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Maxis Hotlink Active 10

Hotlink Active 10

Previously Hotlink was Active 5 now it become Active 10, you can enjoy even more discount and benefits.

Hotlink Active10 super rates to 10 people. 15 sen/min | 1sen/sms “Maxis to Maxis only. Only applicable on Hotlink Plan.”

Not registered yet? Dial *100# to activate “Active10”

Talk and SMS to more people at Super Rates of 15 sen/min and 1 sen/sms/ Staying close to family and friends is now more affordable and fun.

Hotlink Active 10

More information about Hotlink Active10
Activ10 FAQ

1. What are the Hotlink Activ10 call and SMS charges?
Call : 15sen/min
SMS : 1sen/SMS

The rates above are only applicable to Hotlink Plan & EM Plan users. Rates differ for other plans:

Hotlink Total Plan
Peak hour : 20sen
Off Peak hour : 10sen
Hotlink Zone : 15sen

SMS Charges: 1sen

Hotlink Talk/Standard Plan
Peak hour : 30sen
Off Peak hour : 15sen

SMS Charges: 5sen

Hotlink SMS Plan
Peak hour : 40sen
Off Peak hour : 25sen

SMS Charges: 1sen

: Peak hours are from 10.00 am to 12.00 midnight
: Off-peak hours are from 12.00 midnight to 10.00 am

2. What must I do to enjoy the Activ10 call and SMS rates?
Hotlink customers only need to activate their Activ10 service to enjoy the rates.

3. How do I activate my Activ10 service?
Via Easy Menu – *100#
• Dial *100# and press Call/Send button
• Select Activ10
• Set preferred Activ10 numbers
Via Website
• Alternatively, you may activate your Activ10 via your My Hotlink account in www.hotlink.com.my

4. Will I be charged for activating the Activ10 service?
No, dialing *100# is free and there is no charge for activation.

5. Do I need to fill up any application forms in order to participate in this event?
No, you do not need to fill up any forms. All you need to do is dial *100# and select Activ10 to activate your 10 numbers. Alternatively, you may activate the numbers via your My Hotlink account in www.hotlink.com.my

6. How many numbers can I set up as my Activ10 numbers?
You may set up to a total of ten (10) Hotlink or Maxis Postpaid numbers. Setting up the initial ten (10) Activ10 numbers are free of charge. Subsequent changes after that will be charged at RM1 per setting. Remember, you need to have a sufficient credit balance.



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  1. I already have active 5 but there are few names i wanted to change and covert to active 10 but i cannot edit.


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  2. why it charges 5 sen/sms for Hotlink talk plan… Thats not fair………

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  3. why my active10 is not actived now???

    last time still ok.

    when i call to my active10 number after 12am is still 20sen for 1minute, and when check in *100# is cannot to open it. tQ

    Post a Reply
  4. May I register value 30 or 50 if I under black listed in another fixed line?

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  5. hey i really fed up of calling maxis d…i hace using this line for few years n my whole family members are using maxis…..my active 10 sms they charge me 5 sen a sms n i didnt chg my plan n u put me as my talk plan..your calls are too expensive…..if u all never take any action thn i will chg to celcom bcs they gv me a lot of privelages compare to all th rates r much more better…compare to other lines if we call customer service is free but all charge…its should me free bcs we r using your service

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  6. maaf ncm mana kita nk Activ10 sy bt mcm dula tp x dapat,blh kah anda tunjuk kan cari senang utk saya

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  7. can i use active 10 is my phone line is fixed wan? i’m not using prepaid

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  8. sorry i mean, can i use active 10 ‘if’ i am using a fixed line, which is not a prepaid

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  10. sy cbe cary…tpy kenapa xde langsung active 10???

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  11. how can i delete the number that i dont want to use in active 10? i already search at *100* menu but couldnt find it..

    please help me..


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    • hi cayangbusyuk, pls call the customer service.

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  12. just to add some info regarding deleting activ 10.Dial *100# answer choose no.8 …and then answer no.3….answer no.of the activ 10 to be deleted …for example the number to be
    deleted is no.5 so answer no.5…lastly keyin the new number to be included in activ 10…that’all so simple like abc

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  13. I have an option to add the 11th number. Just curious if it still comes under activ10 or not?

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  14. npe??xleh nk aktif10 ni…help me…

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  15. salam mcm mne nak delete active 10??dh terlalu banyak lah..

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    • Hi hadi,

      Please try to call Hotlink customer care and log a case with them.

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    • Hi sya,

      Please check with hotlink support.

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  16. macam mana nak delete avtive 10???

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    • Hi Alia,

      Call Maxis Customer Service.

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  17. how to delete numbers in active 10???

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  18. how to delete numbers in active 10???

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  19. If i apply active10 is there i only add hotlink numbers or can add like digi number in it? They will charge extra charges or they wont?

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