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《MY FM The Show天作之盒》

《MY FM The Show天作之盒》 was presented LIVE at the Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands on 5th & 6th September! Through the success of its annual events and overwhelmed demand, MY FM has made a major breakthrough this year by presenting MY FM The Show consecutively for 2 days in Genting!

MY FM The Show天作之盒

《MY FM The Show天作之盒》 has invited the local and international artists to perform in the show, which included Sam Lee 李圣杰, Nicholas Teo 张栋樑, Rachel Liang 梁文音, Evan Yo 蔡旻佑, Jane Huang 黄美珍, Yise Loo 罗忆诗, Kimberley Chen 陈芳语, TJ ThomasJack 东于哲, Pets Tseng 曾沛慈, Alvin Chong 钟瑾桦, Miu Chu 朱俐静, Juztin Lan 刘界辉, FS Fuying & Sam, Geraldine Gan 颜慧萍, Eric Cahou 周兴哲, Nicole Lai 赖淞凤, AGA Kong 江海迦, Precious and Uriah See 徐凯. MY FM’s announcers who took part in this show includes Jack Lim 林德荣, Gan Mei Yan 颜薇恩, Jeff Chin 陈浩然, Jason Phang 贾森, Wayne Phoo, Royce Tan 陈志康, Yoon Ng 吴家润, Jym Chong 庄靖毅, Emely Poon 潘毖伶, Catherine Ang 凯心, Peace Teo 张诒博, Joe Chang 曾耀祖, Phei Yong 培永 and Tong Tong 彤彤 along with the announcers from MY FM Sabah, Gin and Tian Long 畑龙 as well as MY FM Sarawak announcers, Addy and Chris 克力斯.

MY FM The Show 天作之盒

《MY FM The Show天作之盒》 production costs at 1.5 million Ringgit showcases 5 different scenes will be presented on the stage with the story line full of mystery and suspension. The story unfolds from a music box which owned by a mysterious girl. Along the way to find out the truth, the main characters of the story will encounter with many unexpected people and experiences.

MY FM The Show 天作之盒 - Jack Lim 林德荣, Gan Mei Yan 颜薇恩 and Jeff Chin 陈浩然

Jack Lim 林德荣, Gan Mei Yan 颜薇恩 and Jeff Chin 陈浩然 will play the role as Detective Lim, Detective’s Girlfriend and Detective’s Assistance of the ‘Sunshine Detective Agency’.

MY FM The Show 天作之盒 - Tong Tong 彤彤

In order to find out the identity of the mysterious girl Tong Tong (彤彤) and open the 5 lattice of the mysterious music box, they will be going to different kind of scenes, which includes music academy, fun fair and castle to find out the truth.

MY FM The Show 天作之盒

In the music academy, they battle with Music Tag Academy’s Dean (Jason Phang) and Music Tag Academy’s Director (Catherine Ang), and they need to pass the test set by Music Action Funfair’s Head (Wayne Phoo), finally they will stand with the difficulties gave by Master and Mistress of Ngam Channel’s Castle (Royce Tan and Yoon Ng).

MY FM The Show 天作之盒 - Wayne Phoo

MY FM The Show 天作之盒 - Royce Tan 陈志康, Yoon Ng 吴家润

There are other characters played by Jym Chong and Joe Chang as Elf, Emely Poon as Tong Tong’s Aunt, Peace and Phei Yong as Police, Tian Long as Music Action Funfair’s Clown and Gin, Addy and Chris as Music Action Funfair’s Head Assistance.

MY FM The Show 天作之盒

The whole performances will be presented in the form of live theater where announcers will show their talents on acting, dancing, singing and stunt performance. Artists will participate in the drama part and some of them will be acting along with announcers.

MY FM The Show 天作之盒 - 黄美珍

MY FM The Show 天作之盒 - Precious

MY FM The Show 天作之盒 - AGA江海迦

MY FM The Show 天作之盒 - Juztin 刘界辉

MY FM The Show 天作之盒 - Juztin刘界辉/ Alvin钟瑾桦/ Joe曾耀祖

MY FM The Show 天作之盒 - Kimberley陈芳语

MY FM The Show 天作之盒 - Evan Yo蔡旻佑

MY FM The Show 天作之盒 - Yise罗忆诗

MY FM The Show 天作之盒 - 梁文音

MY FM The Show 天作之盒 - Eric周兴哲

MY FM The Show 天作之盒 - 曾沛慈

MY FM The Show 天作之盒 - FS Fuying & Sam

MY FM The Show 天作之盒 - Nicholas张栋樑

MY FM The Show 天作之盒 - 朱俐静

MY FM The Show 天作之盒 - 李圣杰

Besides that, 3 local artists including Haoren, Pink Tan and Athena Beh have been invited to act in a short film which will be air tonight. In addition, there will be 3 mysterious international artists who will be making a special appearance that will enhance the story line! The 3 main characters from ‘Sunshine Detective Agency’ will deliver positive messages to the audience once they pass through the difficulties as MY FM wish to convey the message of hope, courage and strength through the show.

《MY FM The Show天作之盒》演唱曲目

1 怪胎秀 – Royce陈志康/ Yoon吴家润/ Gin/ 畑龙/ Addy/ Chris克力斯
2 我就是谁 – 东于哲
3 在你眼里 + 小尘埃 – 黄美珍
4 与你无关 – Precious
5 一 – AGA江海迦
6 前度 – Juztin 刘界辉
7 与生俱来 – Alvin 钟瑾桦
8 愚人狂想曲 – Juztin刘界辉/ Alvin钟瑾桦/ Joe曾耀祖/
林德荣/ Jeff陈浩然/ 颜薇恩
9 给爱 – Uriah徐凯
10 自力更生的星球 + 一步距离 – Geraldine 颜慧萍
11 我爱你 你知道吗 – Kimberley陈芳语
12 爱你 – Kimberley陈芳语
13 爱在八点档 + 我可以 – Evan Yo蔡旻佑
14 疯狂世界 – Yise罗忆诗
15 爱其实很残忍 – 梁文音
16 分手后不要做朋友 – 梁文音
17 我想知道他是谁 + 我值得快乐 – Nicole赖淞凤
18 Bang Bang – Nicole赖淞凤/ Uriah徐凯/ Geraldine 颜慧萍
19 Bang Bang Bang – 贾森/ Catherine凯心/ Wayne/ Royce陈志康/ Yoon吴家润/ Peace张诒博/ Joe曾耀祖/Gin/ 畑龙/ Addy/ Chris克力斯
20 以后别做朋友 + 在你耳边说 – Eric周兴哲
21 学着爱 – Eric周兴哲
22 黑框眼镜 + 多年后 + 不过失去了一点点 – 曾沛慈
23 Sit Back & Relax + 可不可以你也刚好喜欢我 + 分开以后 – FS Fuying & Sam
24 人生没有如果 – Nicholas张栋樑
25 偶像歌手 – Nicholas张栋樑
26 下一次拥抱 + 存在的力量 – 朱俐静
27 手放开 + 擦肩而过 – 李圣杰
28 听说 – 李圣杰
29 新的心跳 – 全体MY FM DJ

View more the video here >> Youtube.

View more photo here >> Facebook.

MY FM The Show 天作之盒

《MY FM The Show天作之盒》 will be broadcasted on Astro Wah Lai Toi 華麗台(Channel 311) and Astro Wah Lai Toi HD 華麗台HD (Channel 310) on 16th September at 4.30 PM. The replay will be on 20th September at 11 AM and 10PM.



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