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Singaporean lodges police report over ‘nasi goreng kampung’ being too ‘spicy’

A Singaporean from Taman Jurong had filed a police report because the “nasi goreng kampung” (local fried rice) he ate along Jalan Bukit Timbalan, Johor Baru being too spicy.

The matter took social networks by storm last night after a copy of the police report found its way to the Internet.

Singaporean lodges police report over ‘nasi goreng kampung’ being too 'spicy'

Lau Thiam Huat, 61, ordered the plate of fried rice and a glass of warm water at a restaurant along Jalan Bukit Timbalan here for dinner at around 9pm on April 30.

The police report on the spicy fried rice

Singaporean lodges police report over ‘nasi goreng kampung’ being too 'spicy'

He stated that the fried rice was too hot and spicy, which made his mouth feel uncomfortable until the next day.

He also suspected that the cook put too much chilli into the dish, making it extra spicy and decided to make a police report in case there was a need for a medical check-up after eating the fried rice.

Singaporean lodges police report over ‘nasi goreng kampung’ being too 'spicy' : A copy of the police report that had gone viral on the Internet yesterday night.

These are excerpts from his police report: “Around 9pm on 30 April, I went to eat at a shop which I can’t recall the name. After I ordered the nasi goreng kampung and warm water, I had my meal, I found that it was extremely hot and too spicy.

“Until today (May 1) I can still taste the spiciness from the rice I ate yesterday. I suspect that they cooked the rice with too much chilli.

“The reason why I am making this report is because I am very unhappy with the rice I ate and wish to go to a hospital for a checkup,” he stated in the report.

Johor Baru (South) deputy police chief Supt Abdul Samad Salleh, when contacted by The Rakyat Post confirmed receiving the report, however, declined to elaborate further on whether or not they will pursue the matter.

Source : The Star & The Rakyat Post



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