1.6SX or 2.0SX, don’t ever think about saving your money and get the lower specs 1.6EX which the interior is bad plasticky look / feel, no Air bags, not reverse assist, not 17″ alloy rim, no push start, no this and that… Haha. Go to try out yourself and now tell me is this worth or not compared to those Japanese car like Honda City, Toyota VIOS which is only in B Segment where else this NAZA KIA Forte is in C Segment!

If you want to wait, there will be 4 model releasing next year from KIA. One of them might be KIA Forte Koup and KIA K7 (very ying car but not cheap la…)



Author: Saimatkong

This blog is a platform to share what I love in life: food (eat), travel (play), photography (art) and life (thoughts and ideas). With passion for food, I share my foodie adventures and indulgences here. “There is no love sincerer than the love of food.”

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  1. Aiyoh … for goodness sakes .. It’s a Kia …

    Would you buy a Samsung LCD/Plasma? Compared to Panasonic or Sony … I don’t think so. The people’s perception is still there one … and that’s the toughest thing to change.

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    • ahah why not? so many ppl buying Samsung LCD/Plasma and fridge or air cond now…

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  2. Nothing wrong with Samsung ah. I’m using Samsung phone also. Samsung LCD/LED HD TV is also one of the leading brand here. It’s even more expensive than Panasonic wtf. My first choice will be Samsung LCD TV if not for their more expensive price than Panasonic.

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  3. Geng wor…
    Hahaha, need to go their outlet to see liao…

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  4. ahaha for those saying ppl only buy sony LCD instead of samsung, you need to know tht samsung is the one that supply the LCD screen to SONY.

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  5. Good one saimatkong!! – love at 1st sight after seeing the car… in M’sia.

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  6. hahahah… Soo Kah Kionggg pleaselah….. Be realistic looo. Now days most of the components in ur Sony brand are made of Samsung parts and even Haier. Go ask the dealer loh….

    My Sony TV LCD alst for 2years only. The power board kaput.. cost Rm1000.

    Bought LG LCD, much much more better than sony…

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  7. Kia doesn’t offer this keyless ignition in canada. How would i get my hands on these parts from kia, so i could install myself?

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  8. sorry, mind to tell me what is b-segment and c-segment ?? thanks.

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  9. so excited with this Kia Forte….
    The success of Kia is not happened in 1 day. The hardwork and strategic planning have contributed a lot…and make them the 5th largest car manufacturer in the world….
    Don’t hesitate, take a look of Kia Forte today and book for it or else you will be too late. The price will surely increased soon ( RM 6000 in Malaysia) according to the Sales person

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  10. I am about to walk into Kia Singapore showroom to book a 1.6 SX(A)forte. As far as I know from http://www.sgcarmart.com, none of the Forte SX (A) model has this keyless entry feature. Wondering if this is an add-on feature, available in Singapore, when ordering the car and how much it will cost?

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  11. hi guys, i would like to seek you guys advise on kia forte comaprison to Honda city. im in the verge off getting a new car, initially was honda city but after the introduction of forte make me wanna think twice about my choice.

    can you advise me on the care performance and pretrol concumption between this 2 cars? and im abit worry with the electronic starter wil cost alot problemin the future.

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    • hi hong, depending on your needs. Brand or Specs but the fc is depending on how you drive and your style of driving. some getting 10+- L / 100km but I can get 6.3 or average 7.X L / 100km

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  12. hi samatkong.

    saw this car on exhibition the other day and the salesman said the fuel consumption is about RM15/100KM.

    Isn’t that kinda high?

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    • RM15 / RM1.8 so = 8.333L
      8.333L / 100KM it’s around the FC most ppl getting. I can get 6.6L sometimes using highway. depend on ur driving style and it’s not too high.

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  13. adoi saimatkong…ur 2nd last paragraph really hurt EX owner lor..

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  14. I am considering either Kia Forte or Honda City. Can anyone confirm whether all the specs/accessories provided above actually comes with the OTR price or must add-on?

    I don’t know anything about these 2 cars other than they look damn nice so some advice would be helpful.

    What is the waiting list like?
    Can anyone tell me what the hire purchase interest is now?

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    • yes OTR. They are both different segment car, Forte is C segment which mean bigger =)
      waiting list will be 3-4months i guess. check with the branch. if you do not have a sales person then I can intro you.

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  15. the current hp interest is 3.85
    saimatkong, pls introduce me the sales person. where is him?

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  16. Thanks for the info, guys. Wow, waiting list is 3-4 months? Honda City is 6 months. Friends are now advising me against getting a Kia, they said no resale value. What’s your opinion?
    But if I compare the City to the Forte, the Forte has better specs and accessories right?
    Ray, does the HP interest of 3.85% apply to all banks? Quite high eh? I was under the impression that it was only 3%…hehehe

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    • actually if you go to some branch there’s ready stock u just need to search for it, or u want me to give u some contact? obviously if you ask me Forte is the best out of all and value for money. no?

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  17. Yes, the Forte is definitely value for money compared to Honda. Though that’s the case, I’m still concerned about Kia’s resale value as I’ve never owned a Kia before. I guess most people would go for Honda cos of the established brand.
    Please give me the contact of the Kia branches, I’ll call them once I make my decision. Thanks!

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  18. Just got car. Stated as CKD but it is almost CBU..tyres, stickers etc. Now, I like to get a bodykit. Anyone can inform where to get a cheap Singapore bodykit in KL?

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    • hey fortelady, join us in myforteclub.com or fb or lyn to discuss as there’s a lot of different sources.

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  19. love this car, can’t wait to have a look at showroom later

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  20. Last 2 weeks I went to nazakia showroom at Batu 1 Jalan Kapar and the sales agent told me that now 2.6% interest rate for forte

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