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My Bank Account during Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming!!! This is one of those times when i’ll scratch my head coz I need to think what to get as Valentine’s gift and also think of the credit bills at the end of the month 😐 However, Valentine’s Day is an once a year celebration, so gotta celebrate lo right?

A conversation between The Wifey and me:-

Wife: B, im so excited leh… Valentine’s Day is coming! *smiling happily
Me: (mumbling to myself) Of coz excited lo…valentine’s day gift, roses bouquet, romantic dinner…there goes the credit card bill
Wife: Huh? What did you say? Can’t hear you!
me: Nothing, just thinking of the surprises (after Valentine’s Day)!

2016情人节认真演出《我的Bank Account》,原曲:林俊杰“背对背拥抱”。

I’m sure you’ve heard of Yu Tian Long (余畑龙), the talented Hakka singer who sang “What is GST?”. In conjunction with the upcoming Valentine’s Day, Tian Long wrote a song called “My Bank Account” adapted from JJ Lin Jun Jie (林俊傑)- 背對背擁抱 (Bei Dui Bei Yong Bao). The lyrics is said to represent voice of men and address about our high cost of living and the effect of spending for Valentine’s Day on the credit bills and also bank account. The music video which was uploaded on Facebook few days ago with 4,900,566 Views, Shared 222,121 times and is now a hot topic on internet!

《我的Bank Account》 女人心聲版 (原曲:林俊杰“背对背拥抱”)

Not long after Tian Long’s version of “My Bank Account” was uploaded, Malaysian singer, VChuan (陳威全) and his sister 陳妍姍(威全妹妹) uploaded another version of “My Bank Account” which apparently is the voices of girls. How interesting!!!

My Bank Account during Valentine's Day

Listen to both the version of “我的 bank Account” and who do you think does it better? Tian Long (余畑龙)? or VChuan (陳威全) and his sister 陳妍姍(威全妹妹)?



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