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New Maybank Visa Debit Card

Maybank Visa Debit Card

Shop at over 29 million VISA merchant locations worldwide

It’s your ATM card – withdraw cash locally and overseas

Earn TreatsPoints and enjoy privileges when you shop

No income requirement for application, no finance and late charges or annual fees

Online statement through www.maybank2u.com

Peace of mind with the smart chip security

Features & Benefits of the NEW Maybankard Visa Debit

It is as good as cash! A fast and easy way to pay, and it eliminates the need to carry cheques and reduces the risk of carrying cash. You can also pay bills, transfer money or make purchases wherever VISA is accepted.
It is that smart!

Accepted Everywhere
Maybankard Visa Debit is accepted in as many as 29 million VISA merchant locations worldwide.

Peace of Mind
With the latest security features of the smart chip technology on the card, you can be assured of peace of mind while you shop. An SMS alert will be sent to you if we detect any doubtful transactions. Our 24 x 7 Call Centre is also ready to assist you at all times.

Control at Your Fingertip
• Set Your Own Purchase Limit
You can set your own purchase limit up to the Bank Purchase Limit which currently stands at RM5,000. Or you can deactivate or lower this limit at any Maybank ATM.
• Record-Keeping
Keep track of your expenses with your online statement where you will see information such as merchant location, transaction amount and date.

Earn TreatsPoints whenever you pay with your Maybankard Visa Debit. Redeem an array of exciting gifts or shopping, dining or petrol vouchers with your accumulated TreatsPoints.

Fee Free
No more annual fees, monthly interest rates or late charges to worry about with the Maybankard Visa Debit

Terms & Conditions

One thing I should bring out here and you all should know is,i f u pump petrol other than Petronas, it will charge you RM150 per transaction and then will only return the remaining amount to your account. So that’s the cons. No matter how much u pump it will be RM150.00 and only return to you few days time.

Let say, you pump RM60.00 but you will be charged RM150.00 and the remaining RM90.00 will return to you in few days time. So that’s the catch and it hold your cash flow.



Author: Saimatkong

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  1. i heard of this new card too. sounds great. am going to apply soon.

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  2. hey, one thing you all should know. If u pump petrol other than Petronas, it will charge you RM150 1st and then will only return the remaining amount to your account. So that’s the cons. No matter how much u pump it will be RM150.00 and only return to you few days time.

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  3. Very gila ah..maybank..

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  4. Actually the concept of using visa debit at petrol pump same with credit card. But credit card is bank money…so customer don’t care only pay….but visa debit is people money…in petronas if u use Visa debit but select Credit..the behaviour same like other petrol pump….not a few days time…but after the petrol pump do the settlement with their terminal….

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  5. how bout when you buy something more than wat is left in ur account using this debit card..? or is it we need to check the balance in the account b4 shop. or is it we only shop according the sum in the account..

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  6. you only can use what ever you have and it’s within the credit limit that you set.

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  7. hi, when i use this card to pay the hotel, oso charge RM150 1st for deposit when u check in. but until wait for one week still no refund the money yet. I oso don know wat going on. anybody know?

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  8. that I’m not too sure why not u call maybank and ask? that’s the most easy way to ask about where ur money go about.

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  9. Actually i pumped petrol using my maybank visa debit card at petronas (awan besar) that day n they automatically deducted RM 150 from me too..

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  10. .. but they credited back the RM 150 the next day n deducted my actual petrol amt spent.. funny..
    Btw, is it just me or is anyone else a biiiit concerned about security aspect of this card? IMHO, they shuld request for PIN no 1st b4 a transaction..

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  11. Hi vanillacOla, I thought Petronas they will not as told by the customer service in Maybank when my colleague applied for it. That’s weird. Btw, it’s function is like credit card so no pin is required .

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  12. hi,
    I read that you can pay at the counter using debit card without being deducted RM 150.

    can anybody confirm this

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  13. hey, u mean pay for petrol over the counter? Those who using this debit might help or the best is call directly to their customer service.

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  14. You can pay at the inside counter of the petrol station n be deducted of the amount of petrol that u bought by purchasing some products in the kiosk,but usually they will ask u to swipe it at the pumps.this will cause u to advance the rm150 from the card.

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  15. Not sure if it works differently in Sabah, but last night I put RM50 in my car (at Shell – no choice, stuck in the card, it processed for a few seconds and said “autorised, start pumping”) and this morning there’s a RM200 charge under “PRE-AUTH” in my Online Banking.

    If it’s pre-authorisation, it’s a block, much like when they block off say RM500 at a hotel when you check-in, to cover your expenses and reserve the money on your account. So techincally the money has not been removed, although it boils down to the same thing.

    Will have to wait and see how long it takes for them to remove the authorisation. I wonder why they chose to do it this way.

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  16. For Shell, it is RM200, RM150 is for Petronas, is there a way to remove this deduction when swiping the card? how about for other petrol stations like ESSO?MOBIL?BHP?CALTEX?

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  17. I don’t think there’s way to remove this deduction as this is how the debit card works I guess. I have no idea on other petrol stations maybe other ppl may help or you should call the customer care line. =)

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  18. Petrol transaction at the pump (outdoor) – Pre-authorization amount is RM150 but some petrol operators allow the cardholder to select the amount at the pump. Pre-authorization amount will be charged to customer’s banking account during the fill-up. The pre-authorization amount will be reversed back and the actual filled-up amount will be charged to customer’s bank account once the bank receives the actual filled-up amount from the acquiring bank. Averagepre-authorization holding day is 3 days

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  19. actually last friday, im using my debit for the first time at ESSO, but the machine said that my card is invalid, so i pay cash, but when i check at maybank2u, im shocked because RM200 was deducted from my acc… fuhh.. finally they explain everything…

    why they made this rules ha????

    im almost get heart attack… hahaha..

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  20. hey why invalid? then what they explain? care to list out the details so the rest will know about it too. =)

    so u got ur refund?

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  21. hi guys,i also face this kind of situation right now, so im finding the results here.
    hi saimatkong,izzit the truth that our pre-auth amount will be given back?
    coz i’ve been deducted twice in a night when i pump petrol at petronas and it make me shock about this.

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  22. Hi Desmond, yes, no worries, if you worried better give their CS a call. =)

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  23. Hi guys,

    I hav the same prob too… yesterday i pump fuel at CALTEX station in kamunting for only RM30 using Maybank debit card. I did not know nothing about this stuff. Today, i check my account through maybank2u.. i was shock that my RM200 deducted from my account! this is so %$#$#$ @@#$#!

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  24. haha…nw i got my credit bek ad…haha
    quiet fast..monday get it bek

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  25. Maybank or any other bank using the preapproved sh*t on their debit card customers are cheating their customers blind.The money is there.

    Bank Negara is supposed to regulate banking anti social behavior – and they allow this sh*t to happen.

    I suppose we have to alert CAP or any other dumb politicians to give them speaking points.

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  26. the conclusions is please stay away from using the maybankard visa debit. it’s totally useless otherwise the card cannot be use as a online shopping.
    the logo VISA nampak gempak sial but the reality its sucks! useless

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  27. last time, i’m using my debit for the first time at TESCO at pinang, but its not work when casher swiping for a couple time at the machine. so i pay in cash, when i check at maybank2u using my mobile phone via 3G,i was resulted that’s RM3(only) was deducted from my acc..as i know i’m never buy something using this shit.. big company is not a big deal!

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  28. cannot using online paypal?….

    buy things in shop also Pre-authorization?

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    • Please contact the customer service for more info. I’m not sure about this.

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  29. hey can debit card goes to on9 cause i am trying to get something from us

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  30. hi everyone, i agree with you all. the maybank visa debit card is useless!!…they have charged me RM200 pre-autho sale debit when i filled fuel RM50..at shell station…had to use the pump as the counter had problem with the system…they took RM50 from my account and took RM200 pre-autho sale debit…it has been 5 days now and i haven’t received my money back. do you know how long they reverse the money back? this is useless system!! btw, do you know what happen if we cancel the visa debit card? will maybank charge us etc? let me know if you have any idea..thanks.

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  31. normally they give me back money on the 4th day, so I consider it is 3 days. by the way if don’t want to use it as a debit card then just use it as ATM card because cancel then apply back the normal bankard cost RM20 i think~~

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  32. the hell, Ive been experiencing it too… I pump for RM50 fuel on 19th of July.. suddenly I checked my online statement today RM200 hv been deducted from my account.. its been 5days, 3days if I minus of sat and sun..

    useless card, this sholud not happening.. luckyly I pump yesterday usning cash.. otherwise RM400 deduted from my account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  33. aku isi minyak rm50 3/8/09. aku cucuk kad debit 2x tp 1st time x jd isi. maybank tolak rm150x2=rm300. Depa refund blk rm150. mana pi lagi rm150. esok aku nk complaint. haram jadah sungguh maybank!! menyusahkan org.

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  34. Same thing happen to me, today i went to Esso-Mobil and fuel Rm40 using the fuel pump card payment. However, the first try was unsuccessful because I inserted the royalty card upside down .So I did the 2nd time, this was successful. After that, I logged in to maybank2u and checked the “today’s transaction” and it shows PRE-AUTH DEBIT Rm 200, TWICE! Probably the system deducted the first try too. Hopefully I will get my Rm360 back.

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  35. – It is VISA , not VISA electron ? Can use at anywhere same as VISA credit card?
    – Let say purchase something in supermarket, user need sign or use PIN ?

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  36. – the ‘top up’ is just bank in the amount into saving/current account?
    – anyone tried using it at departmental store/ shops/ merchants? “Pre-authorization” needed?

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  37. Anyone here can confirm it charge RM8 for this card?
    but the website mentioned “Annual service fee: Free”

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  38. hello “ask”…

    if u take Annual service fee: Free…u will be charged RM0.50 for Fifth withdrawal and above in a month*:

    so they came with new option…
    Annual fee: RM8 for unlimited withdrawal

    up to u want to take it or not..because i just applied today and this information i got from the officer

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  39. You guys never worry about the security flaws in this Maybank Debit Card?

    Maybank2u Card, yes it is not widely accepted, but the security is peace of mind. If your card is stolen or lost, without the PIN, they can’t use it anywhere

    Maybank Visa Debit Card, if you lost it, anyone can use it to shop for anything, because no pin required, and worst case – it is directly deduct from your saving acount. They directly take money from your saving account!!!

    Unlike Credit card, any fraud is bared by the bank itself, as you are not required to pay until the statement comes and you reserve the right not to pay the bank if any fraud found, at most is just a dent to your credit card credit limit, and it will be reversed back in no time; Maybank Visa Debit Card, if happened somebody took your card and swap a huge amount of transaction… You know what will happen then…

    Any transaction before you report your card is lost to Maybank is considered valid, what if few days later only you found out that you lost your card?

    I lost my ATM Card before, and I never realised until few weeks later I want to withdraw cash from the ATM. But I never worry, because unlikely anyone who picked up my card is able to guess my six digit PIN right within three tries.

    If I lost my Maybank Visa Debit Card, chances is likely I will shit my pants. Now everyday I must ensure the card is still in my wallet.

    I don’t know about you guys, but I am going to cancel my Maybank Visa Debit Card and reverse it back to normal Maybank2u ATM Card for peace of mind.

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    • I think now when you apply ATM they will give your Debit card from now on…

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  40. yesterday i pump RM 25 petrol at petronas using my maybank debit card. Everybody say that they will deduct 150 if petronas but why the hell they took 200 from my account? anybody know?? Please, im so worry right now!!

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    • Hey Cromers, no worries they will revert the money to you in few days time.

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  41. I used my bf’s maybank visa debit card to purchase heel
    online, the merchant declined the card. But when I checked back the
    online statement, about RM175 deducted from my bf’s a/c. It stated
    Pre-Auth debit.. However, I didn’t receive any confirmation for my
    order. I’m confused. When I asked maybank’s customer service, they
    told me the online merchant hold the money..not maybank. I’ve been
    waiting for like 2 weeks already!! Grrr…

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  42. Anybody knows about Address Verification System (AVS)? It
    applied on certain countries only. Maybank told me the I have to
    wait for like 2-4 weeks for the amount that was deducted from my

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  43. Hi Saimatkong,

    Yeah i hv one credit card that i hv no more interest to use, so i’ve converted my maybank bankcard to visa debit.. and i dont mind if myabnk hold my rm150 if i pump other than petronas.. because if it is a credit card.. a transaction at any petrol brands.. Credit card company will definitely deduct Rm200 temporarily.. from ur card.. it’s normal. so if maybank hv such offer,just deduct rm150 temporarily becoz u’re not using petronas..this is good enough.. compared to any credit cards companies.

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  44. salam,

    my opinion….we use debit card with MEPS and PLUS only for emergency like taking money oversea.i have to opt for this card(despite being smitten by juicy cherry on it) bec i have to travel with children to their tok in egypt and work in saudi.but,i only put money in my card when we need to buy.if not,the card remains only rm30-50.i keep my debit card that way,hubby sticks to normal ATM bec he gets salary tru it in malaysia.we dont close personal/biz acc with maybank even if working in saudi bec it carries credits to our financial stability abroad.it helps to gain trust.

    i use maybank bec i need to make easy for online transaction.i also keep islamic hsbc for travelling- oversea reason.esp when we need to transfer money to parents.my fav is kuwait finance house and alrajhi,but they are not fully-useful in malaysia unless we live nearby its branches.i love bank islam a bit for ITAP and tabung haji reason,bank muamalat for my salary,and tabung haji for savings.only islamic banking is good,insya Allah.sadly,our car are using islamic finance from ambank and public bank bec we cant afford bank rakyat.so,all these banks are involved due to reasons here and there and to try at best to be syariah-compliant in every deal.

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  45. There has been continous complaints about maybank using customer’s money free for five days thru customer’s use of their debit cards. The tsunami of curses does not cause the stupid (another curse..)bank even a minor itch. they happily go on with life.
    Blame should go to Bank Negara for condoning this abuse..Stupid Bank Negara .

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  46. I fueled in at ESSO petrol station, rm200 was deducted. For my case, it was deducted twice that is RM400, as the first time I swapped the machine indicated ‘Sale Cancelled’, successful only at second attempt. Shocked to find out my account balance later that night, so i called customer service and i was told the money will be returned from 3 to 1 week time. Apparently whether or not transaction successful, for each swipe RM200 will be hold by the petrol company. Personally, its inconvenient.

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    • Yup, that’s really inconvenient!

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  47. Hi all,

    It happened to me. I’ve just fill up rm30 from BHP, when I check the next day Maybank deducted RM200. (PREAUTH SALE BHPETROL )

    Lesson learned, dont ever use Maybank Debit Card for fuel.

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  48. Hi all, it happened to me too. My brother mistakenly swiped my card instead of his to fuel up at Shell and although no transaction was done they still deducted RM200 from my account. When I called CS they said they’ll BLOCK my card and I need to go their branch, fill up a dispute form (which they will use to check with the petrol station about the transaction – which will take months) and as icing on the cake I’ll have to pay for a NEW card !!!! I’m really astounded on how dumb was their trick to cheat their customers …

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  49. gosh, most of guys still dont know yet?

    In order to avoid your RM150-200 money from being deducted by petrol station.. just go to the counter, tell the cashier how much that you want to pay, RM30 for example and swipe the card there. in this case, only RM30 will be deducted from your account.

    don’t blame the bank. this RM150-200 deduction is normal for all cards (both debit and credit cards). unless, like i said earlier. go to the counter and tell the amount that you want to pay then swipe there.

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  50. I just happen to have this same situation on 6 oct 2011. Luckily I phoned Maybank CS for clarification. They said that the 200 will be refund to you 3-7 days of working days. If not you should call again. FYI, the CS told me that if you want to fuel up the tank, please do so at the counter. they won’t hold that rm200 temporarily. As what I’ve been told. @_@

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  51. Ppl please go thru your m2u transaction history as often as possible and check out for weird pre-auth debit amount ie: RM46.32, RM71.46, RM1.02… RM501.86!!… etc for stuff you didn’t buy. I usually check but life been really tight scheduled since mid last year… I was confident wt m2u security cuz I never login via email link ;D Mid yr 2011 it started just one or two small transactions I didn’t notice and later ending 2011, it comes in 3-5 transactions a day!! for things I didn’t even swipe or debit purchase for and the refund only get back 3 days some I don’t get back I think (going to the bank to go thru the history wt the officer there later). The most shocking one is RM742.07 pre-auth debit on 18feb2012 and then 2 days later they refund back but immediately on same day a sale debit RM734.79 appears!! What the heck did I buy two days ago tat cost that freaking much!! I got so scared!! I called Maybank CS yesterday night; according to Maybank CS the small2x amounts pre-auth debit is some online purchase from some web company (i never heard off) trying to charge my card. But they usually will refund back. But really!! 3-5 transactions daily!! also, he told me tat if I want these kind of transactions to stop, I should go to nearest Maybank and cancel the card and get new one. Also to check on big amount transactionss too. So I’m doing just tat!!. I don’t notice the amount going out and in, (some totally out I can’t find the refund amount back!!) cuz I tend to use cash. But leaving my money in the bank now seems very dangerous d. What if I can’t get my money back :(((

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    • Hi Siti,

      Please call Maybank Customer Service immediately and stop your card to avoid any further misuse.

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  52. Since my last comment post – it’s ‘pre’-confirmed by Maybank branch staffs and manager(s) tat my debit card has been hacked / cloned / whatever… (still pending investigation by police and fraud investigating team & i don’t think it’s the account got hacked cuz they’ve would have just took the whole thing out right and why go thru hassle of trying to chrg the card for approval) by online ‘malicious hackers’ claiming charges frm known names ie: itunes.com, bed & bath hanove, ytl.com, p1.com (i only use maxis broadband cuz I don’t go online on daily basis), facebook.com, aid corp. Charges been pre-auth and some/most refund and most/some actually got approved (by I don’t know who??!!!) and turned to actual sale debits made from Genville / Hanove / etc in US. And tat latest big amount, the RM734.79 were charged from China!! Pre-auth debit for CNY$1500, and on the same day was it was refunded the same transaction have been APPROVED and turned to sale debit by I don’t know who??! I pleaded wt the Maybank ppl to stop tat transaction cuz it was just yesterday – but they can do nothing cuz the transaction according to them is like a direct tt transfer!! If the other side already take out frm their acct – then the money’s gone!!! I have HSBC credit card, they always notify me by SMS to my phone immediately when a pre-auth debit is made – if I don’t know about the purchase they advise me to call the customer service contact number the actual HSBC CS contact behind my credit card (the SMS will not suggest a contact number SMS cuz hackers can use this method too but you to call their number instead of actual bank). BUT why the heck MAYBANK don’t adopt this security feature knowing this case had happened (but covered up) so many times before (cloned cards, etc) Also, the inspector/sargent from the police dept mentioned tat my case is the same and he understands why I don’t notice the money going out cuz I always have money coming in and out actively (income salary, commissions, ppl transfer money in, I transfer money out, I make bill payments, i swipe card when shopping, etc)

    Maybe because my card is not a credit card, cuz credit card is banks’ money frm interest of ppl putting money into their bank (their (bank) own money maaahh… off course they don’t want ppl to steal and that’s why they put the extra security), BUT for debit card, it’s my/OUR own actual money tat I/we worked my/our butt off, slaving under the hot sun to earn it !!! So tat means it’s secondary importance??… they don’t need to put that security in for us ??!!! WHY MAYBANK NOT DOING ANYTHING TO PREVENT THIS ??!!

    Funny when I showed the bank officer, the SMS I got from HSBC stating that my credit card got pre-auth debit (frm a bill I paid thru credit card) and asking my confirmation – the officer said “YES, OUR MAYBANK CREDIT CARD HAVE THIS SECURITY SERVICE TOO….” BUT WHY THE HECK THEY DON’T INCLUDE THIS SERVICE WHEN THEY CHANGED THE ATM TO DEBIT CARD WHICH HAVE THE SIMILAR FUNCTION OF PRE-AUTH DEBIT ???!!

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  53. I’m having problems also after ordering on Amazon..with the pre-auth thing..all my money gone..amazon told me to go to the bank to cancel the authorization they made the first 2 times..so i can get my money back..anybody experience this problems before? Now there is no Transaction History on my MBTU when I log in..wonder why? I’ll die if my money disappeared..anyone can help me?

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    • Hi Neems,

      Please call Maybank customer service and they should be able to assist you further from there! =)

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  54. For those who wants to use debit card to pump petrol, maybe you guys can pre-select the amount you would want to pump.. lets say RM30.. key in RM30, then only insert debit card and confirm d, pump.. i use to pump at esso and bhp no such issue of deducting RM200 1st… maybank debit and also cimb debit card.. no problem..

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  55. I called Maxis and spoke to the customer representative to charge my card for the broadband fees amounted rm143.75. Shortly after i checked my account and there’s a PRE Authorised RM1415!!! that’s crazy how come that much and i never encounter that am still waiting for Maybank to call me back which they promised

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  56. I have the same problem too.. Just realize it today when online check my maybank account.. Pre-auth debit us$507 with RM 1588 deducted from my account. I was shocked when see this.. Coz I din online purchase item or even pump petrol using the card.. Donno what to do then go the branch nearest and they ask me fill in the form and inform me not guarantee can get back the money… Very disappointed to bank already.. They said need one month to wait hq to investigate.. Then I call to customer care they inform me to cancel the card and yet the branch that I go there din inform me at all.. Make me have to go again tomorrow to request a new card. After this problem.. Really donno where is safe to keep our money already…

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  57. Today my Maybank card was cloned from overseas. I made and earlier withdraws in KL and 3 hours later I received SMS from Maybank that I had. ATM withdraw with 312.64.. And obviously it was and overseas transaction and it happen like 6 transaction in less then 5 mins. At mins 3 I quickly call the bank and notify them that my card being cloned. I only can hold the calls and push the button on my phone to get the correct directory. I was looking at my online banking helplessly seeing my money being withdraw within the 5mins screaming my lungs out! WHY MAYBANK CAN’T GIVE US A EMERGENCY NUMBER TO CALL SO THAT I CAN STILL SAFE MY MONEY.? AND WHY THE SECURITY DON’T IMMEDIATELY BAND THE TRANSACTION.

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