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MyForteClub 2nd Annual MEGA TT 2.011 – Forte + Koup!

Friday, April 29th, 2011 3,422 views

Calling all Fortezens, old & new, come let’s make history! Fortezens & MyForteClub…rock on! Be proud…be cool…be FORTELICIOUS!

Please update your attendance here so that we could expect how many of you will be joining and easier to organized the TT!

MyForteClub 2nd Annual MEGA TT 2.011 - Forte + Koup

Theme : Back To College!
Target : 100++ Kia Forte & Koup!
Time : 1st May 2011 · 10:00am – 1:00pm
Location / Venue :
OldTown @ Syopz @ The Boardwalk
Jalan Taylor’s (NEXT TO Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus)
No. 1 Jalan Taylor’s 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Convoy spot
Convoy spot! Please update so that we could convoy to the OldTown @ Syopz @ The Boardwalk during this coming Mega TT II!

MyForteClub 2nd Annual MEGA TT 2.011 - Forte + Koup

MyForteClub 2nd Annual MEGA TT 2.011 - Forte + Koup

If you are a Forte / Koup owner or you would like to get Forte / Koup or interested to know more about Forte / Koup do join in the discussion and we must make this another success Mega TT!

NEW KFC O.R. Chicken Chop – So Good!

Friday, April 29th, 2011 4,228 views

KFC has introduced their new O.R. Chicken Chop Combo for only RM9.90.

NEW KFC O.R. Chicken Chop

NEW KFC O.R. Chicken Chop - RM9.90

For RM9.90, customers will get a premium boneless chicken in mouthwatering mushroom gravy with sweet corn kernels, crisp potato wedges and ice cold Mountain Dew.

NEW KFC O.R. Chicken Chop

Mushroom gravy
Must have Mushroom Gravy to match with the O.R. Chicken Chop!

NEW KFC O.R. Chicken Chop

NEW KFC O.R. Chicken Chop
Premium boneless chicken with mushroom gravy – The KFC O.R. Chicken Chop is just lovely as it’s soft and tasty as always just that now it’s without bone!

KFC - Sweet corn kernels
Sweet corn kernels – Love the corn but it would be better if it served in hot for me.

KFC - Potato wedges
Potato wedges – Just nice for a match with the chicken chop.

NEW KFC O.R. Chicken Chop
NEW KFC O.R. Chicken Chop – Recommended by saimatkong! Haha.

NEW KFC O.R. Chicken Chop - So Good!
The New O.R. Chicken Chop is Sooooo GOOD! Nothing left behind and the plate is so clean!


KFC new slogan - So Good!

KFC also introduced their new slogan which is “So Good”!

KFC new slogan - So Good!

MAKE your way down to the nearest KFC branch now and be the first to experience the new “O.R Chicken Chop Combo” brought to you by KFC

The new dish is guaranteed to tickle your taste buds with mushroom gravy to complement the renowned fried chicken.

*Prices may vary by location.

Asian Music Festival 亚洲音乐节 2011 @ MINES, MIECC

Friday, April 29th, 2011 2,831 views

7个亚洲国家, 25组顶尖巨星超强气势, 10小时震撼摇滚, 1个热爆音乐盛会.

因为本年度最备受期待的音乐盛事,亚洲音乐节即将隆重登场!超过20位来自7个亚洲国家的歌手将会齐聚一堂呈现连续10小时的精彩表演,让观众沉醉在各类型悦耳动听的东方音乐之中 , 绝对是亚洲音乐爱好者不容错过的年度盛事。

表演嘉宾: 黄贯中, 陈冠希, SE7EN, 李灿森, 黄小琥, 王俪婷, 廿四味, 张芸京, 棒棒糖, 杜成义, 何维健, DAYDREAM, 农夫, 林隆璇, 周笔畅, 刘纾妤, 赖力豪, 黄威尔, 慢行, ROSEVELT, 李佳薇, THE BOTTOM BLUES, NAMCHA, 胡蓓蔚,朱浩仁

Asian Music Festival 2011 | 亚洲音乐节 2011

Asian Music Festival 2011 | 亚洲音乐节 2011

Asia Music Festival 2011

日期 : 2011年 4月 30日 (30/04/2011)
时间 : 中午2点 – 凌晨12点 (2pm – 12am)
地点 : MINES, MIECC 马来西亚绿野国际会展中心
票價 : RM128 & RM248 *搖滾區 (Rock Zone)

Asian Music Festival featuring more than 20 artists, from seven Asian nations for 10 hours of non-stop musical experience.

Asian music fans rejoice, as Tiger Beer is proud to bring you the biggest Asian Music Festival™ to date – right here in Malaysia. Featuring non-stop electrifying performances for a jaw-dropping ten hours long of musical bliss, the Asian Music Festival™ is undeniably an event no Asian music fans can miss.

With appearance of more than 20 artistes from seven Asian nations, the festival is set to kick off at 2pm at the Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC), Sri Kembangan this April 30th 2011. There will be massive performances by artistes from both international and local music scenes belting out their best numbers; such as Se7en from Korea, Edison Chen and FAMA from Hong Kong, Taiwanese artistes Jing Chang and Tiger Huang, Bibi from China, Olivia Ong from Singapore, Namcha from Thailand and lastly, our very own Suki and dayDream from Malaysia, just to name a few.

The excitement doesn’t stop here –three emcees, Paisley Wu from Hong Kong, and Astro MY FM deejays Mei Yan and Jeff Chin – the famous duo that needs no introduction in local Chinese entertainment industry; will further amplify the atmosphere by keeping fans entertained throughout the night. The icing on the cake of the entire festival is definitely the refreshing ice-cold Tiger beers which will be served throughout the event – the beverage that always goes well with such rip-roaring music event.

I have one ticket to give out! Just leave a message here why you want to go to Asian Music Festival 亚洲音乐节 2011 and the best comment will get the ticket! =)

The event partners include MY FM, Air Asia, Cathay Pacific, Everlast, Station One, Mint, Canon and Neway.

Official Website : http://www.ilikeamf.com.my/

The Royal Wedding – Prince William & Catherine Middleton

Friday, April 29th, 2011 3,756 views

The Royal Wedding of Prince William & Catherine Middleton

Friday 29 April 2011 at Westminster Abbey

You can watch The Royal Wedding Online Live! @ Youtube @ 5pm Malaysia Time. (GMT +8)

Or you can watch live Telecast on NTV7 29th April 2011 from 3pm onwards.

Catch the most anticipated wedding of the year–The Royal Wedding of His Royal Highness Prince William and Catherine Middleton this Friday (29/4) from 3pm to 8.30pm on ntv7, only your home of feel good!

The time has come for Westminster Abbey’s bells to ring for the fairytale royal wedding of the year. Prince William’s nuptials to sweetheart Kate Middleton on 29th April will be a historical moment not to be missed and only ntv7 is bringing it LIVE on free-to-air TV! Don’t miss The Royal Wedding Coverage of HRH Prince William and Kate Middleton on 29th April, 3.00 p.m. to 8.30 p.m., plus all exclusive updates from the Feel Good crew stationed in London in the lead up to the LIVE coverage.

Will you be watching the Royal Wedding Live Telecast? The Yang di-Pertuan Agong and Raja Permaisuri Agong of Malaysia is in the Royal wedding guest list! =)

Official Site for The Royal Wedding : http://www.officialroyalwedding2011.org/

Apple iPad 2 is available in Malaysia this Friday! 29th April

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011 7,279 views

Apple announced that the iPad 2 will be coming to Malaysia and Singapore this Friday, 29 April. Other availability countries also includes Hong Kong, India, Israel, Korea, Macau, Philippines, South Africa, Turkey and UAE.

Apple iPad 2 is available in Malaysia this Friday

Yup, finally iPad 2 here! Wanted to get an iPad but waited for iPad 2 since then. Should I get it?

Apple iPad 2 press release
iPad 2 Arrives in Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore & Eight Other Countries This Week

Malaysia iPad 2 Official price

iPad2 Wifi 16GB : RM1,499
iPad2 Wifi 32GB : RM1,799
iPad2 Wifi 64GB : RM2,099
iPad2 Wifi + 3Gs : 16GB RM1,899
iPad2 Wifi + 3Gs : 32GB RM2,199
iPad2 Wifi + 3Gs : 64GB RM2,499

iPad 2 will be available for sale on 29th April 2011, Friday and expected to start at 9am while the Apple online store starts earlier at 1am.

Where To Buy Apple iPad 2?

- Machines : Bukit Tinggi Klang, Sunway Pyramid, Lot10, KLCC, City Square Johor Bahru
- MacStudio : Lowyat Plaza, Berjaya Times Square, Bangsar Shopping Centre
- Epicentre : Pavillion, IOI Mall, Lim Kok Wing
- Switch : Penang (Straits Quay, Sunway Carnival Mall, Gurney Plaza, Jusco Aeon, Queensbay Mall) Selangor (The Mines), Sarawak (The Spring Kuching)
- Apple Campus Experience Center (Taylor’s College)
- MacCity : 1Utama KL, Kluang Mall Johor, Hatten Square Melaka
- iStudy : Subang Parade, 1Mont Kiara, Sunway Pyramid
- myBytes : Tropicana City Mall
- Harvey Norman : (IPC (Ikano Power Center), Sunway Pyramid, Mid Valley)

Will you be one of them who queuing up for the new iPad 2 this coming Friday? My advise is NO! Don’t waste your time queuing up. Why?
1) If you are working, you need to apply for leave.
2) Need to start queuing very early maybe 6am? Or maybe some even over night or camp there?
3) There’s no discount of special offer stated till now for the early bird buyer.
4) You may end up empty handed without the iPad 2 as there will be a quota set for daily iPad 2 sales.
5) They might be some iPad 2 already reserved for the pre-order ppl and there will be less unit available?
6) Ended up just waste your leave, waste your time, waste your energy?
7) It will be the same if you get it after the launching period and not fighting with others?
8) You can just order from Apple Store with free shipping and engraving too!

If you think all the above is nothing to you then by all means go ahead and queue and grab your iPad 2 and be a happy Apple customer! =)

P/S : Machines : It is limited for 2 units of iPad 2 per person.

Follow some of the iPad 2 Release in Malaysia info : Lowyat
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AH OR Chu Yuk Fun (Pork Noodles) 啊OR猪肉粉 @ Sunway Mentari

Monday, April 25th, 2011 6,371 views

I love to eat Pork Noodles 猪肉粉, this AH OR Chu Yuk Fun 槟城(啊OR)猪肉粉 @ Sunway Mentari was recommended by my buddy and I finally got a chance to try it out! It’s awesome as the pork is really nice, soft and tender!

AH OR Chu Yuk Fun (Pork Noodles) 啊OR猪肉粉 @ Sunway Mentari

AH OR Chu Yuk Fun (Pork Noodles) 啊OR猪肉粉 @ Sunway Mentari

AH OR Chu Yuk Fun (Pork Noodles) 啊OR猪肉粉 @ Sunway Mentari

AH OR Chu Yuk Fun (Pork Noodles) 啊OR猪肉粉 @ Sunway Mentari

AH OR Chu Yuk Fun (Pork Noodles) 啊OR猪肉粉 @ Sunway Mentari

Check out the ingredient! All the pork is damn nice! Awesome!

AH OR Chu Yuk Fun (Pork Noodles) 啊OR猪肉粉 @ Sunway Mentari

AH OR Chu Yuk Fun (Pork Noodles) 啊OR猪肉粉 @ Sunway Mentari

AH OR Chu Yuk Fun (Pork Noodles) 啊OR猪肉粉 @ Sunway Mentari

You get a choice of various items to add into the soup: liver, intestines, minced pork and pork slices. The pork is cooked to perfection as the meat was soft like and not overcooked like other stalls.

AH OR Chu Yuk Fun (Pork Noodles) 啊OR猪肉粉 @ Sunway Mentari

AH OR Chu Yuk Fun (Pork Noodles) 啊OR猪肉粉 @ Sunway Mentari

AH OR Chu Yuk Fun (Pork Noodles) 啊OR猪肉粉 @ Sunway Mentari

AH OR Chu Yuk Fun (Pork Noodles) 啊OR猪肉粉 @ Sunway Mentari

AH OR Chu Yuk Fun (Pork Noodles) 啊OR猪肉粉 @ Sunway Mentari
Crispy Lard!

AH OR Chu Yuk Fun (Pork Noodles) 啊OR猪肉粉 @ Sunway Mentari
Empty bowl!

AH OR Chu Yuk Fun 槟城(啊OR)猪肉粉 is related to 2 other popular pork noodles outlets in Petaling Jaya. One is the famous SS3 Pork Noodles (which I still yet to try!) and another one is the famous SS15 Pork Noodles! No wonder la yummy but then this AH OR Pork Noodles served faster compared to the loooooong wait of your pork noodles in the famous SS15 Pork Noodles which is takes up to 45mins!

One thing after you eat this pork noodles you will feel very thirsty even you drink plenty of water! Quite a lot of MSG?

AH OR Chu Yuk Fun (Pork Noodle) 槟城(啊OR)猪肉粉 @ Sunway Mentari
No. 3, Jalan PJS 8/17
Dataran Mentari
46150 Bandar Sunway
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel: Jennifer (012-428 8680) / Jayce (012-613 0479)

(Non Halal. Place is open from 7am to 5pm daily)

DiGi : White iPhone 4 Kambing to Malaysia!

Friday, April 22nd, 2011 3,717 views

Wow… Been almost a year and finally White iPhone 4 are coming to Malaysia? Yup, if you are looking for an iPhone 4 now why not wait for a few days for the White iPhone 4? Or if you could wait, just wait till end of the year for the iPhone 5? =)

White iPhone 4

Digi White iPhone 4
It’s quite creative url (http://kambing-soon.com) + ads from Digi for the upcoming White iPhone 4!

http://kambing-soon.com will actually redirect you to a Digi page where you could signup for your interest on the New White iPhone 4.
DiGi : White iPhone 4 Kambing to Malaysia!

Mine is almost like White iPhone 4 because I using White iPhone case =)

FREE 1Malaysia Email, I’m giving FREE 1Manusia Email!

Thursday, April 21st, 2011 4,389 views

Free 1Malaysia Email that need RM50mil investment? Wow that’s such a big amount of money that could be invested into something more useful to the Malaysian rather than giving email which we could easily singup from Gmail or Hotmail with plenty of storage?

The question everyone asking is, why do we need this when any service providers will give you a free e-mail account. Isn’t it true?

I really agree with Chief Minister of Penang, Lim Guan Eng to give free WIFI instead of Free Email which is not really benefit to the citizen.

CM Lim said, ‘Give free wi-fi, not free email. What’s the point of free email when we can get them from Yahoo, Google and Hotmail?’ He also expressed his concerns regarding privacy issues.

‘Give free wi-fi, not free 1MalaysiaEmail’ Guan Eng told Najib

1Malaysia e-mail accounts for Malaysians over 18

PUTRAJAYA: Malaysians aged 18 and above will be assigned an e-mail account each to receive statements, bills and notices from the Government.

Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, who announced this yesterday, said the 1MY E-mail initiative would allow “direct and secure” communication between citizens and the Government while enhancing the delivery of government services to consumers and businesses alike.

Tricubes Bhd is collaborating with Microsoft to develop the 1Malaysia E-mail project.

The company will spearhead the private RM50mil investment that also includes the development of a web portal as a one-stop centre for government services providing value-added services such as social networking, checking of bills online and payments.

Tricubes chief executive officer Khairun Zainal Mokhtar said the company was still conducting stress tests for the website.

“Hopefully, we can get it ready by July,” he told a press conference at the fifth progress update of the Economic Transformation Programme here yesterday.

Khairun said the portal was different from the MyEG website, which focused on the payment of bills and summonses, as it would allow interaction between people and the Government.

The Performance Management and Delivery Unit, responding to queries said the 1Malaysia E-mail would not be made compulsory.

Source : TheStar

myemail.my 1Malaysia Email

Tricubes launches myemail.my

KUALA LUMPUR, April 20 — Tricubes Berhad has launched the myemail.my “Citizen Inbox” service with registration to begin at the end of April despite a furore whether the RM50 million project is necessary for citizens to communicate with the government.

The government has already stated the service is voluntary and no public funds will be used to finance the project.

Tricubes is using Microsoft Corp’s Windows Live platform for the email service, which will offer 25GB of mailbox space. The service will also allow users to create documents using Microsoft Office products, which is the most widely used office suite software worldwide.

Windows Live is the collective brand name for a set of services and software products from Microsoft, part of their software plus services platform.

The features offered by Tricubes are already available in Microsoft’s free Hotmail service.

The government has stressed that it is not funding the private-sector initiative despite inviting bids for the project last November.

However, project developer, Tricubes, is in danger of being delisted from the stock exchange for financial irregularities.

The website domain was registered by Tricubes on March 10, 2011 for a year.

“Myemail is an email messaging service open to all Malaysians. If you are a citizen, then you are entitled to a myemail account. Registration is simple and approval is within 24 hours.

“With a myemail account, you can get the latest news or even events by the government directly to your inbox. Be the first to know of new government initiatives, services or policies,” the website added.

As of 5pm, the hashtags #1malaysiaemail and #Tricubes are still among the top ten Malaysian topics on microblogging site Twitter, where Malaysians have ridiculed the email plan since it was announced yesterday.

The 1 Malaysia email project is not the first free email project in the country. WauMail was officially launched on July 12, 1999 and was available in four languages — Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mandarin and Tamil.

WauMail was a joint-venture between Technology Park Malaysia and Intelliweb Sdn Bhd. Its website was hacked in 2001 when it had some 600,000 users. It was later turned into a paid email service in 2002. At present, it no longer exists as an email service.

Source : TheMalaysianInsider

1Malaysia vs 1Manusia

I remember that I have discussed with my ex-colleague about 1Malaysia.com and we came out with a funny yet captive name that’s 1Manusia.com which we think it’s greater? Now, I’m giving you free @1Manusia.com email for FREE too!

If you want to get this free email account, you just have to follow me in my twitter and Facebook. Then just leave me a message and your email address will be created right away! Of coz this is done out of good will and can’t compared to the Free 25GB provided by myemail.my, so don’t overload the free email service that I provide k! =)

Win a trip for 2 to the Katy Perry California Dreams Tour in Brisbane!

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011 3,036 views

Win a trip for 2 to the Katy Perry California Dreams Tour in Brisbane. It’s Hotmail way of saying thanks, as we bring you even more amazing features – including the all-new Office Web Apps which make accessing documents a breeze!

With Office Web Apps, you can now edit your Office documents on the go within Hotmail. To find out more on Office Web Apps, go here. Hurry, answer the question below before 24 April 2011 and win!

Win a trip for 2 to the Katy Perry California Dreams Tour in Brisbane!

2 tickets to the Katy Perry California Dreams Tour in Brisbane, Australia on 5 May 2011, inclusive of airfare and 3D2N hotel accommodation!

2 sets of Katy Perry “Teenage Dreams” Towel & Teenage Dream CD Single.

Sexy Katy Perry

Can’t wait for the excitement to begin? Experience it first by watching the California Dreams Arena Tour 2011 footage now!

Official Contest Page : http://katyperry.savesocialenergy.com/
Official Katy Perry Fan Page : http://www.katyperry.com/

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Real-Life Angry Birds That You Could Play Without iPhone or Android Phone!

Friday, April 15th, 2011 3,440 views

Have you heard of Angry Bird game? I’m sure you do, even if you don’t own an iPhone or Android phone, you should have either seen your friends playing this game or play before? Not enough of Angry Bird? Got Angry Birds Fever? Haha…

Angry Bird Drawings

Are you one of the crazy Angry Birds’ Fans? Fear not even you do not have iPhone or an Android Phone to play… All you need is just a white board and some playful friends! =)

Being too boring and too crazy about Angry Birds, here’s what we did and we had fun playing it! Ha.Ha.Ha. =p

Starts with the Birds (Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, and White) and the Pigs (Neutral Pig, Moustache Pig, King Pig, Helmet Pig)! You need to know very well of the birds and pigs only you able to draw it! Play more and you can draw it without even looking about the Angry Birds characters anymore but by memory you able to draw it out of your hand.

Angry Bird Drawings
Angry Bird!

Angry Bird Drawings
Angry Pig!

Okay then you can start playing Live Angry Birds! =)

Real-Life Angry Birds That You Could Play With iPhone or Android Phone!

Angry Birds Take 1

Real-Life Angry Birds That You Could Play With iPhone or Android Phone!

Angry Birds Take 2

Real-Life Angry Birds That You Could Play With iPhone or Android Phone!

Angry Birds Take 3

Real-Life Angry Birds That You Could Play With iPhone or Android Phone!

Angry Birds Take 4

Real-Life Angry Birds That You Could Play With iPhone or Android Phone!

Angry Birds Take 5

Real-Life Angry Birds That You Could Play With iPhone or Android Phone!

Angry Birds Take 6

Real-Life Angry Birds That You Could Play With iPhone or Android Phone!

Angry Birds Take 7 – Level Complete!

Check out the Animation / Sketch of the Angry Bird playing here.
Angry Bird in animation style!

Check out the video of how we play Angry Birds with only a white board!

Real-Life Angry Birds That You Could Play Without iPhone or Android Phone!

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