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Personalized or Customized Car Sign

Written on November 23, 2008 – 1:01 am | by Saimatkong Tian Leong | 7,021 views

“What is Personalized or Customized Car Sign?” car sign

A car sign is a sign put on cars to show a statement or for a purpose. It can also mean a traffic sign to direct cars one way or another, or to tell cars what to do.

Do you have car sign in your lovely car?
If no, are you looking for the car sign that can be printed with your own photo or text with FULL COLOR?

yam cha corner car sign

Personalized or Customized Car Sign

Personalized or Customized Car Sign

Personalized or Customized Car Sign

Personalized or Customized Car Sign

We help you to decorate your car with a personalized car sign. Just upload us your favorite photo or text, we will design it for you. Our gift idea – personalized car sign is to let you to show the world you / your car are unique and different from others. You may want to put your father or mother or husband or wife or son picture, e.g. “my daddy a great driver” or “my baby on board”, or even for your wedding purposes.

In addition, this is great for advertising on your car, truck or van.
You’ve seen them on vehicles on the road everywhere ~ they work and it’s fully customizable!

Customized Car Sign

Just send in your design and we will take care of the rest. Availability: Usually ships in 3-5 business days.

RM 20.00 Now Promotion Price RM 15.90 (RM7 for peninsular delivery, if order more can free on delivery), send me email or call me to order now!

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  1. 4 Responses to “Personalized or Customized Car Sign”

  2. By Sports cars | Car Battery | Maintenance Tips on May 26, 2010 | Reply

    wow that’s cool. can imagine how it looks like when i put that stuff in my car. thanks a lot. great post you have.

  3. By saimatkong on May 29, 2010 | Reply

    hi, you want to get one of the car sign?

  4. By Reef on May 15, 2012 | Reply

    I’m thinking to do custom car sign with glass sucker for about 50 pieces. Can u help me?

  5. By saimatkong on May 16, 2012 | Reply

    Hi Reef,

    Do you have the design and how soon you want it?

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