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Ferrari 599 GTO Crashes into Taxi and Motorcycle, Claiming Three Lives @ Bugis, Singapore

Hmm… I have seen this freak accident been sharing in Facebook and it’s like the Ferrari lost control? The other Taxi with the video was really luck to avoid the freak accident! Drive safe people and be more alert while driving.

Ferrari 599 GTO crashed a Taxi causing 3 dead, 2 injured in Bugis S’pore – 12May2012

Ferrari 599 GTO Crashes into Taxi and Motorcycle @ Singapore

A rare Ferrari 599 GTO, where only 599 units of such specimen is available worldwide was caught in a horrible accident involving a taxi and a motorcycle in Singapore. The aftermath of the crash has resulted in the deaths of three persons at the wee hours of last Saturday, taking place at the junction of Rochor Road and Victoria Street at 4.15 am. Reports are saying that the spot is known for being an accident-prone area.

Ferrari 599 GTO Crashes into Taxi and Motorcycle @ Singapore

The driver of the fastest road-legal Ferrari, a 31-year-old Chinese businessman was already killed when the paramedics reached him. 52-year-old taxi driver Cheng Teck Hock, also a father of three school-going children and his 20-year-old Japanese passenger meanwhile succumbed to their injuries and died later on at the hospital. The motorcyclist and the Ferrari’s passenger however were lucky enough to survive the crash.

Ferrari 599 GTO Crashes into Taxi and Motorcycle @ Singapore

Although police are still in the process of investigating the accident, a camera mounted in another taxi caught the footage of the accident, and almost got caught in it by a hair’s breadth. In the footage, it clearly shows that the Ferrari was travelling in high speeds and ran over a red light, hitting the taxi and barely misses the one recording it.


The force of the crash was so violent that it had totally turned the left side of the taxi and the Ferrari’s front side into an unrecognizable wreck. Debris of both the cars and the motorcycle were scattered all over the road, along with what it seems like an engine, most probably from the Ferrari.

Ferrari 599 GTO Crashes into Taxi and Motorcycle @ Singapore

Ferrari 599 GTO Crashes into Taxi and Motorcycle @ Singapore

Ferrari 599 GTO Crashes into Taxi and Motorcycle @ Singapore

Thanks to Betty Goh for the tip.

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