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New Maybank2u Website M2U 2.0 : all-new, all-you maybank2u.com

Try out New Maybank2u.com 2.0, Discover an all-new, all-you internet banking experience.

Like a number of other Malaysian bloggers, I was invited to witness and experience the private launch of the new Maybank2u website dubbed Maybank2u 2.0. But I was not able to make it as I was in ShenZhen and Hong Kong, China for my company trip. Too bad I could not join. I was surprised to receive the email too, at 1st I thought it was spam or someone not authorized because that time I did not hear about new Maybank2u.com, Email Subject : Invitation to a sneak peak of the new Maybank2u (M2U 2.0).

The current Maybank2u.com site which has made its presence since year 2001 will soon be replaced with a new web 2.0 version. Watch the M2U Feature Tour video to get an overview of the new features, check out Viewing your Account Summary to learn how to check your accounts and transactions or Bill payments made easy in M2U to find out how to pay bills.

Old Maybank2u.com (Yesterday, 15 October 2008 will be the last day you seeing this old layout which severed for all these years)
Old Maybank2u.com Layout


New Maybank2u.com M2U 2.0 (New M2U 2.0 starting today, 16 October 2008)

New Maybank2u Website M2U 2.0 : all-new, all-you maybank2u.com

5 things you probably didn’t know about the all-new, all-you Maybank2u

While we were interviewing people about what they thought about M2U, we discovered a lot of interesting facts, some of which surprised us but most of which confirmed that we were on to a good thing. Here are 5 facts about M2U that we thought would be cool to share:

1. M2U is the biggest Malaysian bank on the Internet

M2U is Malaysia’s first and leading internet banking portal, since we first launched in 2000. If you’re really into numbers, you’ll be interested to know that:

* M2U has nearly a million active users.
* There are 600 payee corporations for you to choose from to pay your bills.
* We process about 25 million transactions worth 3 billion ringgit a month.

2. M2U is designed for the user

We set out to remake our website as a true consumer banking portal. To make M2U as user-oriented as possible, we asked 125 people over a period of 3 months what they thought of our website and how we could improve our internet banking service.

We really wanted to know what people liked, what people hated and what we could do to make M2U more about you and the things you care about. So, yes, we did our homework.

3. M2U is meaner and leaner

We literally trimmed the fat. With our new design, we reduced our website’s content by 50%. We threw away all the pages that didn’t make sense, cut out the processes that didn’t work and reorganized M2U to work faster and better than ever before.

4. M2U is easier and smarter

In recreating our new website, M2U along with our web agency AGENDA catalogued all 3,000+ pages on M2U. That’s a lot of pages!

Next, we ran usability tests and reorganised our content into groups to make navigating and using the features of M2U more natural and intuitive. AGENDA designed page templates specifically for the different types of content across the portal, which more effectively highlighted the site content and assisted users in learning about Maybank’s products, finding a product or to make transactions.

Together, these improvements make it easier for people to find information and use M2U.

5. M2U is future-friendly

M2U was made to last. We upgraded our technology using modern code on a next-generation platform; it’s more stable, more scalable and introduces new Web 2.0-style features.

With a new mindset, modern website templates, better content management and streamlined internal processes, M2U now paves the way for richer interactive content, online support and even mobile banking in the future.

Stay tuned for more innovations from M2U!

more details

Maybank Windows Live Agent M

Maybank Windows Live Agent M

Maybank has a Windows Live Agent called Agent M, to bring up the customer relationship channels to a new level. I added long time ago when I first saw it in TheStar Newspaper. Maybank Windows Live Agent – [email protected]

If you’re using Windows Live Messenger, you can add the Agent M – [email protected]. Once you added, you can start posting your questions related to Maybank banking to Agent M, and the Agent will give you AI answer. Obviously it’s a robot program.

Just tried out new m2u 2.0 and encountered bad experience. It’s super slow and it has tones of error… Are you ready to M2U ? After a so long beta period it’s still having problem.

M2U 2.0 Error

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  1. I just try the new banking service by Maybank. I notice this time they did not ask for the TAC. Is it secure?

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