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Some Interesting Findings with Norton by Symantec

Seven Cybersecurity Myths Busted

Seven Cybersecurity Myths Busted

01 Myth : Viruses and other malicious software (“malware”) only affected computers and laptops.
02 Myth : I can’t get a virus or be attacked on popular social networking sites.
03 Myth : Apple products aren’t susceptible to viruses and online attacks.
04 Myth : Free antivirus software on my computer is good enough to protect my information.
05 Myth : It’s easy to tell if a site is fake — typos or forign characters are key indications.
06 Myth : My computer won’t get infected since I don’t visit risky sites.
07 Myth : I’ll know right away if my computer is infected.

A. Mobile Survey APAC findings

I. Mobile device penetration in APAC:
• Norton survey found that 72 percent of consumers in APAC access the Internet with their mobile devices.
– China (87 percent) and Singapore (84 percent) ranked as the top two countries surveyed that were most likely to use their devices to access the Internet.
– Followed by Japan (77 percent), India (63 percent), Australia (60%) with New Zealand stacking at the rear with 50 percent.

II. APAC consumer mobile behaviour:
• Surfing the Internet and downloading apps were the highest ranked activities with accessing social media networks a close third.
• Singapore has the highest number of people (60%) accessing social media networks using their mobile devices, followed by Chinese (59%) Japanese (42%), Indians (42%) and Australians (40%).
• 30% of APAC consumers shop online using their mobile devices and 24% both access work-related emails and make mobile payments.
• 60% of consumers store their personal photos on their mobile devices.

III. ‘Emotional attachment’ with mobile devices:
• 45% consumers in APAC say they can’t live without their mobile devices.
• Out of the six countries surveyed across Asia-Pacific (Australia, China, India, Japan, Singapore and New Zealand), mobile devices are among the top two belongings consumers will save from a fire in every country. More than half of the Chinese Nationals polled (54%) ranked saving their mobile devices as the topmost priority followed by Singapore at 49% and India at 43%.
• The importance mobile users place on their devices is clear, but despite this importance and the storing of personal information on their phones, only 35% use mobile security software.

B. Key takeaways from the survey

•Mobile devices are increasingly becoming an intrinsic part of our lives yet majority of consumers are unaware that a security solution specifically for mobile exists
•Each market shows diverse response in terms of security awareness while the emotional connection is strong – and online activity on mobile is increasing at a rapid rate
•The threat landscape is getting broader with growing risks seen from social networks and fake apps
•It’s now more important than ever for us to protect all of the devices which we use to go online
•Use a trusted technology partner to stay safe

Do you know the facts above? Better be safe then never right?



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