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OnePlus One – Are you rooting for OnePlus One, but don’t have an invite?

Besides Xiaomi, the latest high profile or rather most hyped phone is the OnePlus One smartphone. The OnePlus One was announced in April 2014 at the prices of $299 and $349 for the 16 GB and 64 GB models respectively. As of July 13, 2014 the phone still isn’t available public purchase but is available for a purchase through an invitation model.

OnePlus One Smartphone

The OnePlus One smartphone, made in China is 2014’s “flagship killer.” Why, you may ask? At a starting price of $299 for a 16GB model (or $349 for the 64GB model), the 5.5-inch Android phone has specs that feels just as premium as Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One (M8). The OnePlus One has got it all – a sleek design, awesome OS and attractive price to win people’s heart. No wonder everyone wants a OnePlus One!

OnePlus One – Never Settle

OnePlus One is a great phone but not everyone can have it! Why? Because to buy the One from OnePlus, you need to get an invite. So exclusive right? I’ll tell you how to get hold of the OnePlus One phone shortly.

How to buy the OnePlus One Invite?

How to buy the OnePlus One Invite?

Just like Xiaomi, OnePlus One uses a smart and thoroughly planned marketing strategy to market their phones. OnePlus One phone is only available on an invitation basis, which means you can only purchase a OnePlus One phone if you get an invite.

How to get OnePlus One invites?

The easiest way is to ask someone who has bought a OnePlus One to send you an invite. Everyone who purchases a OnePlus One receives a number of invites which they can give to friends and family. The reason is because OnePlus is so confident with their products and that those who bought the One would recommend it to their family and friends.

The other way to get an invite is by entering contests and promotional events hosted on OnePlus Forums or social media channels. Trust me, it’s really not easy to score an invite to purchase OnePlus One.

Do You want an Invite for OnePlus One?

Here’s the good news for those who want the OnePlus One phone. I have ONE invite to give away to One Lucky Reader.

Join this OnePlus One Invite Giveaway and stand a chance to win an exclusive invite to buy OnePlus One!

How To Join

1. Like Saimatkong 驶么讲 Facebook Fanpage / Instagram Profile .
2. Post a creative photo of “OnePlus One” on Instagram
3. I want a OnePlus One because (not more than 20 words).
4. Tag @saimatkong

Winners will be notified through email. Good Luck!

For more details on OnePlus One, visit the official website: http://oneplus.net/one



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