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New Shell Citibank Credit Card

New Shell Citibank Credit Card

If you are looking for credit card and you are pump Shell petrol why not consider this new launch credit card from Citibank? It’s called “Shell Citibank Credit Card”.

Save on fuel. Get up to 10% rebate on Shell fuels. This is the best part as the fuel is getting more and more expensive which is expected to rise next year. Get up to 10% on your fuel purchases at Shell Stations. Hurry! Apply before 13 January 2008 to enjoy this Double Rebates offer, which is within the first 60 days from your card issuance. It’s a way of ensuring your money goes the distance.

Cash rebate tiers for Gold Card at a glace:
Tier 1 | Carried Forward Balance <= RM4,000.00 | Shell Fuel 2.5% rebate | Shell Non-Fuel/Purchases Elsewhere 0.75% Tier 2 | Carried Forward Balance >= RM4,000.00 | Shell Fuel 5.0% rebate | Shell Non-Fuel/Purchases Elsewhere 1.50%

Cash rebate tiers for Classic Card at a glace:
Tier 1 | Carried Forward Balance <= RM4,000.00 | Shell Fuel 1.5% rebate | Shell Non-Fuel/Purchases Elsewhere 0.50% Tier 2 | Carried Forward Balance >= RM4,000.00 | Shell Fuel 3.0% rebate | Shell Non-Fuel/Purchases Elsewhere 1.00%

If you apply now you can get either a Reebok Backpack or RM50.00 rebate.

1st year fee waiver and up to 2 Supplementary Cards. Apply now to enjoy double rebates up to 10%. If you want to apply, I could refer you. You can just give me your details and that’s all you need to do or you could apply online or thru all the Shell Station which they have an application form at the counter.

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Author: Saimatkong

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  1. Dear Sir,

    Thanks for your good sharing.
    Anyhow, every card have their own benefit and disadvantages.

    Let me share sometning.

    With citibank gold shell card, you are entitle to get 2.5% cash rebate on fuel transaction at shell.

    It mean, with no T&C (no balance oustanding or no balance carry forward), you are entitle to get a cash rebate at RM2.50 per RM100 fuel that you spend for.

    Imagine, if 1 month u spend RM400 in your petrol, will u save RM10 per month? What are the amouunt that you might save over long run? Eg: 20 years? DO you think msia oil price will increase due to the global oil always kiss new high? US 127 per barrel?

    2) Not just because of that (2.5% on fue rabete), citibank shell gold credit card holder also can entitle to get 0.75% on non-fuel transaction such as dinnning, go shopping and many more.

    2.5% on shell fuel + 0.75% on non-fuel CASH REBATE! THat is super good card in the market. ANyone can suggest or give me idea, do any card issue have the kind of the card now?
    WHo are the benefit by using this card?

    CC (Credit card) is not a bad thing. It is depend on how u want to use it. DIspline is important and some more, pls use it for convinience purpose + you can save a lot . ..if you use it smartly. .dont u think so?

    TO be frank, I am a citibank full time credit card agent. Guy, let us share the good thing for the reader outside.

    No Offense. jUst sharing.


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  2. Hi, I appreciate your sharing, but the example u giving is just the maximum and u are talking about gold card here and there’s cap for the maximum rebate which u did not mention and no adv here about ur phone number. thanks for sharing.

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