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Won Sony PSP-3006 Piano Black – Too bad still can't be modded or crack! No game for me.

Sony PSP-3006

Sony PSP-3006

Sony PSP-3006

Yeah, I finally own a Sony PSP but it’s PSP-3006 which can’t be modded or crack using the custom firmware, therefore I can’t download and play again. Is like can see but cannot eat. Haha… Got the PSP with mini kit, which consist of 1 Crystal Case, 1 Screen Guard, 1 Earphone, 1 USB Cable and 1 Cleaning Cloth. Too bad it doesn’t come with Memory Stick and UMD too. =(

PSP Mini Kit

Who have extra unwanted UMD can pinjam me or give it to me? hehe. Who know how to mod or crack this using custom firmware? If you know leave me a message too! I want to play games with my PSP!

PSP unbox

Sony PSP-3006 + Mini Kit

Sony PSP-3006 + Mini Kit

Sony PSP-3006 Piano Black
My Sony PSP-3006 Piano Black Baby

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  1. Well, so sad to said that it cannot be crack yet.. wait and see..

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  2. just play original games, support original

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  3. i got a psp-3000 too.Lol,so boring lah…can’t download.T^T have 2 buy those expensive UMD disc.Sheesh…

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  4. too bad! just bought one and found it can’t be cracked.:(

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  5. juz sell to me la….if u don’t wnt that psp 3006…

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  6. I won a PSP 3006 from lucky draw recently, mine’s Pearl White. Sad case is that there’s no mod T_T

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