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Naza Kia Forte Owner Gathering @ Desa Park City

Forte Front View

Last Sunday, a bunch of Forte owner and soon to be owner were gathered at Kluang Station Waterfront Desa Park City. It was a nice Sunday morning where everyone would like to ZzZZzZzzzz more but I sacrificed for my love, Forte. Gathering started from 10am-1pm, so I need to get up around 9 plus which is like a torture for me as Sunday not a working day and supposed to sleep till noon and till the sun beam my butt only get up. Haha.

Forte Back View

Forte Back View

When I reached Kluang Station there’s no one there… and I don’t see any Forte at the front or Car Park 1… so I was wondering am I at the right place for the gathering. I’m a soon to be Forte owner and the reason I join in this Forte Owner TT was that I would like to meet the owners and get some feedback, comments, tips and check out the lovely Forte in a big group.

So I thought maybe those Forte were parked at the Car Park 2, so I walk to check it out and was happy to see so many Forte parked there. The view was awesome. So colorful as there’s White Forte, Titanium Silver Forte, Bright Silver Forte, Spicy Red Forte, Black Forte… Really wish my Forte was with me =(

Then we had a Chit Chat / Teh Tarik (TT) session at Kluang Station and yeah all the Forte owners were really friendly. Awesome bunch of ppl. Some asking about Car Tinting (AirCool, 3M, SafeTint, TintMaster), Car Rim (16″/17″), Fuel Efficiency, Car handling, PPS / Sierra Glow (Additional layer to protect car paint) etc, but it’s really a nice catch up with everyone. We try out the heat at all the different car with different tint after the car parked under the sun for quite sometime and I actually don’t feel much different between tinted and the non-tinted Forte! =p

Then we start to camwhore with the lovely Fortesss! Check out the camwhore photo below…

Naza Kia Forte Owner Gathering @ Desa Park City

Naza Kia Forte Owner Gathering @ Desa Park City

Naza Kia Forte Owner Gathering @ Desa Park City

Naza Kia Forte Owner Gathering @ Desa Park City

Naza Kia Forte Owner Gathering @ Desa Park City

White Forte
Check out this White Forte After Glow… Isn’t it awesome? Also the Naza emblem has been replaced with KIA emblem.

Spicy Red Forte
This Spicy Red Forte is very unique as not much ppl own it! Cool? =)

Naza Kia Forte Owner Gathering @ Desa Park City

Naza Kia Forte Owner Gathering @ Desa Park City

Group of Forte Owner
Check out the owners!

Check out some of the comments from the Forte Owner.

Comment by Phelix :

for me, forte is really comfort car, NVH is good.. on par with civic. FC wise really depends.. this car gives good FC when u r on highway.. as low as 6l/100km.. but when u stuck in jam… FC increase slowly.. i see it from 8.6l/100km increased to 11.2l/100km.. despite about resell value.. forte gives best of bang.. guaranteed.

maintenance wise.. most of them choose synthetic oil but i go for mineral.. performance wise slightly better (u can feel it after u serviced ur car, try it.. haha).
and overall till now, after my friend viewed my car only give thumbs up.

Comment by Julian :

1. Why did you choose to buy the Forte?
Its an excellent-value-for money product with many great features and very importantly its safety features. Oh yes..its got the looks too, super cool and sleek design! For the money I’m paying, this Forte is definitely worth it, if not more. It’s just brilliant, a class on its own! In short…its beauty, style and power which is my Forte.

2. What do you like most of the Forte?
Can i say there’s nothing I don’t like? Hahaha… I love the Push Start button! It’s so cool! And, the overall design and safety features. When I took my Forte home for the first time, my good neighbour came over and gave it the 2-thumbs up! Makes me so proud of my Forte. To be honest, I’m no car enthusiast, thus, car engines and the works are like rocket science to me. Hahaha… Thus, I’d like to reserve my comments on these but from what I read from the reviews, forums, etc.. However, I’d like to add that after having this ‘baby’ for 1 month, I’ve no doubt about its performance and drivability.

Kia Forte Forum :



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  1. saimatkong~ only my comment??
    no others?? alah…

    btw.. do u notice that the white of EX and SX looks different?? very obvious from the photo above.

    EX white is more whitish while the SX is more like yellowish.

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    • hhaaah only u replied me =_=” oooh I didn’t notice leh, but maybe is the sierra glow??

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  2. erm… i think both of the forte also didn’t GLOW right?? EX glow already??

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  3. Very thank you for your nice shot for my car!
    Actually, my SX and EX clear white is same but only different is after glow service, the additional layer or coating make the clear white become pear white.

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  4. hi saimatkong and all owners of Forte here,

    i am eyeing on the SX model and would like to seek your advice on the followings.

    1. like most Msians, i have been given the perception of expensive Korean car spare parts. compared to its Japanese rivals, are you spending much more for your car services / spare parts and other mods for your Forte?

    2. are there OEM replacement parts for the Forte besides going back to Naza / Kia for original parts?

    3. any rattling sound / problem with the dashboard or doors, like Protons? (no offense but i am worried about Naza’s QC)

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  5. hi ien,

    come to our next TT to know more from the user as I still yet to get my car sigh.

    1) Still new so yet to know the actual fact but I believe Korean car is much much better now.

    2) As I said still new so not much info on the spare parts. But if CKD and assemble in Malaysia it will have more spare parts and if this car is famous enuff ppl will bring in more spare part and make the price competitive.

    3) Test drive to know yourself as some sit BMW and Merc and compared with them of coz there
    s different.

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  6. Hi saimatkong;

    Great review and photo taken on the Forte gathering.

    Hope to hear more comments about the car since it was just launch 2 months……

    Any comparison between Kia Forte and Toyota/Honda car?

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    • Hi Philip,
      There’s plenty of comparision at all the forums, but if you join Forte forums confirm it’s pro to Forte. Haha.

      Hi KiaForte,
      What’s your comment? You didn’t tell me anything also?

      Hi mark,
      Yes we are using lowyat forum now but will soon to have myForte Forum.

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  7. Saimat – pls post my comments ok

    – Pure Bliss –

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  8. do you guys have a forum yet? would like to know more about the car….. having sleepless nights thinking about the car….. tot of waiting for the 2.0

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  9. KL side is so much fun / happening with the Forte while I still haven’t see much of Forte on the road here.. Only saw Fte’s car and another one in parking lot of Tesco in Penang.

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  10. my comment was – Pure Bliss –
    u cannot see meh! – Pure Bliss –
    – Pure Bliss –
    – Pure Bliss –
    – Pure Bliss –
    – Pure Bliss –

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  11. Colonel Sanders,
    Saw it your “PURE BLISS”.

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  12. Dear prospect,
    For those who thinking to buy or not to buy a FORTE,please check out the survey on forte websites and read the users comments.
    Then it will shorten your consideration.

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  13. Cool write up, saimatkong, like yourself, I’ve also identified Kia Forte as an ideal-replacement for my aging Perdana. But unlike you, I’ve yet to actually place my order/deposit for the car. My wife is just dead set against it, quoting reliability-dependability issues, so what’s your honest two cents worth on it?

    Is the resale value really gonna be that bad? How long did the dealer tell you, for the delivery time? What’s the quoted interest rate you got, if u don’t mind sharing? And have you heard the latest rumour that the Forte prices are set to increase soon, because of increased “import duties” just coz some of the other car makers (allegedly) are complaining of the competition, what gives??

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    • Of coz if not I would not have bought it and recommend to ppl…
      No idea on resell value, if u gonna drive to 10 years why bother? =p
      No idea on delivery as I still waiting for mine!!!
      I’m getting 2.9%

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  14. hi carfreak,
    just to share my thought with you,
    let’s put a comparison with vios (since around similar price with their E spec).
    4 years later if u want to sell ur kia forte with the price of vios for RMXXk. and a vios owner wants to sell his vios for RMXXk (same price).
    it will still come back to the same comparison of value of money? (C segment vs B segment, 1.6 vs 1.5, push start vs no push start..etc)

    and if you were the one who is looking for a used car with ur budget of RMxxk+-.. which one will you go for?

    i believe forte will win hands down.

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  15. Hi forte owners, hope you don’t mind answering some questions. I test-drove the car over the weekend and found it impressive and now about to place my booking. was told that the alarm and immobilizer are separate; do you guys get these from Naza or you get them from outside? Also told that if I place a 10% deposit, I can get priority delivery, true or sales gimmick?

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    • Hi Lee, if you want the alarm u could install it at the authorized service center, yes it’s with immobilizer. Get it from Branch and some recommended Sri Petaling branch. Check if the branch with ready stock then you could place the down payment as well to secure the car.

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  16. thanks. the sales girl is misleading then. She said alarm costs 550 and immobilizer another 650 and tinted is 1100 so total accessories is 2300 extra. so what you are saying is alarm + immobilizer is actually 1 unit @ 1200. And shouldn’t they install them before delivery or do I need to install it later at an authorized service center? The other Q I have is do they give any freebies?

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  17. Hi Lee,

    For the alarm I’m not sure why why immobilizer u want to install? It’s come with the car key… For the freebies some SA give, some don’t get anything it’s pretty much based on your nego skill. Good luck!~

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  18. Spoke to SA in another showroom so now have better understanding. Car is CBU so alarm needs to be done at authorized dealer and costs may vary depending on type of alarm. As for immobilizer, SA does not know if remote unit has it. Also she is not sure if installing alarm will jeopardize warranty. So do you guys go for alarms? what brand and cost?
    I kind of like red but can’t find one in showroom. Anyone knows which showroom has it?

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  19. Hi all,

    I’m from Sabah, E.Malaysia. I really like this car and am planning to buy it. After the test drive, my bet was 99% sure this is the car for my family, the kids love it. However, I was told by the salesperson and sv ctr advisor that if I were to use any other motor oil regardless of whatever make which is not bought at the authorized sv ctr, the warranty of the car will consider void even the car is sent in to the authorized sv ctr for periodical maintenance. This is unbelievable and is comparable to something like I am not allowed to fuel up my car at any petrol station other than the petrol station that is operated by the authorized sv ctr. This is absurd. The sv ctr advisor even told me that though he agreed with my point, but this is an instruction from KL. WHAT the Heck? Why is every damn thing in our country is ARAHAN DARI ATAS APA BOLEH BUAT? I wonder if this also true in KL? Please advice if you have any info on the above or if anyone can provide any contact no. & e-mail of Naza svr center in KL.
    BTW, there is only one Naza Kia authorized dealer in Sabah, namely Fook Loi Motors. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you all.


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  20. Hello Saimatkong,

    this is the reply from Naza Client Management Department aka Naza Customer Relation Department or whatever.

    You see, this is the kind of mind set we have here in this ‘BOLEH’ land. No initiative at all to convince a potential client.

    At least they should put in some effort to explain the meaning of ‘Wrong fuel, oil or lubricants’. I have specifically requested them
    to ENLIGHTEN me, but instead they just rephrase the warranty terms & conditions. Purely by the book only, no challenge, no
    questions ask, no competition, no improvement, never have the urge to take an extra mile. I guess this is a product of our excellent E.
    system. Apa Boleh Buat?


    —– Forwarded Message —-
    From: Client Management Department
    To: Allen Chong
    Sent: Tue, April 6, 2010 5:19:22 PM
    Subject: RE: Feedback from Naza Kia website

    Dear Mr, Allen,
    We wish to rephrase our warranty terms and condition as below :-
    What is not covered
    a) Damages beyond the manufacturer’s control cush
    -Misuse of KIA vehicle such as driving over curbs, over loading, racing etc.
    -Accident such as collision, fire, theft, riot and etc.
    -Damages of surface corrosion from enviromental such as acid rain
    -Cosmetics conditions or surface corrosion from stone chips or scratches in the paint.
    -Any device or accessories installed by any parties other than KIA
    -If the vehicle shall be used as taxi or rental unit.
    b) Any damaged due to lack of proper maintenance or the use of wrong fuel,oil or lubricants.
    c) Normal deterioration
    d) Any defects caused by repair or replacement by other than an authorised KIA dealer

    The list is long…..Hope this information will suffice. Thank You

    NAZA KIA CARELINE 1-300-888-KIA(542) OR 03-26177666
    E-Customer Service
    Client Management Division

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  21. hello everyone,

    i would like to ask when were u all hagging around and where usually ?

    i would interested to join you all and share about more of forte 🙂 ! Usually you hagging up what topic will you all put on more ?

    i just own my forte less than 1 week so alot of thing need to learn. PLEASE TOH TOH CHI KAU 🙂


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  22. Basically I booked white forte last week and was told that waiting period to get the car is around 1-2 months. Today the sales girls call me up telling me that they got stock 1.6Sx Black color (CBU model).

    1. Any different between CBU unit then CKD unit?

    2. Any extra accessories on CBU model?

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    • CBU = Assembled in Korea, CKD = Certain part assembled in Malaysia
      All the cars is declared as CKD so it’s basically the same…

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  23. sorry sam my english not good. boleh in malay?

    i baru beli forte 1.6 sx. i servey this car since last year. wait.. wait.. and 25th of mei i buy. this car very good looking and berbaloi. if my friend ask why choose this car, not city, civic, or vios.. i told them kia forte have all.
    truly this car make me crazy. harga yg ditawarkan menarik! dia punya features can gives 5 stars. walaupun 1.6 tp kuasa pecutan cukup hebat. malas nak cerita pasal city n vios coz harga dengan apa yg ada pada kereta tak berbaloi.

    sam, where i can kia emblem ? wanna replace naza emblem..

    hope can hear from u soon
    tq.. ouuhh FORTE mmmuahh

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  24. u buy almost 1 yr ady..how ur forte condition now?still gd in condition?how the fuel consumption for tat forte?i jus test drive but found the car pickup quite slow one n need to press more tat car only will pick!!!

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    • hey, yes it’s still in good condition and nice =)
      pickup will be better once you tighten the throttle cable. =)

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  25. how to tighten the throttle cable?? where to do bro?

    Post a Reply
    • Hi Alan,

      Come to our TT or go to any SC can get the throttle cable tighten =)

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