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Dream House Makeover In The Process

The house will be going thru a huge renovation. There’s a lot of things to be taken care of when moving to a different chapter of life that’s marriage life and I need to provide the best for my wife.

Dream House Makeover In The Process

It’s really headache to get a renovation work done and I would say renovation is really not an easy job and a lot of time and effort needed to plan and also costing involved.

Dream House Makeover In The Process

Dream House Makeover In The Process

1) Go search around for reliable and reasonable contractor to get quotation for extension and wet works. Compare the price and choose for the best contractor. (Extension, Painting, Electric Wiring, Plaster Ceiling, Hacking, Tiling / Flooring, etc)

2) You need to get approval from Majilis Perbandaran Subang Jaya (MPSJ) for renovation (Surat Kelulusan Pelan Bangunan). It’s not cheap also to get these two plans up (Architect Plan and Engineering Plan) and approval from MPSJ with Alam Flora Tong Rental.

Dream House Makeover In The Process - Termites

Dream House Makeover In The Process - Termites

Dream House Makeover In The Process - Termites

4) You need to check all the current condition of the house and all. Currently my tangki bocor. Besides that there’s termites attacked that caused the wiring all koyak and need to spend money on pest control too!

5) You need to continue to scout for all the relevant materials (Kitchen Cabinet, Wardrobe, Tiles, Air Cond, Fridge, Washing Machine, TV, Furnitures, etc)

Arghh it’s really stress sometimes but enjoy the process though.

Now still in the process looking for :-

1) Kitchen Cabinet
There’s too many brand out there and I still don’t know which to choose as kitchen cabinet really take up a big sum in total. There’s so many material for the table top like Granite, Quartz, Solid Surface. Which to choose for the table top? What’s the cabinet material (3G Glass, Acrylic, Solid Wood, Melamine (ABS))?

2) Wardrobe
Should I choose on walk in wardrobe instead or sliding door or swing door wardrobe?

3) Tiles
What tiles to use? Homogeneous, Porcelain, Ceramic? So many brand (MML, White Horse, Guocera, Niro Granite, Venus, Alpha) out there how to make the decision?

4) Home Appliances
TV, Air Cond, Washing Machine, Oven, Microwave… (Panasonic, Sharp, Samsung, LG) This is the most headache part too!

5) Furniture
Sofa, Bed, Dining Table, and a lots more to the list…

Any “Idea” or Any “Advise” on how to make the dream house even better? Or anyone want to sponsor or able to recommend or able to get any good lubang or give me a good deal on anything just do not hesitate to contact me! Haha.

Dream House Makeover In The Process

Dream House Makeover In The Process

This is my concept on the dream house and it’s still long way to go. Hopefully it will be materialized and it will be good and going smooth 🙂



Author: Saimatkong

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  1. Do one piece at of time. Do proper budgeting.

    Don’t forget to plan the electric wiring /switches needed e.g. Kitchen if use hook need to have plug for electric or oven and ventilating fan maybe.

    Also like piping e.g. For washing machine or new fridge with auto make ice or Clothes drying machine need extra pipe. Water filter etc.

    Don’t forget look at feng Sui a bit also 🙂 I bet you have lot vendor around.

    Do check out expo for idea. Like perfect living. Midec etc.etc.

    Go for free consultation for idea n budgeting

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  2. Car porch look huge…anyway good luck for the dream house.Look like you will be busy bee…

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    • Hi Cindyrina,


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  3. Good luck on your project of dream house…lots of things need to be done.sorry that I don’t have any tips to share.

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  4. you are so lucky 🙂 totally envy the part where you are currently on your way getting your dream house! hahahaha ( me n my husband spend sooo long finalizing on which house to pick, and we haven’t decide)

    Anyway.. enjoy the process 🙂 and congrats on getting married!

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