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Collect your Despicable Me 2 minions @ McDonald’s with Happy Meal (Toy)

Happy times are here with cute lil’ Minions from Despicable Me 2!

Collect your minions @ McDonald's

Quick, head to McDonald’s and get your Happy Meal with these cute Despicable Me 2 minions. It’s so popular, they won’t wait for you! If you don’t feel like having Happy Meal, takpe, just pay RM3 and you’ll get your cute little minions!


We would like to thank you for your tremendous support towards the Happy Meal ‘Despicable Me 2’ promotion. However, due to overwhelming response, we have been receiving numerous feedback from our Happy Meal customers that they are unable to attain the toy for their children. As this promotion was designed to be part of the Happy Meal programme, please be informed that each ‘Despicable Me 2’ toy will be available only with the purchase of a Happy Meal and while stocks last.

One toy per one Happy Meal. Should you wish to purchase more than 1 Happy Meal, you may request for different Week 2 designs in each of your meals, but ONLY while stocks last.

Happy Meals are available all day long, either with Breakfast Happy Meals or our regular hour Happy Meals. Menu details at www.mcdonalds.com.my.

We strive to provide overall customer satisfaction to all our patrons and we believe by reinforcing the above will help to ensure that children are not disappointed and will walk away with a smile on their faces.

I want my McD Minions!!!

Tim Giggling vs Dave Gaget Grabber! ‎#minions ‎#DespicableMe2

Collect your Despicable Me 2 minions today with your McDonald's Happy Meal

Feels like a ‎Minions supplier here! Lolz. Haha.

Tim Giggling, Tim Giggle Grabber, Dave Gadget Grabber – 3 minions available now at McDonald’s!

If you can’t get it, don’t be too sad, because you can DIY your own Fondant Minions!

If you can't get it, don't be too sad, you can also DIY your own Fondant Minions!

The Hulk vs The Minions!

The Hulk vs The Minions!

Collect your Despicable Me 2 minions @ McDonald’s with Happy Meal

4-10 July

Tim Giggling, Tim Giggle Grabber, Dave Gadget Grabber

11-17 July

Evil Minion Chomper, Tom Googly Eyes Grabber

18-24 July

Stuart Light Up Grabber, Stuart Babbler Grabber

25-31 July

Jerry Break Dancing, Evil Minion Noise Maker

Minions Cupcake - Minions Cup Cake

Or alternatively, can get from me with all the service charges apply! Lolz.

McD Minions all over the different country

A comprehensive list of Despicable Me Minion toys available worldwide.

Where's my minions?

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  1. Do u sell the minion sets?
    Can I buy it?

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  2. do you have more..i want buy..seriuly i go to mcd..sold oledy..can u help me..

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  3. how i get it.. if you have sell pls sms me 0163172374

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  4. Hey, are you going to sell the 1st batch of minions??
    I would love to buy it , so that I can collect it for my BFF. (Minion maniac) 🙂

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  5. HI, I see you have alot of them, can you sell me the david gadget grabber? Please let me know thanks

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  6. are you selling Tim giggling,Tim Giggle Grabber and Dave…?

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  7. do u sell the minion
    Tom google eyes grabber

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  8. do u sell the minion
    let me no if u sell please sms 01126868018

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  9. do u sell the tom google eyes grabber
    if u sell u send in my hotmail

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  10. would you sell one of your minions? i need tim giggle grabber badly … 🙂 thanks

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  11. Who wants to buy the 3rd batch minion?? Wanna sell them

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  12. Hey Michelle, do u want 1st batch minion?

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  13. Anyone has the 2nd batch minions? I have the 3rd batch, maybe we can swap! 🙂

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  14. tom googly eyes grabber for sale~~~
    unlimited stock.email if interested

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  15. I have extra purple minions giggle.. Want to swap for Dave gadget grabber.

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