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Why do Starbucks Spell Your Name Wrong? Mystery Explained!

Starbucks barista misspell your name every time. Not because they’re idiots. In fact they’re incredibly educated for service workers. Most Starbucks baristas are college graduates who are just bored. Your name is never correct for one simple reason. And don’t worry, you don’t have (too much) to do with it!

It never fails. I went to Starbucks and order my Frappuccino. They ask your name so they can write it on the cup. I told them my name “Simon”

My new name! Lolz. #klia2 #starbucks

I got my order at the counter. The name on the cup and it says: “Saimon”. LOLz.

What?! How did they even manage to go from what you said to that spelling monstrosity?!

Why Starbucks Spells Your Name Wrong

Well, John Purcell and the folks at Paul Gale Comedy have made a video explaining why Starbucks barista almost always misspell your name. And it’s just what we feared: “I am f–king with you. It is the best part of my job, and I will never stop.”

Yes, this video is a parody and not an actual representation of what is going on Starbucks, but you know that most baristas are screwing up names on purpose at least once. Have fun drinking Starbucks! 🙂



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