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Unbeatable 激戰 – 林超贤,張家輝,彭于晏,李馨巧

Have you watched the latest hit movie – Unbeatable 激戰? 張家輝 Nick Cheung & Taiwanese heartthrob Eddie Peng 彭于晏 are the main leads in this boxing movie together with the 10 years old Malaysian born child actress Crystal Lee 李馨巧!

Unbeatable 激戰 - 林超贤,張家輝,彭于晏,李馨巧 - Movie Poster

Unbeatable – Movie Synopsis:

Chin Fai <贱輝>, or better known as “Scumbag Fai” (張家輝 Nick Cheung), once a boxing champion, flees to Macau from the loan sharks and ended taking up a job in a boxing school run by his old friend, Tai-sui (Philip Keung).

At the boxing school, Fai encountered Lin Si-Qi(彭于晏 Eddie Peng), a young chap who decided to enter the world-famous MMA Championship, the Golden Rumble just to prove himself to his dad who went into a slump after his business failure. Fai eventually become Si-Qi’s personal coach and rediscovers his passion to fight not only in the ring but for his life and ones he cares.



Hong Kong actor Nick Cheung celebrates winning the best actor award at the Shanghai International Film Festival for his portrayal of a broken man who was once a boxing champion in the Hong Kong film

The film had it’s premiere at the Shanghai Film Festival on 18th June 2013 where Nick Cheung 張家輝 bagged the Best Actor award while Malaysian Child Super Star Crystal Lee 李馨巧 won the Best Actress award.


励志动作电影《激战》预告片 | Motivational Action Movie [UNBEATABLE] Trailer

《激戰》製作特輯 -魔鬼身型

Kina Grannis《Sound Of Silence》@ 電影『激戰 (Unbeatable)』

The transformation of Nick Cheung 張家輝 (Chin Fai 贱輝) 6-pack abs sexy and muscular body!

The transformation of Nick Cheung 張家輝 6-pack abs sexy and muscular body!

In preparation for the movie MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) – Unbeatable <激戰>, Nick Cheung (張家輝) trained hard everyday to transform his body to 6-pack sexy abs to make himself look more convincing for his boxer role. Look how his body transformed over the years!

张家辉突变肌肉男引哗然 自曝人鱼线修炼大法

Nick Cheung (張家輝) said, “No salt, oil, sugar and starch are requisites. Towards the middle of the training, I must eat 20 to 30 egg whites every day for the protein. When it was almost time to start filming, I can only eat white rice for 3 days so that the starch can beef up the muscles. And lastly, I must eliminate water from the body so I can only wet the mouth in order for the body to be dry and make the muscle lines more prominent.”

Nick Cheung (張家輝) coped with the effects of dehydration. “Eating too much protein caused the urine to have thick inches of bubbles foam; it required a few flushings to get rid of it. During dehydration, the whole body is so dry that I didn’t need to go to the toilet at all. Even if I did, it’s only a few droplets, and it will be coffee in color. A few pimples will occasionally pop up as well; it’s horrible but there is no reason not to continue.”

Nick Cheung 張家輝 (Chin Fai 贱輝) 6-pack abs sexy and muscular body

I must say this is the most painful thing for an actor to do and he has to suffer all the pain, fighting with opponents or getting beaten by others.

Unbeatable 激戰

類型 Genre: Action/Drama
導演 Director: Dante Lam 林超贤
演員 Cast: Nick Cheung 張家輝, Eddie Peng 彭于晏, Mei Ting 梅婷, Andy On 安志杰, Jack Kao 高捷, Crystal Lee 李馨巧
时间 Runnig Time: 117 minutes
Rating: PG13 (Violence)
上映日期 Release date: 15th August (Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia), 16th August (mainland China), 22nd August (Australia), 18th September (Taiwan)

Unbeatable 激戰 -  林超贤,張家輝,彭于晏,李馨巧 - Nuffnang Premier Screening

Thank you Nuffnang for the invitation to this awesome Unbeatable 激戰 Premier Screening! Love the 激戰 Unbeatable’s movie sound track “Sound Of Silence”!



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