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wOw My Dell E228WFP 22" Wide Screen LCD

Yeah finally got my Dell E228WFP 22″ inch Wide Screen today. Been waited for one week and finally today at 2.15pm “Sky Net” people came and delivered my Christmas present. Ahaha… It’s HUGE, it’s NICE and it’s SEXY. =p

Dell E228WFP 22

I purchased this high tech piece at DELL Booth at Mid Valley last Saturday, the day after I survey at the KLCC PIKOM PC Fair. It ordered it at RM839.00 and the day after I ordered the 22″ GIANT Screen, I surf around and I found a discount code for all the DELL LCD Screen and Projector, and I manged to talk to the Sales Manager and he said will refund the RM100.00 to me, but I still yet to see the refund. If it’s so and this lovely baby only cost me RM739.00. Worth right? If you also wish to get DELL LCD or Projector, tell me and I will pass you the discount code and tell you step by step and the promotion is valid till Christmas Eve, Monday 24 December 2007.

Dell E228WFP 22
Dell E228WFP 22
Dell E228WFP 22
Dell E228WFP 22
Dell E228WFP 22
Dell E228WFP 22

Aren’t my Baby preetty and sexy and wOw… =p

7 Dead Pixel only can exchanged for a new LCD within the next 3years. Luckily mine not Dead Pixel. You can use this Dead Pixel Tester to test whether your LCD screen has Dead Pixel or not.

What is Dead Pixel ?
Defective pixels are those pixels on an LCD screen that are not performing as expected. ISO 13406-2 distinguishes between three different types of defective pixels[1][2]:
1. Hot pixels (always on)
2. Dead pixels (always off)
3. Stuck pixels (one or more sub-pixels are always on or always off)

Similar defects can also occur on CCD or CMOS image sensors in digital cameras. In these devices, defective pixels fail to sense light levels correctly, whereas defective pixels in LCDs fail to reproduce light levels correctly.

read more on Dead Pixel



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  1. Heyy… mind telling me the steps to get the discount code ?? im planning to buy tis monitor also..

    thx a lot

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  2. hey, you came to the right place.

    1. you select monitor and select “SMALL & MEDIUM BUSINESS”

    2. select the monitor that you want to buy.

    3. apply this code “300497EC0F6D” and you will see the magic.

    4. you are done.

    if anything not sure you can always ask me.

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  3. i jst bought it… waiting for my monitor now..
    hving the code was damn helpful and also i managed to save Rm100…

    thx a lot, bro… !!!

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  4. hey no prob man. but anyway i still yet to get my refund for RM100 sigh.

    so do drop by my blog often and update me on ur monitor =) really glad that I could help to save 100 =p

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  5. Hey.. I got the monitor… Thanks a lot… Checked dell site.. the price went up… bought it jst before they increased the price…

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  6. =) sure happy than I could actually help u to save . enjoy ur lcd while visiting my blog. =p don’t forget to vote for me.

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  7. there is no need to worry. 80% of those pixels can be brought back to life using software. I recommend you UDPixel. Search it on google or click on my name

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