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Differences Between First and Second Pregnancy

I thought that my second pregnancy is gonna be the same as the first but I was completely wrong. Now that I’m in my third trimester, I realized just how different pregnancies can be!

Here are a few differences I’ve noticed between a first and second pregnancy :-

1. Belly Showing

Baby bump only started to show when I was 5 months plus.

First pregnancy: My baby bump only started to show when I was 5 months plus.

Second pregnancy: I was only 16 weeks along with the 2nd and it started to show already. It’s no surprise because my abdominal muscles has already been stretched out during my first pregnancy. And for the 2nd pregnancy, I realised that I had forgotten to take photos of my belly :/ “Sorry baby two, there’s no belly photos for you to see what I looked like while I was pregnant with you.”

2. Baby Kicks

First pregnancy: I only started to feel some movement around 20 weeks.

Second pregnancy: I could feel baby movements and kicks as early as 13 weeks. And it simply means I get to enjoy feeling how baby number two is moving, flopping and kicking inside me earlier 😄

3. Even More Tired & Exhausted

First pregnancy: I have the privilege to take some rest and nap whenever I want.

Differences Between First and Second Pregnancies

Second pregnancy: My days are spent looking after Aiden, who is super active. I guess he doesn’t know how much energy I’m lacking these days because he can make me run laps around the house with him. However, there have been times when Aiden let me nap for a while and I was forever grateful. But most of the time, you’ll hear him yelling, “Mommy! Mommy!”

4. Maternity Style

First pregnancy: I made some effort to be a stylish pregnant lady wearing dresses, accessorized and did my hair occasionally. I even wore heels during the first pregnancy.

Second pregnancy: No dresses for this pregnancy and my maternity style this time around is more casual. I’m usually wearing comfy loose t-shirts and shorts and I hardly have time to even comb my hair :/ Heels? The last time I wore heels was during Aiden’s first birthday. It’s not so practical to wear heels now as I have to balance a pregnancy belly and Aiden on my hip.

5. Nursery Room

First pregnancy: I spent months and hours planning, decorating and shopping stuffs for the nursery room during the first pregnancy. Basically Aiden has all the new things from parental experience to toys and clothes.

Second pregnancy: Baby two has a nursery that is filled with leftovers from his older brother because I don’t really have much time to plan and shop for nursery stuffs this time around.

Besides all the differences listed above, I feel that my second pregnancy passes much quicker. I barely have time to worry about my pregnancy as to whether I have enough nutrition, eating the right food or reading up on pregnancy. And in a blink of an eye, I’m already 37 weeks! For now, I really can’t wait to meet baby two 😀

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