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How To Change / Replace Car Emblem / Logo?

Have you ever want to change your car emblem or logo but not sure how to change or where to buy? No worries, I will guide you on how to change your Naza Forte logo to this sleek design logo and it will change the status of your car? Haha…

Naza Car Emblem

Naza Car Emblem

Don’t like your original car emblem? No worries you could get all kind of design you would like to have like this emblem below.

K Emblem

Is this better looking emblem? If not you could op for other design too.

Then prepare the following tools…

Remove car emblem tools

Change / Replace Car Emblem / Logo

Change / Replace Car Emblem / Logo

Change / Replace Car Emblem / Logo
remaining gum…

Change / Replace Car Emblem / Logo

Initially I rub the remaining sticker using my hand and some tools but then it’s not a good idea, then I tried with kerosin and it do wonders but use it with care k, recommended to use some other remover rather than kerosin!

Change / Replace Car Emblem / Logo

Change / Replace Car Emblem / Logo

K emblem
Then finally you could stick your new emblem! 3M sticker is a good quality sticker.

Okay, after my experience changing of my car emblem only I found the following steps to remove the emblem… too late for me as I already hurt the car with scratches and lubang… ='(

The back emblem is very sticky and hard to remove and even I hurt myself plus leaving marks on the car paint too! Please be extra careful!

Screwdriver broken

Hurt my hand


Look, the screw driver also broken and hurt my hand. I tried with badminton string and etc still the string will fall off to the grip of the emblem 3M sticker, so please read thru the expert recommendation below before you following my dumb move!

Changed Car Emblem
Look, is it better compared to before? Haha…

So please read thru the steps below. Have to wash the area around the emblem with warm soapy water and apply heat with hair dryer so that the back emblem will be easily removed! The 3M stickers at the back emblem is really hard to remove if without following the steps below!

Happy DIY-ing your car!

Step 1
Determine that your emblems are stickers not bolt on emblems by looking at the metal on the underside of your hood or trunk from the emblem. If you see bolts or nuts you are probably out of luck and will have to see a professional.

Step 2
Wash the area around the emblem well with warm soapy water; this will prevent scratches later on.

Step 3
Apply heat with a hair dryer until the emblem if fairly warm to the touch, this loosens up the glue.

Step 4
Spray a bug and tar remover liberally onto and around your emblem. Be sure to continue to keep it warm.

Step 5
Use a plastic spatula to slowly begin breaking loose the glue bonding your emblem to the car.

Step 6
Remove the emblem from the car entirely. Moving slow will usually help the glue pull away as well leaving less work later on.

Step 7
Remove any left over glue with a goo removal product and a little elbow grease.

#Perform this procedure in a garage and have a space heater keeping up the ambient temperature or in direct sunlight. The warmer the glue the easier it will be to remove the emblem.
#Some sprays may react explosively with heat do not use an aerosol spray is you are applying heat.
#Too much heat will damage your paint. You want warm not hot.
#Use constant steady pressure with the spatula, pushing too hard can damage the paint.
#Do not use a razor blade or any sort of metal scraper they will scratch your paint.

Source : How to remove emblems from cars.


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  1. Kong, i used only tali rafia! hahahhah 😛

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  2. Kong, i used only tali rafia! hahahah 😛

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  3. Nur, can’t I tried with that also putus! so no choice have to use the spade and hurt the body! =(

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  4. you know what? somehow i think white emblem may suits better to our white Forte.. 😛

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  5. wah new car! how long did you wait?

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  6. Just thinking how to change the logo, you already teach at here, Thanks for all the tips…

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  7. where did u buy the K emblem?

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  8. best thing to use: fishing line… strong and won’t damage your paint work 🙂

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  9. hehe i had the same problem… first use floss… then sewing thread… finally found the fishing line that work perfect 😀 but when removing the excess glue (suspect naza use rat glue or something) using WD40, i rub until my fingertip skin also come out 🙁

    bro just check will you be doing DIY tutorial for applying clear coat on ur wheel sticker?

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  10. where can i get this emblem? price? tq…

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  11. How much u buy the emblem… Can you help to buy..

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    • Hi Hater,

      Please check properly this is not the same logo.

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